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HD DVD backers allege Blu-ray 'playability, reliability issues'

HD DVD supporters last week alleged Blu-ray Disc's chosen copy-protection scheme could introduce "playability and reliability issues for consumers".
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2005

Worm mocks convicted Sasser author

A new virus mocking the creator of the Sasser worm is spreading across the net. The Lebreat-D worm drops an image of recently convicted virus writer Sven Jaschan onto user's hard drives with the phrase "Bitch" superimposed on an image of the German teenager's face.
John Leyden, 01 Aug 2005

EU Commission promises alternative data retention plan

The European Commission says it will have a draft directive for data retention laws in Europe on the table by September, but early versions are already circulating among interested parties.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Aug 2005

AMD takes knife to price list

AMD today slashed prices across the whole range of processors it offers. It also introduced a number of new products.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2005

Onetel hooks up to unbundled broadband

Onetel is to ditch BT as its supplier of wholesale broadband following a deal with local loop unbundling (LLU) outfit Easynet.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2005
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Intel trims Centrino, Celeron prices

Intel cut the prices of its Celeron D desktop processor line-up this weekend, knocking up to 13.6 per cent of the price of each part.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2005
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Intel ships 'wideload' Itanic

Intel has quietly tweaked the clock speed of its two top Itanium processors, clocking the parts to 1.66GHz, and increasing their frontside bus speed to 667MHz.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2005
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AMD Sempron 3400+ CPU

ReviewThe arrival of AMD's Sempron 3400+ will come as no great surprise to anyone who has heard the rumours about its imminent launch. When it comes to budget processors AMD doesn't normally make big announcements, so those who've not kept up to date with the latest processor developments might wonder what the all the fuss is about, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
Trusted Reviews, 01 Aug 2005

Brits love Doctor Who - official

UpdatedDoctor Who has topped a poll to find the best British fantasy show. The recently-revived science fiction drama beat comedy classic Red Dwarf into second place in a survey of 4,000 readers of SFX magazine.
John Leyden, 01 Aug 2005

Wanadoo 'flattered' by BT copycat move

Wanadoo has written to BT chief exec Ben Verwaayen poking fun at the company's decision to double the speed of its entry-level broadband service just hours after Wanadoo UK announced a similar offer.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2005

Legend unveils VoIP product

Legend Communications - formerly Business Serve PLC - has unveiled a new internet telephony product for homes and businesses.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2005

802.11n rivals agree to merge

The two major factions in the race to develop the standard for the next generation of Wi-Fi, 802.11n, have agreed to submit a unified proposal to the IEEE.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2005

Ministers want e-borders fast-tracked

UK ministers are looking into fast-tracking the e-borders scheme - electronic checks on passports at sea, rail and airports - in a bid to tighten port security after a suspect in the failed attacks on London managed to get out of the country on the Eurostar.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Aug 2005

Nokia names Ollila's successor

Nokia has reshuffled its senior management, though the effects will not really be felt for ten months.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2005

BT cuts wholesale cost of SDSL

BT is cutting the cost of its wholesale symmetrical digital subscriber line (SDSL) products in a bid to spark demand.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2005
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Cisco details Black Hat vuln fix

Cisco last week urged users of its networking kit to upgrade their software following the discovery of a vulnerability that might be exploited to launch denial of service attacks. The networking giant warned that malicious insiders could crash vulnerable systems running its Internetwork Operating System (IOS) software using maliciously crafted IPv6 packets.
John Leyden, 01 Aug 2005
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Brent Cross to enjoy Apple store

Apple is to open a second London store, following last November's Regent Street opening with a location in the Brent Cross shopping centre "later this year".
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2005

Business slowly warms to VoIP

Quocirca's changing channelsPersuading businesses to switch their telephony requirements from dedicated analogue networks to voice over IP (VoIP) has turned out to be a slower than many hoped. But it is happening and some household names are now making the switch.
Bob Tarzey, 01 Aug 2005

Intel to build DRAM units into desktop, mobile CPUs?

Intel is to follow AMD's lead an integrate memory controllers into its microprocessors, market watcher In-Stat has forecast. By 2009, it reckons, 70 per cent of all x86 processors shipping will have their own memory controller, it said.
Tony Smith, 01 Aug 2005

Workers reject O2's 'insulting' pay offer

Workers at O2 have told bosses to stuff their "insulting" pay offer after voting overwhelmingly to reject the deal.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2005

Scots offered £100 for IT training

Every adult in Scotland is to be offered up to £100 to splash out on IT training in a bid to improve their computer skills. The Scottish Executive announced the funding today to help develop skills among people regardless of their status or income.
Tim Richardson, 01 Aug 2005

Xena: Planet X or big lump of rock?

Astronomers in the US reckon they've identified a tenth planet orbiting our sun. The body is around between 2,600km and 3,000km across, and inhabits a region three times as far from the sun as does Pluto, averaging a distance of nine billion miles from our star. A single orbit takes the world 560 earth-years.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Aug 2005

NCR pilfers CEO figurehead from Symbol

NCR felt like a Nuti and managed to hire one away from Symbol Technologies as its new CEO.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Aug 2005

Man fingers daughter in Elvis eBay cock-up

In what must be considered the adult, e-commerce equivalent of "the dog ate my homework", a New York man has fingered his own daughter for accidently buying on eBay a 1969 Mercedes once owned by Elvis Presley for a cool $245,000.
Lester Haines, 01 Aug 2005

Microsoft man wins WWW (World's Worst Writer) fiction award

A Microsoft employee has won the Oscar of bad prose - and no, he isn't even a weblogger.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Aug 2005

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