25th August 2005 Archive

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  • BEA buying Plumtree customers

    When portal companies collide

    Applications 25 08:51

  • EDS re-inks deal worth £2.6bn with DWP


    Management 25 09:59

  • Polyglot IM worm targets MSN

    Mind your langauge

    Security 25 10:02

  • AOL to reform customer service after NY probe

    Spitzer slams stealth retention scheme

    Broadband 25 10:59

  • Quantum slashes 250 Irish jobs

    Eyes not smiling as vendor looks East

    Storage 25 11:04

  • Utah bathed in pretty pink Aurora

    Think solar activity, not Sleeping Beauty

    Science 25 11:20

  • O2 Germany licences mobile World Cup clips

    Fußball on the move

    Mobile 25 11:21

  • Playboy launches full-frontal online edition

    Subscribe now for top-notch e-smut

    Financial News 25 11:46

  • LA cops bust pothead alligator liberator

    Rogue 'gator dragnet continues

    Bootnotes 25 11:47

  • Gartner plots hype cycle for emergent tech

    Collaboration hot. Video conferencing not

    Bootnotes 25 12:16

  • Norwich Union probes IT staff lay-offs

    Was procedure followed?

    Management 25 13:57

  • Councils to publish phone mast emission data

    Beams are going to find me

    Mobile 25 14:54

  • China slashes gamers' time online

    Just 3 hours' Lineage II for you, sunshine

    Bootnotes 25 14:58

  • The GIMP threatens PIN number security

    Linux image manipulation black ops

    Security 25 15:11

  • W3C tells US Copyright Office: IE is not the only fruit

    Browser plans under fire

    Applications 25 15:25

  • Mio GPS smart phone exposed

    A701 packs in Windows Mobile 5 too

    Mobile 25 15:38

  • US getting fatter, faster

    America buckles under extra load of lard

    Science 25 16:15

  • Intel preps 'GPS for Wi-Fi' location tech

    Precision Location Technology to become a WLAN standard?

    Data Networking 25 17:22

  • Intel looks to 'Dunnington' multi-core Xeon future

    Better Reidland than deadland...

    Servers 25 18:14

  • Pentium 4 VT plans confirmed by Intel

    Desktops get it ahead of Itanium, Xeon

    PCs 25 18:28

  • Microsoft goes Hollywood with 'Halo' film deal

    Plans breast implant and eating disorder beta

    Software 25 19:30

  • US fighters tooling up with lasers

    Death Star blueprint in works

    Science 25 22:08

  • Big Iron boys make a bundle for SMBs

    Sun and Oracle team on Opteron

    Small Biz 25 23:35