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State won't get on its Cantonese to keep Lenovo's jobs

A pair of Durham County officials have criticized Chinese PC maker Lenovo's attempt to pump the region for funds to keep around 2,000 jobs in North Carolina.
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File swapping MSPs - the future of digital music?

Don't expect Bono to descend from a cloud. Or orgasmic praise from the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg. When PlayLouder quietly rolls out its music service in the UK, it won't initially match the razzle-dazzle of the iTunes Music Store launch, Rhapsody or the other million dollar marketing blitzes.

Cell chip mysteries revealed

The much-anticipated Cell processor just got a little less mysterious, as IBM unloaded a heap of documentation for the public to peruse.
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Mobile operators face unexpected rivals

A new study from the OECD predicts that increased use of internet telephony will result in lower revenues for both fixed-line and mobile operators.
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Unions order workers to sit on their arses

We at El Reg have decided we rather like the TUC after it warned that the health of thousands of workers is at risk due to to excessive standing. According to the BBC, the TUC reckons 200,000 workers blow two million sick days a year due to leg trouble. Accordingly, the British economy could benefit from more sitting down.
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OFT shuts down matrix scheme website

Those behind a website promoting a fraudulent “matrix” scheme have given binding undertakings to the UK’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) that they will no longer promote "free" iPods and other gadgets that were subject to conditions akin to pyramid schemes.
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PlusNet disconnects dissident subscribers

PlusNet has cut-off two disgruntled subscribers after accusing them of waging an “aggressive” campaign of emails and forum postings complaining about the broadband provider.
Joe Fay, 26 2005
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US preps airborne laser weapon

Those clever chaps at the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have apparently overcome the traditional impediment to a useful airborne laser weapon - it's so big you need an airliner to carry it.
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Cheshire hands IBM £800k to join up health services

IBM is to develop a so-called Single Assessment Process (SAP) application for Cheshire's social care and health organisations. The deal, which is worth £793,475, will run for three years and includes application development, hosting and licensing fees.
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Dutch TV hits sperm-spattered low

Dutch TV has hit a new low as viewers prepare to vote on which of five innovative pilots they would like to see developed into a full-blown series.
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Ye Bastarde Operatore frome Helle

Episode 25 The Shakespeare Revival Company celebrates the 441st anniversary of the year of Shakespeare's birth with this,
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NRA probes Japanese sex android

We're obliged to neoLuddite Resistance Army (NRA) monitors world-wide who have - over the last month - alerted the Montana command bunker as to the potential threat of the Japanese cyberminx, aka "Repliee Q1Expo", which is an animated, lifelike representation of a human female which many of you suspect might form part of the Lizard Alliance's plan to mate machine and flesh in order to breed a hybrid slave army in the service of the CyberDyson Corporation.
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Are women safer surfers than men?

Today we bring you another daft, self-serving survey of Internet users that marketing types have used to generate some headline grabbing statistics. In this case, the shocking news that men are more likely to be victims of online scams and viruses than are women.
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Cut-off customer threatens PlusNet with DPA

One of the subscribers cut off from PlusNet this week has threatened to take the broadband provider to the Data Protection Agency for breaching its own privacy guidelines.
Joe Fay, 26 2005
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Fat is a technologist issue

Letters Let's kick off with an easy one. How fat is fat?
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3 counting on outsourcing IT

Three UK - the 3G mobile outfit owned by Hutchison Whampoa - is looking to outsource its IT development work to Siemens, sources claim.
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Shooting stars suspected of climate meddling

Meteors might play a bigger role in regulation of our climate than previously thought.
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High-end Unix servers resilient in Q2

Server makers enjoyed a relatively quiet and consistent second quarter with sales rising close to 6 per cent and the top seller rankings staying the same.
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How Napster and DRM arrived at University of Washington

Opinion The stereotypical question one gets asked at the beginning of a new school year is, "What did you do during your summer vacation?" Me? I've spent a good part of the summer working on an agreement to bring a commercial music downloading service from Napster to the students living in residence halls at the University of Washington.

Nokia, Moto lead strong mobile growth

Falling prices of mobile handsets worldwide contributed to 21 per cent sales growth year-on year-in Q2 2005, Gartner reports. Every region except Japan saw sales rise, although hi-tech South Korea was becalmed.

Seagate shares dive on iPod flash rumor

In Brief Shares of Seagate sank on Friday on word that Apple would replace the disk maker's components with flash memory in lower-end iPods.
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Novell profits vanish in Q3

Novell still looks like the little engine that can't after reporting a drop in third quarter revenue and income.
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Google - the new Microsoft?

Analysis Google is the new Microsoft, reckons author Gary Rivlin in a New York Times article provocatively titled Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain.