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C&W sniffing around Energis - confirmed

Cable & Wireless (C&W) has confirmed it is sniffing around Energis.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jul 2005

Intel pushes 'East Fork' home PC 'back to Q1 2006'

Intel's bid to put its processors at the heart of future living room PCs will not take place until early next year, motherboard-maker moles have claimed.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2005
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MS faces court over Vista

Microsoft's decision to call the next version of its OS Vista might have a raised a few smiles last week but one Redmond resident is less than impressed. The boss of Vista, a software and services company for small businesses is considering taking legal action against the software giant.
John Oates, 25 Jul 2005

DNA 'tagging' powder combats unwanted intrusions

A UK firm has developed a DNA "tagging" product which it reckons will see Britain's jails packed to bursting with those burglars foolish enough to mess with Redweb Security's biosyntethic "i-powder".
Lester Haines, 25 Jul 2005
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Intel dual-core Celerons to sport 5xx model numbers?

Intel may be preparing a low-end version of its dual-core Pentium D processor. Or - more likely - the upcoming dual-core Celeron line will take the 5xx model number series.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2005

UK war driver fined £500

A man was last week fined £500 after a British jury found him guilty of using a neighborhood wireless broadband connection without permission. Gregory Straszkiewicz, 24, was also sentenced to a 12 months conditional discharge after he was convicted of dishonestly obtaining an communications service and related offences at London's Islewoth Crown Court last Wednesday (20 July).
John Leyden, 25 Jul 2005
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Biostar pitches Nvidia C51-based barebones

Biostar has begun touting an upcoming iDEQ small form-factor PC barebones system based on Nvidia's as-yet-unannounced C51 integrated chipset.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2005

MSN Virtual Earth

Microsoft has launched a beta version of Virtual Earth. Virtual Earth, a bit like the "World Series" is currently limited to North America.
John Oates, 25 Jul 2005

Bulldog mulls LLU complaint against BT

Bulldog - which has received a barrage of complaints about its unbundled broadband and telephone service - is considering lodging a formal complaint against BT over its alleged failure to migrate punters over to the Cable & Wireless (C&W) owned ISP.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jul 2005
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Intel Pentium M 780 pops up in Japan

Intel hasn't announced its Pentium M 780 mobile processor, but the part has already started to appear on Japanese computer retailers' price lists.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2005

Deaf charity wants high fashion hearing aids

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is hosting an exhibition of high-fashion hearing aids, called Hearwear, in a bid to rehabilitate the devices and make them seem more attractive to those who might need them.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Jul 2005

Vodafone adds 4m customers

Vodafone gained 4.1m customers in the three months ended 30 June 2005 and upped proportionate mobile revenues by 8.6 per cent compared to the same period a year ago.
John Oates, 25 Jul 2005

Support ID Card 'refuseniks' here

No2ID has started a new pledge at Pledgebank.com asking for 50,000 people to offer their support, and cash, to the 10,000 who have promised to refuse to register for an ID card.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Jul 2005

Sales of DVD duplication software blocked

Dutch Anti piracy organisation BREIN has won its battle to prevent distributor Teledirekt distributing the controversial DVD X Copy family of utilities in the Netherlands.
Jan Libbenga, 25 Jul 2005

NTL extends VoD service

An extra 100,000 punters in the UK will be able to switch on to video-on-demand (VoD) within the next week as NTL upgrades its digital TV service.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jul 2005

TV on the move

The European Telecommunications Standard Institute ETSI has approved the DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) standards for the delivery of multimedia content and services "on the move". France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the UK are all preparing to conduct DMB trials to enable the integration of audio, data and video.
Jan Libbenga, 25 Jul 2005
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AMD's 3GHz Athlon 64-FX 'due Q1 2006'

RoadmapAMD will upgrade its Athlon 64 X2 and 64-FX processor lines early next year - potentially the chips' final Socket 939 incarnations before the company debuts its M2 interconnect in Q2 2006.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2005

SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB/SD card

ReviewSD cards aren't exciting products. They do what they're supposed to: slip into your digital camera, PDA or whatever as removable storage. Most of the time there's little to differentiate one from another, bar read and write speed. But this particular SD card is very different from any other SD card you're likely to find and it's definitely far more convenient, writes Riyad Emeran.
Trusted Reviews, 25 Jul 2005

FTC cracks down on email smut barons

The US Federal Trade Commission last week launched a crack down on xxx-rated spam with legal action against seven firms that have allegedly flouted laws requiring warning labels on smutty emails. Four of the seven companies agreed to pay a total of $1.159m in penalties and to abide by federal rules requiring warning labels on emails with sexually-explicit content and the US federal CAN-SPAM Act.
John Leyden, 25 Jul 2005

Microsoft's Earth deletes Apple HQ

Not one but two Register readers emailed us to tell us that MSN's Virtual Earth is promoting a world free of the menace of Apple Computers.
John Oates, 25 Jul 2005

3Com puts a bounty on vulns

TippingPoint, a division of networking giant 3Com, plans to pay researchers for information about unannounced vulnerabilities in major systems and software and will add bonuses for prolific flaw finders, the company announced on Monday.
Robert Lemos, 25 Jul 2005

EMC spawns data storage Godzilla

Bigger, faster, stronger. That's what EMC wants customers to think when they consider the latest gear in the Symmetrix DMX line of storage systems.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Jul 2005

Orange preps September smart phone splash

Orange is already preparing an alternative version of the recently launched SPV C550 smart phone, and is gearing up to on a 3G-less version of its planned palmtop-style handset, the SPV M5000.
Tony Smith, 25 Jul 2005

Icy satellite preps for autumn launch

European Space Agency (ESA) engineers are running the final checks on the agency's CryoSat satellite, before it is shipped to Russia for an autumn launch.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Jul 2005

'Rip-off' calls to hospitals under the microscope

Ofcom is to probe whether people are ripped off for telephoning patients in hospital.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jul 2005

Spyware 'calling home' volumes soar

Outbound spyware transmissions from infested machines accounted for up to eight per cent of total outbound web traffic in pilot tests of a new managed spyware screening service. UK web security firm ScanSafe said the volume of traffic observed during a 10-week pilot test of its Spyware Screening service showed that spyware applications are becoming stealthier in their ability to hide their outbound 'covert' channels among normal web traffic. That's bad news because data sent when spyware "calls-home" can include confidential and even privileged information.
John Leyden, 25 Jul 2005

Boffins mull life on Titan

A group of researchers has proposed a mechanism that could explain the presence of so much methane on Titan - life. The moon's atmosphere is around five per cent methane, and NASA researcher Chris McKay speculates that some of it could be being generated by hydrogen-breathing microbes.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Jul 2005

'RFID the lot of them!' UK ID card to use ICAO reader standard

The Government last week confirmed that the UK's planned ID card is intended to operate as a 'passport lite' that could be used for travel within the European Union, and signalled that Home Office thinking may be moving towards the use of a PIN as a common mechanism for verification. The card's operation as a passport, said Under Secretary of State Andy Burnham, dictates that it will need to use ICAO standard RFID contactless reader technology, while use of chip and PIN would allow it to be compatible with banking and retail systems.
John Lettice, 25 Jul 2005
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HP makes FATA fatter for EVA

HP today scrambled to counter EMC's launch of a new Symmetrix monster by announcing an upgrade to the FATA (Fibre Attached Technology Adapted) drives used in its EVA storage line.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Jul 2005
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Yahoo! buys! bloated! widgets!

Just when you thought Yahoo! was showing signs that it knew it was doing, comes some news to suggest otherwise.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Jul 2005

AMD's Opteron decimates Xeon market

AMD has done the improbable, or maybe just the not so expected. One market researcher has the chip maker's Opteron processor holding ten per cent of the x86 server market.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Jul 2005

China's chip gaining GHz quickly - report

Microprocessor Report has released the longest analysis yet of China's home grown microprocessor, Godson-2.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Jul 2005

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