9th August 2005 Archive

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  • Microsoft trying to track down women engineers

    Men are from IT, so women mustn't be

    Small Biz 09 06:02

  • UK distie to launch on LSE

    Raising money for a shopping spree

    Financial News 09 07:02

  • Microsoft execs reunite to save AOL

    Or plump it up for the spin-off?

    Mobile 09 07:51

  • Korea mounts Intel antitrust probe

    'Marketing and rebate programmes' under investigation

    Financial News 09 09:03

  • ATI, Nvidia mobile, desktop chips near launch

    Cavalcade of codenames win PCI Express certification

    Peripherals 09 09:39

  • Greasemonkey wobbles but it doesn't fall down

    Security issues, yes, but...

    Security 09 09:48

  • Flies swarm around MS Honeymonkey

    Project sniffs out malicious code

    Security 09 10:01

  • Intel signals demise of low-end Celeron M chips

    Farewell, 350J. Adios, 373

    System Builder 09 10:19

  • How papyrus can safeguard nuclear waste

    Clue: it isn't being used as wrapping paper

    Science 09 10:26

  • Oz legit downloads fail to deliver

    Where'd the music go?

    Media 09 10:31

  • ID theft automated using keylogger Trojan

    Spy on the wire

    Security 09 10:33

  • E*Trade blows $700m on rival


    Financial News 09 10:44

  • Creative unveils Sound Blaster X-Fi boards

    Even better than the real thing, apparently

    Peripherals 09 10:59

  • Your Comms boss rubbishes Carphone takeover rumours

    Deep breath...and...relax

    Broadband 09 11:11

  • In-flight Wi-Fi rivals pitch phone plans

    Regulators permitting...

    Mobile 09 11:52

  • Palm's Hawkins points to 'secret' product line

    Or does he just mean the LifeDrive?

    Mobile 09 11:56

  • Tunnelling Brazilian blaggers lift $63m

    Old school heist hits bank hard

    Bootnotes 09 11:58

  • Former 'Spam King' pays MS $7m to settle lawsuit

    Going straight

    Security 09 12:42

  • Touchdown! Shuttle has landed

    Big sighs of relief all round

    Science 09 12:46

  • HP wins Gateway PC import ban

    But not for six months

    PCs 09 12:55

  • Crimebusting cheerleaders bust hit-and-run perp

    American justice - the musical

    Bootnotes 09 13:02

  • Apple pledges to refund punters hit by Canada iPod tax

    Levy's 'illegality' confirmed

    Mac Channel 09 13:06

  • MCI rings up profit

    Profit? Whassat?

    Financial News 09 13:47

  • Yahoo! now bigger than Google

    Nah, nah-nee, nah, nah

    Financial News 09 14:59

  • ACECAD DigiMemo A501 digital notepad

    Real paper, a real pen, linked to a computer

    Reviews 09 15:31

  • LLU problems persist, says regulator

    While industry sorts out snags, punters cop it

    Broadband 09 15:35

  • Employees before administrators, says judge

    Implications for Granville Technology?

    Small Biz 09 15:54

  • Fortinet loses anti-virus patent ruling

    Stay of execution

    Security 09 16:09

  • IBM woos the masses with Gluecode

    Does internal march of the penguins

    Applications 09 20:30

  • Copycat Novell opens SuSE development process

    Call of the Mild

    Operating Systems 09 22:54

  • Steady, hungry Cisco closes 2005 with double-digit gains

    Ready to buy again

    Financial News 09 23:00