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Napster pays plenty for modest growth in Q1

As promised, Napster delivered modest first quarter growth while its costs swelled. In addition, the company today announced plans to launch a version of its music rental service in Japan.
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Hurricanes thriving on global warming

An MIT Professor says that hurricanes have been getting more powerful over the last few decades, and warns that the trend is likely to continue. He says that global warming is a contributory factor.

PHP, Perl and Python on the wane?

A trio of open source scripting languages are waning in popularity among developers at precisely the time big-name IT companies are adding their support.
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South Koreans clone dog

South Korean scientists announced yesterday that they had created the world's first cloned dog - an Afghan hound called Snuppy - by the same somatic nuclear cell transfer method used to brew up Dolly the sheep.
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Mobile phone picture agency goes live

Camera-phone toting commuters and tourists can now consider themselves the equal of Capa, Cartier-Bresson and Bailey, with a newly-launched online photo agency pledging to turn your pixels into pounds.

Hynix, Infineon winners as Q2 DRAM sales slide

Hynix once again became the world's second most successful memory maker during Q2, pushing Micron into third place on market watcher iSuppli's chart.
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2m mobiles on the blink last year

One in seven mobile phone handsets goes wrong within a year, according to consumer watchdog Which?.
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Creative unveils portable video Vision

Update Creative has finally launched its latest portable video player, the Zen Vision, after allowing the device to make a number of unscheduled appearances on the company's website and others.
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Apple launches iTunes Japan

Apple finally launched the Japanese version of its iTunes Music Store today, but less widely reported tie-ins with three major car makers will probably have a greater impact on the company's fortunes.

Merged Symantec takes time out to harmonise licensing

Veritas and Symantec's sales teams will be kept seperate for at least 12 months following the recently completed merger between the two firms. Harmonising licensing policies between the two firms will only start after this time, giving the new Symantec time to sort out a new pricing structure to replace a model senior execs concedded was far too complicated.
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AOL continues to lose punters

Almost a million subscribers deserted AOL over the last three months as the giant ISP continues to lose customers.
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Marketing dept to blame for website crashes: official

It is as you have always suspected: the marketing department is responsible for around a quarter of the overloads and crashes your poor company website suffers.
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Government admits overselling ID cards

The government had admitted that it has oversold its identity card plans, and now admits the card won't solve every problem facing the country, from fraud to terrorism, via illegal immigration. Despite this, it has pledged to push on with the idea, saying it will still "help" in situations where fraud and identity abuse are factors.
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US firm to market breast milk

A US firm has announced that it wants to buy breast milk and then flog it to hospitals for the treatment of sick babies. LA-based Prolacta Bioscience has set its sights on stocks at independent milk banks which it will pasteurise and supply for the treatment of underweight rugrats, the BBC reports.
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EDS delivers Q2 jam, much more to come

Electronic Data Systems gave its investors some good news for a change when it reported second quarter figures at the top end of estimates yesterday and forecast 2006 earnings well above analyst’s forecasts.
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Developing alien technology? MS can help

Black helicopter alert You know how it is - you're out in Nevada developing a hypersonic stealth vehicle based on alien technology and you've written the whole thing down in a Word document and you're about to release the astounding news to a gobsmacked world when you realise that the document contains sensitive information about how Microsoft has been abducting and anally probing Utah farmhands for years in an attempt to discover whether a penchant for open source software is genetically inherited and whether it can be combated by a combination of low-frequency mind control and packing lots of new and exciting features into the MS Office suite.
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Hasta la Vista, baby

Virus writers have created proof of concept viruses targeting the scripting language behind prototype versions of Vista, the next version of Windows. An Austrian virus writer has published five simple viruses targeting Microsoft Command Shell (MSH), the command line interface and scripting language, in a virus writing magazine. None of these pieces of malware have been named as yet [How about phista - Ed?].
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Skip the border guard, fast-track the IT - security, UK style

Analysis Well, well, well. On 5th July The Register noted that the only passport control for travellers exiting the UK via Waterloo Eurostar terminal was operated by the French, and observed: "No doubt they're telling us how many of our terrorists are leaving the country." Or not, apparently - bomb suspect Osman Hussain, arrested in Rome last week, is thought to have fled the UK via Waterloo Eurostar on 26th July.
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easyMobile 'pleased' with 15k users

Easymobile - the no-frills, discount mobile outfit - has managed to sign up 15,000 punters since it launched the service back in March.
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Apple Mighty Mouse

First UK review Apple has insisted that mice need only one button for so long that its stance has become an article of faith for many in the Mac community. What a shock then that this week it should release a mouse with essentially not one but four buttons. And some of you thought the shift to Intel was bad...
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CAN SPAM case upholds email filtering rights

US appeals court judges have upheld the right of a University to filter unsolicited emails even if they conform to the CAN SPAM Act. The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the University of Texas was within it rights to block emails from White Buffalo Ventures, which operates dating site LonghornSingles.com, irrespective of the fact that they featured an unsubscribe option, valid return address and accurate subject line.

Investors bury Brocade on dismal Q3

Shares of storage switch maker Brocade were pounded this week after a troubling third quarter revenue drop rattled investors' nerves.
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Microsoft develops new 'Super' language

When Microsoft's recently appointed chief financial officer Chris Liddell told Wall St his job’s biggest challenge is learning a whole new language, he wasn't kidding.

Is the web's love affair with PHP over?

If Evans Data Corp (EDC) is to believed, then some big names in enterprise systems have been rash in their support for open source scripting language PHP.
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Microsoft shops for new COO at Wal-Mart

Microsoft has reached outside of IT and into the cut-throat world of retail shopping to appoint its next chief operating officer.