12th August 2005 Archive

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  • Lloyd's taking on open source IP risk

    Blue blood for new blood

    Software 12 01:31

  • Perens: Torvalds' patent pool is useless

    Spitting in the wind

    Developer 12 07:19

  • Vodafone customers suffer mystery number blockage

    No calls to 07800 for you lot

    Mobile 12 08:26

  • Nvidia reports Q2 income jump

    Despite sequential sales dip

    Financial News 12 09:19

  • Mac users demand 'slow SuperDrive' fix

    Petitioners claim 2x performance on 8x-rated drive

    Mac Channel 12 10:10

  • Britney to drop sprog on live TV?

    If Kevin Federline gets his wicked way

    Bootnotes 12 10:15

  • Intel to ship Xeon 5000 dual-cores this year?

    Could be worried about Opteron

    Servers 12 10:20

  • Chief beancounter gets five years for WorldCom fraud

    'Regrets', I've had a few, but then again...

    Financial News 12 10:22

  • HP buys Scitex super-wide printer ops for $230m

    It’s a Vision Thing

    Financial News 12 10:28

  • Intel 'preps' Pentium 4 6xx price cuts

    Paving the way for VT-enabled versions

    System Builder 12 10:29

  • Gov.UK preps ID card contracts

    Home Office indicates high-level IT requirements

    Policy 12 10:42

  • Technology in schools: for fun, education, hacking & explusion

    And we visit the 1950s

    Letters 12 10:48

  • £200K card skimming gang caged

    Four go down for four years each

    Media 12 10:56

  • Scientists blame balloons for climate change debate

    The case for global warming just got stronger

    Science 12 11:01

  • Lawyer vows to prove link between video games and murder

    'Blood on the hands' of Rockstar, Sony et al, says Thompson

    Media 12 11:08

  • NZ man held in Oz rabbit bestiality dragnet

    No IT content, but contains traces of cannabis

    Bootnotes 12 11:23

  • Wide open Vistas beckon for Microsoft in Germany

    Bags trademark rights

    Operating Systems 12 11:24

  • Cabir mobile worm gives track fans the run around

    Minor outbreak at Athletics championship

    Mobile 12 11:54

  • AMD pursues NEC, Fujistu

    Yet more subpoenas sent

    Financial News 12 11:57

  • Intel to detail next-gen chip design

    Conroe to debut at Intel Developer Forum?

    PCs 12 12:15

  • Sun to shed around 1,000 jobs

    UK will be affected

    Financial News 12 12:25

  • The name's BOFH - James BOFH


    BOFH 12 13:02

  • Amazon pays $40m in patent settlement

    Settles Soverain claims

    Financial News 12 13:15

  • NY enacts security breaches disclosure law

    Firms obliged to own up to gaffes

    Security 12 13:17

  • Shuttle flights are gone 'til November

    At the earliest

    Science 12 14:25

  • Deadline set for C&W's Energis take-over

    Agree by Monday or deal is off

    Financial News 12 14:27

  • iTunes to yield 5% of Apple's revenues in 2006

    Analyst does his sums

    Mobile 12 15:18

  • AMD Athlon X2 3800+ dual-core CPU

    Entry-level two-core champion?

    Reviews 12 15:51

  • Court revives high-profile wiretap prosecution

    Service provider snooping loophole ties lawyers in knots

    Media 12 16:00

  • Google Print put on pause

    There's no such thing as a free scan

    Media 12 23:22