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Real finds another profitable quarter

Real Networks reported a profit of $4.7m on income of $82.6m in the quarter ending June 30, Q2 2005. That's up 26 per cent year on year.

Tailwind blows over Microsoft sales shake-up

Microsoft has re-organized its US sales force to increase the focus on specific industries while recruiting individuals with specialized knowledge of vertical sectors.

Search pioneers join Yahoo! - but is the web beyond search?

Few visitors to IBM's Almaden research lab in 1999 and 2000 can fail to have been impressed by its lead in web search. IBM's Clever project both predated and informed what became Google: Brin and Page cited the Almaden work in their 1998 paper The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine [pdf, 124kb]. Google drew on the same concept, which they were to trademark and market as PageRank™ of using the link structure to infer quality and authority.
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The Java Puzzler at 30% off

Site offer How well do you really know Java? Are you a code sleuth? Have you ever spent days chasing a bug caused by a trap or pitfall in Java or its libraries? Do you like brainteasers? Then Java™ Puzzlers is the book for you!

Sage Ireland snaffles Delta Systems

Software company Sage Ireland has continued its shopping spree with the acquisition of Delta Systems, a customer relationship management (CRM) software firm.

Intel 'to exit' low-end desktop chipset biz

Intel is to depart the low-end desktop chipset market later this year, unnamed sources from within Taiwan's motherboard-maker community have alleged.
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ONS sends all our identities to India

The Office of National Statistics has announced that it is to digitise 250m records of births, marriages and deaths dating back as far as 1837.
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Marconi revs flat

Revenues at Marconi remain "stable", the UK telecoms equipment maker announced today.
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NatWest issues cash card to Dick Head

God alone knows what NatWest customer Chris Lancaster has done to offend the bank's card issuing department, but it recently sent him a new cash card on which he is gloriously identified as "Dick Head".

AMD ups Opteron 1xx prices by up to 91%

AMD yesterday raised the prices of its Opteron 1xx series by up to 91.6 per cent, saying the hikes were justified by the addition of support for cheap unbuffered ECC memory to the chips.

Europe hurts Tech Data

Tech Data’s second quarter earnings could be almost 50 per cent lower than expected because of continued problems at its EMEA operation, the distribution giant confirmed yesterday.
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Chinese cyber-dissident jailed

A Chinese cyber-dissident has been jailed for five years for posting essays and reports - including the lyrics of a punk song - on the net.
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Appeal court reverses RIM patent infringement findings

The battle between Research in Motion (RIM) and NTP is far from over. Yesterday, the US Court of Appeal overturned a lower court verdict that RIM had infringed NTP's patent-protected email-by-radio method.
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US court files reveal Italian link to Indymedia server grab

Documents relating to the seizure of Indymedia's servers at Rackspace's Heathrow premises have finally been unsealed by a Texas district court. Some information remains under seal, and the documents released by no means provide the full picture, but it is now clear that yes, it was the Italians, and no, there was no obvious legal basis for the seizure of the servers themselves. And as regards the British Government's apparent insouciance regarding the (faulty) operation of US court orders within British jurisdiction but without any British authorisation, well, that remains a puzzle.
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Government IT spend to top private sector: IDC

Public sector investment in IT will continue to outpace that from the private sector and retail, according to figures from analyst house IDC.
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Wanadoo's LLU trial a secret

Wanadoo will not be telling 500 broadband users in Leeds that they are taking part in a local loop unbundling (LLU) trial.
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Migrating birds could spread 'bird flu' to Europe

Russia's Emergencies Ministry is warning that the H5N1 strain of the bird-flu virus, the strain dangerous to humans and responsible for the deaths of more than 50 people in Asia, could spread into mainland Europe from farms in Siberia.
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Vodafone's pager network goes titsup

Vodafone's pager network - which is used by hospitals and businesses in the UK to stay in touch - went titsup early this morning after thieves stole key networking equipment overnight.
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Spacewalker fixes Shuttle's belly

Astronaut Stephen Robinson has managed to complete the fix to the underside of the Space Shuttle Discovery by pulling out two protruding "gap-fillers" by hand. NASA had been concerned that the disruption to the Shuttle's smooth underside would increase the amount of turbulence, and so heating in the area during a re-entry attempt, putting the Shuttle and crew at risk.

MS IPTV is lovely, says MS IPTV chap

There are two ways to view the Microsoft IPTV system. Microsoft’s way and the wrong way. For those of us that have dealt with Microsoft in the past, this is not an abnormal positioning.
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Cisco portal password security compromised

A security breach involving Cisco's customer portal has forced the giant to reset passwords as a precaution. As a result, users visiting Cisco Connection Online on Wednesday were obliged to reauthenticate themselves.
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BMC bedazzles investors with rosy 2006 outlook

Shares of BMC surged Wednesday on the back of decent first quarter results and a rosy outlook for the current quarter and coming year.
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Time Warner to settle AOL legal claim

Time Warner is to cough up $2.5bn to settle legal action lodged by shareholders dating back to its purchase of internet giant AOL.
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Chip trade body funds fab cancer link probe

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has finally commissioned the investigation into the potential health hazards of working in chip fabrication plants that it pledged to sponsor a year ago.
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HP sends Overland overboard

HP has thumped Overland Storage with the reality stick, saying it will buy midrange tape products from another supplier.
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Cisco security flap leaves millions scrambling for help

The aftermath of a security breach involving Cisco's customer portal has left customers scrambling to get new passwords. Cisco reset passwords to Cisco Connection Online as a precaution following the discovery of a security bug in a Cisco.com search tool that could expose log-ins of registered users.

Hippie Mozilla goes corporate

Open source browser daddy Mozilla Foundation is donning a suit and going back to work for the man.

Bizgres gets down to business with open source BI stack

A project building an open source business intelligence architecture for the PostgreSQL database has released core elements of its development stack.