18th August 2005 Archive

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  • Xbox 360 price goes back to future

    No more discounts

    Consoles 18 07:47

  • RSS 'repositioned' by Microsoft

    A loving embrace

    Developer 18 07:49

  • Software sales increase for BEA

    Hello, growth

    Financial News 18 07:53

  • US iBook riot: a survivor's story

    Eyewitness account of laptop stampede

    Letters 18 07:55

  • Man logs into dabs.com customer account shocker

    The shocker is, it wasn't his

    Security 18 08:02

  • Symbian toasts threefold leap in handset shipments

    Cracks open the bubbly with Nokia

    Mobile 18 09:32

  • Fewer students than ever studying physics

    Exam entries down 2% on last year

    Science 18 09:48

  • AMD rejects request to send Intel case to California

    Doesn't want to be part of class-action cases, either

    Financial News 18 10:29

  • Worm War II

    Competing PnP worms vie for control of vulnerable PCs

    Security 18 10:44

  • Nasscom bemoans media 'entrapment' in Aussie ID case

    Says IT theft a worldwide issue

    Security 18 11:30

  • Infinium puts ex-Xbox exec in charge

    But can Bacchus overcome financial worries?

    Consoles 18 11:57

  • AOL techie jailed for selling email database to spammers

    Hard time for 'dumb' crime

    Security 18 12:02

  • Sony counters iPod Shuffle with the Bean

    Is it a runner?

    Peripherals 18 12:05

  • Mac OS X security fix breaks 64-bit code

    Patch patched

    Operating Systems 18 12:19

  • Hitler better leader than Blair: official

    Businessmen tell it like it is

    Bootnotes 18 12:44

  • Nokia to put iTunes on N91?

    Claims there's no deal with Apple

    Mobile 18 12:48

  • Face of Jesus appears in Sussex hawthorn

    GoldenPalace.com preps epiphany chainsaw black op

    Bootnotes 18 13:24

  • Cisco speaks up for the deaf

    Sign language call centre to debut

    Networks 18 15:43

  • Germans hail Berners-Lee 'second-greatest' scientist

    After Einstein, naturlich

    Science 18 16:00

  • Mind your back-up

    Veritas tells the hole truth

    Security 18 16:27

  • Product delays do little to slow NetApp in Q1

    Double-digit dandy

    Storage 18 18:26

  • RSS moving to third release

    Microsoft fiddles

    Applications 18 20:16

  • Orion decouples 30 per cent of staff

    Personal cluster maker gets personal

    Servers 18 21:08

  • Sun opens open source office

    Chief evangelist gets sourced

    Applications 18 23:20