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Lloyd's taking on open source IP risk

Exclusive Lloyd's of London is close to offering independent insurance protection worldwide against potential IP litigation involving Linux and open source software. The financial services giant has agreed to take on the risk associated with open source, and is finalizing arrangements to work through Open Source Risk Management (OSRM) who will become Lloyd's sole US representative.

Perens: Torvalds' patent pool is useless

Open source activist Bruce Perens has dismissed as inadequate a new IP initiative backed by Linus Torvalds. The Open Source Development Labs' (OSDL) patent commons project is intended to provide patent protection to open source developers.
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Vodafone customers suffer mystery number blockage

Vodafone has confirmed that a large number of its customers have been unable to make calls to Orange customers whose phones start with the 07800 prefix.
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Nvidia reports Q2 income jump

Nvidia's earnings bloomed during its second fiscal quarter, despite a slight dip in sales, the graphics chip maker revealed yesterday.
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Mac users demand 'slow SuperDrive' fix

Evidence is mounting that a major write-performance problem is affecting certain Mac-mounted optical drives and troubled Mac users have begun petitioning Apple in the hope of a fix.
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Britney to drop sprog on live TV?

Britney Spears' squeeze Kevin Federline wants the highly-talented chanteuse to drop her sprog on live TV, a breathless Yahoo! reports. Britney is due to eject her bun in October, and young Kev reckons - in the wake of the couple's recent ratings flop Chaotic - that the sight of the pop sensation, legs akimbo, grunting her Hollywood rugrat into the world might prove an audience-puller.

Intel to ship Xeon 5000 dual-cores this year?

Taiwanese server maker sources have claimed Intel could be planning to bring forward the debut of 'Paxville', the chip giant's first dual-core Xeon processor.
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Chief beancounter gets five years for WorldCom fraud

Scott Sullivan - the beancounter who fingered Bernie Ebbers for the $11bn (£5.8bn) WorldCom fraud - has been sentenced to five years in jail for his part in the monster con.

HP buys Scitex super-wide printer ops for $230m

HP is moving into super-wide format printers by buying the business of Scitex Vision for $230m cash. The acquisition gives HP a leg-up in the world of billboards, banners street advertising and sundry visual pollution of public spaces, where Scitex Vision is the market leader.

Intel 'preps' Pentium 4 6xx price cuts

Intel will take the axe to its Pentium 6xx series price-list this weekend, Taiwanese motherboard maker sources have claimed.
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Gov.UK preps ID card contracts

The Government has set out the massive IT and support infrastructure it intends to source for the planned national identity system.
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Technology in schools: for fun, education, hacking & explusion

Letters Rockstar bagged itself another set of headlines this week after promotional shots of its new game, Bully, upset parents, and anti-bullying campaigners. Surely, though, this uproar has rather played into the hands of the games company. After all, we know that there is rarely such a thing as bad publicity:
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£200K card skimming gang caged

Four members of an ATM card skimming gang blamed for stealing at least £200,000 were each jailed for four years on Thursday. The unfantastic foursome, all from Eastern Europe, put false facias on cash machines and filmed shoppers entering their PIN numbers.
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Scientists blame balloons for climate change debate

Researchers at the US' National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration may have overturned one of the key weapons in the armoury of climate-change sceptics.
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Lawyer vows to prove link between video games and murder

Outspoken attorney Jack Thompson has said he will win the civil case brought against the publisher of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and others by the families of policemen shot dead in Fayette, Alabama in 2003, allegedly by a youth obsessed with the video game.
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NZ man held in Oz rabbit bestiality dragnet

A New Zealander working in Sydney as a "finance industry professional" has appeared in court charged with animal cruelty, bestiality and drug offences following the deaths of 17 rabbits and a guinea pig.

Wide open Vistas beckon for Microsoft in Germany

Microsoft has bought the German trademark rights for Vista, the name for its next iteration of Windows, codenamed Longhorn.
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Cabir mobile worm gives track fans the run around

Phone-mad Finns are coping with a minor outbreak of the Cabir mobile virus at the Athletic's World Championship in Helsinki this week. Cabir, which infects smartphones running Symbian Series 60 using Bluetooth short-range radio communication technology to spread, is flourishing in the packed stadium area. The version of Cabir spreading drains the power of the infected phones as it tries to propagate but is otherwise relatively harmless.

AMD pursues NEC, Fujistu

AMD vs Intel AMD continues to send NEC fresh subpoenas, adding more names to the list of staff it believes possess evidence that will prove its allegation that Intel acted contrary to US antitrust law.
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Intel to detail next-gen chip design

Intel will unveil its next-generation processor architecture in just under two weeks' time, the chip giant said today.

Sun to shed around 1,000 jobs

Sun Microsystems' UK workforce will be hit by its plans to shed around 1,000 jobs worldwide over the next year, as part of the company's drive to reduce costs.
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The name's BOFH - James BOFH

Episode 23 "What do you two know about business intelligence?" the Boss asks the PFY and I after we answer the call for a quick chat at his request...
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Amazon pays $40m in patent settlement

Amazon.com is coughing up $40m to settle a patent infringement case with Soverain Software covering ecommerce patents.
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NY enacts security breaches disclosure law

New York has enacted an information security breaches law which will oblige firms and local government agencies to notify customers in the state if their personal information is taken or its systems are hacked into.
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Shuttle flights are gone 'til November

No new Shuttle missions will blast off until November at the earliest, NASA has said, as it scrubbed a flight scheduled to depart in late September this year.
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Deadline set for C&W's Energis take-over

Cable & Wireless (C&W) has made a formal bid to buy-out alternative telco Energis, it confirmed today.
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iTunes to yield 5% of Apple's revenues in 2006

Apple will have sold 1.365bn songs through the iTunes Music Store by the end of 2006, investment house Piper Jaffray calculates.

AMD Athlon X2 3800+ dual-core CPU

Review At the beginning of the month AMD launched its latest budget processor, the Sempron 3400+. Launched on the same day was the dual-core Athlon 64 X2 3800+. Right now you have the choice between single core or dual-core but before long dual-core will become very much the norm, writes Benny Har-Even.
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Court revives high-profile wiretap prosecution

A US federal appeals court has overturned a decision that implied service providers could legally snoop on subscriber's email messages in a ruling that revives a high-profile online eavesdropping prosecution.
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Google Print put on pause

The irresistible force of Google Inc. has bumped into the immovable object of copyright, with the result that Google is calling a brief truce.