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Xbox 360 price goes back to future

After two years playing nip-and-tuck with Sony, Microsoft is upping the price of its Xbox and introducing 'basic' and 'premium' editions of its next game terminal.
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RSS 'repositioned' by Microsoft

Microsoft is re-branding its implementation of the increasingly popular Really Simple Syndication (RSS) in the next version of Internet Explorer (IE).
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Software sales increase for BEA

BEA Systems has broken its five-quarter streak of declining revenue from software sales and returned to growth - just.
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US iBook riot: a survivor's story

Our piece yesterday on the shocking iBook riot in Richmond, Virginia, which saw grown adults storming a $50 laptop sale like Somalis at an aid truck shocked and dismayed many readers.
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Man logs into dabs.com customer account shocker

Blind chance has helped to expose a password security issue at dabs.com over the way it and many other online retailers deal with forgotten passwords.
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Symbian toasts threefold leap in handset shipments

Smart-phone operating system developer Symbian today lauded figures that indicate a big jump in demand for devices based on its software. But the company signalled a need to drive sales in the wider handset market if it is to continue to deliver strong growth.
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Fewer students than ever studying physics

The numbers of students applying to take the A-level physics exam fell again this year, research has found. In 2005, 579 fewer physics students were entered than in 2004, a decline of around two per cent.

AMD rejects request to send Intel case to California

AMD vs Intel AMD has formally requested its legal battle with Intel not be bundled up with a series of consumer class actions against the chip giant, court documents seen by The Register reveal.
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Worm War II

Separate groups of hackers are releasing a barrage of worms in a battle to seize control of Windows PCs that remain vulnerable to the now infamous Windows Plug-and-Play vulnerability.
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Nasscom bemoans media 'entrapment' in Aussie ID case

Indian IT body Nasscom has hit back at the furore in Australia over the alleged sale of confidential information by Indian call centre staff.
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Infinium puts ex-Xbox exec in charge

Analysis Kevin Bacchus, one of the team of four who founded Microsoft's Xbox division, has become CEO of Infinium Labs, the company developing the Phantom console and games service.
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AOL techie jailed for selling email database to spammers

A former AOL engineer was sent to jail for 15 months yesterday after he confessed to stealing 92m screen names and email addresses belonging to an estimated 30m AOL members and selling them to spammers.
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Sony counters iPod Shuffle with the Bean

Sony has launched a curvy, palm-sized portable music player dubbed, not inappropriately, the Bean.

Mac OS X security fix breaks 64-bit code

Update Apple's most recent Mac OS X Security Update, released on Monday, causes 64-bit applications to malfunction, it has emerged.
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Hitler better leader than Blair: official

As Tony Blair celebrates 11 years at the head of the Labour Party he will doubtless be delighted to learn that he has been beaten by Adolf Hitler in a poll of "most impressive" leaders through history.
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Nokia to put iTunes on N91?

Nokia today denied claims that it has done a deal with Apple to put iTunes on its N91 media phone.
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Face of Jesus appears in Sussex hawthorn

A simulacrum of Jesus's face discovered by a non-practicing Hindu in a Burgess Hill hawthorn tree looks set to become a focus of pilgrimage after a local pastor declared it "a revelation from God".
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Cisco speaks up for the deaf

British Sign Language (BSL) users will soon have a better way of communicating with their local authorities. In September, Significan't (a UK company) will launch a specialist call centre which will give deaf people access to sign language interpreters to help them resolve queries with their local authorities.
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Germans hail Berners-Lee 'second-greatest' scientist

Tim Berners-Lee has been named the second most important scientist of the 20th century by the organisers of Germany's Quadriga award, in recognition of the invention of the web. The organisers said only Einstein was more important.

Mind your back-up

Symantec has warned of a security flaw in its Veritas Backup Exec and NetBackup software products which might be exploited to bypass security restrictions. Hackers are actively exploiting the vulnerability, US-CERT warns.
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Product delays do little to slow NetApp in Q1

Network Appliance pumped out double-digit growth again during the first quarter and reported results in line with earlier guidance.
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RSS moving to third release

With a debate unfolding over what Microsoft plans to call its first implementation of RSS, the industry has moved a step closer to a third, full XML version of the popular web publishing technology.

Orion decouples 30 per cent of staff

Orion Multisystems - the dominant player in the desktop cluster market - has gone through its first major round of layoffs, as the company tries to tighten its bottom line.

Sun opens open source office

Sun Microsystems is coordinating all of its open source activity, consisting of more than 20 projects, through a centralized office to help drive best practices.