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Novell moves for sudden death in SCO case

Novell has bustled a request for judgement in front of the Utah Judge responsible for hearing its defense against SCO's copyright suit. It puts the controversial question of who owns the Unix copyrights foursquare, and is well armed enough, it hopes, to deliver a knock out blow.
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UK IT workers in demand

Demand for IT workers in the UK continues to rise according to the latest figures from recruitment outfit CWJobs.co.uk.

World chip sales slide

Global chip sales slipped again in June, falling half a percentage point sequentially to $18bn, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said last night.

Intel cans XScale line

Intel has formally announced the death of the PXA26x series of ARM-based XScale chips for PDAs, according to company documents seen by The Register.
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Space-walk no. 3 to fix Shuttle

Astronauts on board the Shuttle Discovery are preparing for a third space walk, during which they will try to make unprecedented repairs to the underside of the craft.

AMD Q2 market share slips

AMD lost market share to its arch-rival, Intel, during Q2 - despite big gains in its share of the server arena.
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Elpida samples 4GB FB-DIMMs

Elpida has begun sampling 4GB fully-buffered memory modules, a preface to volume production later in the year, the company said today.
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BT axes 250 IT contractors

BT has axed 250 IT contractors as part of a plan to shift jobs in-house.
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Infrared exploits open the door to hotel hacking

Insecure hotel infra-red systems create a means for hackers to read other guest's emails, watch porno films for free and put false charges onto other guest's accounts. Adam Laurie, technical director at secure hosting outfit The Bunker, was able to demonstrate the attacks to Wired prior to giving a talk on the vulnerabilities at last week's DefCon conference in Las Vegas.
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UK music biz sues five 'illegal file-sharers'

UK music trade organisation the BPI yesterday filed lawsuits against five alleged file-sharers, the first of their kind in this country.
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WestCoast buckles up Orion deal

WestCoast Ltd has strengthened its hand in the UK printer market with the takeover of consumables distributor Orion Media Marketing
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China's pig disease baffles health experts

A pig-borne disease that has killed 36 people and infected 198 in China may be spreading from human to human, according to some scientists, while others suggest an entirely different disease is to blame.
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Private signs XXX mobile content deal

Private Media Group - the Barcelona-based adult entertainment outfit - plans to offer smut to more than 220m mobile users across Europe.
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Linux Bluetooth hackers hijack car audio

Linux hackers have demonstrated a way to inject or record audio signals from passing cars running insecure Bluetooth hands-free units. The Trifinite group showed how hackers could eavesdrop on passing motorists using a directional antenna and a Linux Laptop running a tool it has developed called Car Whisperer.
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Fujifilm FinePix Z1

Review The Z1 features the same CCD technology found in the FinePix F10 - SuperCCD HR technology - providing 5.1 megapixel resolution in an extremely svelte package. The camera is so thin because it incorporates a lens with folded optics that enable a non-extending 3x optical zoom lens to be crammed within its body; it's similar to the lens technology developed by Konica Minolta for its 'X' series cameras and also featuring in Sony's 'T' series models and Nikon's Coolpix S1, writes Doug Harman.
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BOFH 2005: All you can eat

Where the hell have you been? Episode 1 Uh... Holiday?
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Exploit writers team up to target Cisco routers

LAS VEGAS In a room at the Alexis Park Hotel, a nightmare scenario for Cisco has begun to unfold.

Logicalis snuggles up to HP with Hawke deal

Logicalis Group is continuing its growth-by-acquisition strategy, with the purchase of Berkshire-based Hawke Systems for an undisclosed sum. The infrastructure reseller says the addition of 3i-backed, privately-held Hawke's £15m annual revenues to its books will take its own UK revenues to over £100m.
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Wanadoo UK kicks off Leeds LLU trial

Wanadoo UK is about to begin a month-long trial in Leeds for its own broadband service.

Apple hauls mouse technology into 1990s

If you thought Apple's decision to adopt Intel processors was a sign of a seismic shift at the Mac maker, today's announcement of a new mouse will really rattle the continents: it's got more than one button.

IBM takes D-W-L for undisclosed sum

IBM has purchased data hub specialist DWL for an undisclosed sum, adding yet another niche software maker to the giant's middleware portfolio.
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Spear phishers launch targeted attacks

Customised malware attacks are becoming more commonplace with virus-laden emails up 50 per cent in the first half of 2005 despite a decrease in volumes of spam and simple computer viruses, according to an IBM security report. The industry giant said that targeted attacks against specific organisations and industries - apparently geared towards stealing critical data, identities or extorting money - are on the rise. Government, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare industries are all in the firing line.
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Gross-out headlines, spurious sci-fi and hotel smut

Letters Let's get business out of the way first. Regular readers might remember that a couple of weeks ago we ran a short piece on reports that the MOD is freeing up land for wind farms.
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Bank on us Oracle tells I-flex customers

Oracle has promised "business as usual" for hundreds of banks and financial institutions running software from I-flex Solutions, by pledging continued support for IBM after Oracle decided to take a majority stake in the IBM partner.
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Novell axes European staff

In Brief Novell has discovered a hundred or so workers it can do without in Europe, as the software maker tries to save money.

Black Duck and Palamida plug-in to Eclipse

Software licensing specialists Palamida and Black Duck Software are bringing IP compliance to application development tools built using the open source Eclipse framework.
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Quantum makes tape cheap and easy on the little guy

In Brief Quantum this week put out its latest easy-to-use tape storage system - the SuperLoader 3 - with support for numerous drive types and up to 5TB of capacity.