28th July 2005 Archive

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  • Vista - searching for something fresh

    New OS, same old promises

    Software 28 Jul 07:25

  • Tag me stupid, baby!

    This postbag contains small pieces of irony or humor which may choke small children or law professors

    Letters 28 Jul 07:44

  • Cisco, ISS file suit against rogue researcher

    'The right thing to do here is to make sure that everyone knows that it's vulnerable'

    Data Networking 28 Jul 08:25

  • CA axes 800 jobs

    On the long road to recovery

    Applications 28 Jul 10:03

  • Shuttle grounded again - indefinitely

    Troubled by foam issues

    Science 28 Jul 10:45

  • New wave buoys spirits at BT

    Trad business continues to ebb

    Financial News 28 Jul 10:50

  • Outraged granny sues over Grand Theft Auto

    14-year-old grandson at risk of perversion

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 10:54

  • Nvidia lost market share in Q2

    Integrated products dominate desktop, mobile shipments

    Peripherals 28 Jul 11:01

  • Sony launches Portable TV for PSP

    Download videos - but not directly to your console

    Consoles 28 Jul 11:34

  • Internet fuels trade in counterfeit goods

    Faking IT

    Media 28 Jul 11:46

  • Email? That's for old farts!

    US Teens embrace IM

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 12:16

  • BT customers sign up for Pest Control

    Yet Jeremy Clarkson still on our screens

    Broadband 28 Jul 13:08

  • Reg salutes swearing parrot

    'The vicar's a w**ker' says VoIP macaw

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 13:10

  • Low-end phone demand drives Q2 handset sales leap

    Motorola and Sony Ericsson see the highest growth

    Mobile 28 Jul 13:27

  • Lighten up: spam should be a game

    Play nice, now

    Security 28 Jul 13:31

  • Going Underground? Forget the mobile

    You really are alone down there

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 13:56

  • Infineon shuffles management team

    Memory division gets new boss

    Financial News 28 Jul 14:07

  • Discovery docks with ISS

    Smooth mating

    Science 28 Jul 14:23

  • iPod users in musical hallucination threat

    More music, more madness, says brain boffin

    Science 28 Jul 14:24

  • Epson Stylus Photo R320 printer

    What doesn't it do?

    Reviews 28 Jul 14:34

  • Hackers look outside Windows for flaws

    SANS Top 20 highlights backup risks

    Security 28 Jul 15:08

  • eShoppers get the hots for backless thong

    VPL and VTL eliminated. Praise be to the net

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 15:13

  • Tahir Mohsan in talks to save Time jobs

    Police were present for redundancy meeting

    The Channel 28 Jul 16:42

  • Hollywood sock-puppet senator faces tech insurgency

    To your blogs

    Media 28 Jul 18:00

  • Bring me your dollars, yearning to be free

    And get bought by Oracle?

    Financial News 28 Jul 18:20

  • Microsoft uses former exec as lawsuit springboard 'to stop' Google

    Nothing personal

    Software 28 Jul 18:47

  • IE7 nukes Google, Yahoo! search

    Where's my toolbar?

    Media 28 Jul 21:46

  • Microsoft charging more, giving more?

    Introducing Office server... and more expensive CALs

    Data Centre 28 Jul 21:50