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ESB project planned by Apache

ExclusiveThe Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is drilling deeper into infrastructure software with plans for an open source enterprise service bus (ESB) project.
Gavin Clarke, 19 Aug 2005

Google wants $4bn more

Google plans to raise $4.185bn in new capital by offering 14.2m new shares, boosting its short term cash pile by around 75 per cent.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Aug 2005

Regulator limits BT wholesale network charges

Communications watchdog Ofcom has published details of controls that will be placed on BT’s wholesale network charges for narrowband products from 1 October for the next four years.
Team Register, 19 Aug 2005
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Salesforce.com claims 300,000 subscribers

Online customer relationship management (CRM) provider Salesforce.com reported revenues of $71.9m for its second quarter, up 77 per cent year-over-year.
Team Register, 19 Aug 2005
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Costs outweigh security concerns for small.biz

The daily cost of business support has edged out security issues as the top concern of IT managers at UK small businesses. A survey by Computer Associates (CA) found that 27 per cent of IT managers worry about the day-to-day costs of supporting business priorities, slipping ahead of traditional fears of security breaches.
Startups.co.uk, 19 Aug 2005

Apple patch fiasco invites trouble

According to the Apple website, Security Update 2005-007 was released to the public on August 12, 2005. And, as with all of their recent security updates, it is available to all Apple customers free of charge. I'm sure none of you reading this article will argue with me about that being a good thing.
Jason Miller, 19 Aug 2005

Microsoft winning big in local government

Microsoft seems to have been the main beneficiary of the UK government's drive to put council services online. Research from the Society of IT Managers (Socitm) reveals that local authorities are increasingly opting to use Microsoft Windows applications, particularly in new installations.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Aug 2005

Mio preps Bluetooth GPS PocketPC

Mio's next GPS-enabled PocketPC will feature Bluetooth 1.2 wireless connectivity, according to the Bluetooth Qualification Program (BQP) website.
Tony Smith, 19 Aug 2005

Orange reveals M5000 3G smart phone

Orange UK has added the eagerly anticipated Orange SPV M5000 3G smart phone to its website.
Tony Smith, 19 Aug 2005

NASA berated for poor attitude to safety

Some members of a safety taskforce has accused NASA of cavalierly rushing to get Shuttle back in orbit. In their report, a group on the taskforce said NASA managers showed the same "disturbing" behaviour, including poor leadership and smug management, that contributed to the loss of Columbia, in 2003.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Aug 2005

China cracks down on cavorting net floozie

The powers that be in China have cracked down on a cavorting net floozie who has become national celebrity due to her suggestive online posturing.
Lester Haines, 19 Aug 2005

Exploit for unpatched IE vuln fuels hacker fears

Microsoft is investigating an IE security bug amid fears that a hacker attack based on the vulnerability is imminent. A flaw in Microsoft DDS Library Shape Control COM object (msdds.dll) is at the centre of the security flap.
John Leyden, 19 Aug 2005

Apple reshuffles China chiefs

Apple has parted company with the head of its Chinese operation and an Asia-Pacific VP, according to local reports.
Tony Smith, 19 Aug 2005

Cambridge engineers moot 'silent' plane

A research group at the University of Cambridge is working on a radical new aircraft design it says could eventually reduce the noise pollution in areas around airports to virtually nil.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Aug 2005

BOFH: Drunk gravity

Episode 24"So will the games embargo affect our drunken-ET tournament tonight?" the PFY asks.
Simon Travaglia, 19 Aug 2005

Yahoo! to keep music prices low

Yahoo! has confirmed it will maintain its low music subscription charges as its Yahoo! Music service moves out of its testing phase.
Tony Smith, 19 Aug 2005

Hermstedt Hifidelio wireless music centre

ReviewGermany's Hermstedt isn't a name you'd usually associate with hi-fi or digital music. The firm is better known for its ISDN-based file-transfer solutions for media companies, so the Hifidelio Music Centre marks something of a departure - I suspect the hand of a company staffer who had the product developed because he or she wanted to buy one.
Tony Smith, 19 Aug 2005

Secure Computing snaffles Cyberguard

Secure Computing has announced plans to acquire rival security firm CyberGuard in a cash and stock transaction valued at approximately $295m. The deal allows Secure Computing to expand its portfolio to include CyberGuard's all-in-one security appliance and web filtering products as well as expanding its market footprint. The combined firm will include 680 employees, more than 17,000 customers and 1,000 resellers in over 90 countries. Bulking up allow Secure Computing to compete effectively with larger rivals such as Symantec and Cisco.
John Leyden, 19 Aug 2005

Anarchist clown cuffed after virtual dragnet

A clown who stole a man's bicycle at last year's Burning Man counterculture festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, breaking the poor chap's arm in the process, was tracked to a medical centre in Seattle by internet sleuths and eventually persuaded via bulletin board to give himself up.
Lester Haines, 19 Aug 2005

Bond's Lotus Esprit voted top movie car

The subaquatic Lotus Esprit which completely outacted Roger Moore in the 1977 James Bond outing The Spy Who Loved Me has been voted the most memorable car in film history in a poll by UK DVD rental outfit Lovefilm.
Lester Haines, 19 Aug 2005

Massive IT overhaul in prospect for UK schools

Major changes planned to address fundamental problems
eGov Monitor Weekly, 19 Aug 2005

World's greatest hardware guru retires

Regular Register readers will recoil from the same rush of sadness that hit us earlier today after learning that Merrill Lynch's star hardware analyst Steven Milunovich will retire in September.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Aug 2005

SHA-1 compromised further

Crypto researchers have discovered a new, much faster, attack against the widely-used SHA-1 hashing algorithm. Xiaoyun Wang, one of the team of Chinese cryptographers that demonstrated earlier attacks against SHA-0 and SHA-1, along with Andrew Yao and Frances Yao, have discovered a way to produce a collision in SHA-1 over just 263 hash operations compared to 269 hash operations previously. A brute force attack should take 280 operations.
John Leyden, 19 Aug 2005

Windows Vista P2P engine causes concern

Windows Vista comes equipped with its own, under-the-hood P2P networking system, it has emerged.
Team Register, 19 Aug 2005

Apple extends iMac G5 warranties

Apple has extended the warranty period for all first-generation iMac G5 desktops to two years.
Tony Smith, 19 Aug 2005

The mysteries of shootings, volcanoes and flying spaghetti monsters

LettersGrand Theft Auto: Vice City, the game that some seem to think is imbued with mythical powers of monster creation (maybe this is a mod we haven't come across) is still hitting the headlines, and probably checkout registers of stores across the land.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Aug 2005

Man mugs online game characters

A Chinese exchange student has been arrested in Kawaga prefecture, southern Japan, on charges of using software "bots" to mug characters from Lineage II and then selling the ill-gotten gains for cash, the Mainichi Daily News reports via New Scientist.
Lester Haines, 19 Aug 2005

ATI to drop Down Under next week

So what is ATI planning to launch next week?
Tony Smith, 19 Aug 2005

Finnish security exec arrested over bank hack

The data security chief at the Helsinki branch of financial services firm GE Money has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to steal €200,000 from the firm's online bank account. The 26 year-old allegedly copied passwords and e- banking software onto a laptop used by accomplices to siphon off money from an unnamed bank.
John Leyden, 19 Aug 2005

Sun's Opteron Becky Boxes to arrive next month

ExclusiveIt took 18 months for it to happen, but the hand of Bechtolsheim is about to touch Sun Microsystems.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Aug 2005

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