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Intel overcomes 'weak' line-up during Q2

Intel proved once again that it's more regular than a Metamucil salesman by knocking out a solid second quarter.

HP and Sony battle for domination of digital entertainment

TechScape Our story begins like this:
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OnAir plans 'quiet times' of no voice calls in aircraft

Following surveys - showing that airline passengers are nervous about the nuisance value of inflight phone calls by their neighbours - OnAir has revealed that its in-plane technology will be able to limit passengers to text-only for "quiet times" during flight.

Oracle taken to task for time to fix vulnerabilities

Claiming that Oracle has failed to fix six vulnerabilities despite having more than 650 days to issue a patch, researchers at security firm Red Database Security published details of the flaws on Tuesday.
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Bulldog thumped for misleading boxing ad

Bulldog - the broadband company owned by telecoms giant Cable & Wireless that is facing growing discontent among customers - has received yet another bloody nose from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
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Google finds sense of humo(u)r on surface of Moon

Space aficionados will know that today marks the anniversary of the first manned Moon landing on 20 July 1969. To celebrate this fact, Google has knocked up a quick Moon map showing the landing sites of all six US jaunts.

Freescale grows Q2 earnings on flat sales

Freescale, the company still making G4-class PowerPC processors for Apple's notebook line-up, saw a big jump in income during its second fiscal quarter, despite an only marginal increase in sales, the firm said yesterday.
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Home delivery is the deal-breaker in ecommerce

The biggest challenge to ecommerce is delivery, according to Britain's ecommerce trade body, which is launching a new trust mark scheme to encourage merchants and transporters to give consumers more options.
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Intel ups capex as India plant talks 'wobble'

Intel yesterday raised its forecast 2005 capital expenditure by $100m more than it had been expected to.
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UK regulator wants powers to stop the spammers

The Office of the Information Commissioner (ICO), enforcer of the UK's main anti-spam laws, has received around 600 spam complaints in the past 12 months. But it has taken no legal action, in part because its powers are inadequate and impractical.
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Like MUF diving? Call Clearswift

Let's face it, most IT conferences are dull affairs where jaded suits slump despairingly over briefing notes in front of worthy but dull Powerpoint-driven presentations concerning the likely Indonesian market for desktop Linux during Q2 2017 before dragging themselves towards the free bar with the vain hope that they won't run into Bob from DynoSoftInc who will bang on for three hours about his company's killer app for highlighting Excel spreadsheet cells with animated Crazy Frog motifs.

Intel preps Pentium D core update

Intel is to upgrade the cores incorporated into its 'Smithfield' dual-core processors in October, The Register has learned.
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Become a full-blown Linux god

Site offer To be truly productive with Linux, you need to thoroughly master the shells and the command line. Until now, you had to buy two books to gain that mastery: a tutorial on fundamental Linux concepts and techniques, plus a separate reference. Worse that that, most Linux references offer little more than prettied-up man pages. Now, there’s a far better solution. Renowned Linux expert Mark Sobell has brought together comprehensive, insightful guidance on the tools system administrators, developers, and power users need most, and an outstanding day-to-day reference, both in the same book - A Practical Guide to Linux® Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming.
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R&D and skills crisis looms for Europe

Europe is facing a crisis in science and technology according to two new reports. The European Commission says its figures show a continuing decline in the amount European firms are increasing their spending on R&D. It warns that if the trend is not reversed, Europe will miss its target of boosting R&D spend to three per cent of GDP by 2010, and that this represents a "major threat" to Europe's knowledge economy.
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Google Maps offers justice

We knew that Google Maps does more than just directions - in the last few days it also found not only Jesus but Hitler too.
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Hack attack left 'sexual grunts' on doctors' answering service

A businessman allegedly hacked into a doctors' answering service run by a competitor so that patients heard either a busy signal or sexual grunts when they tried to leave a message, according to a criminal complaint.
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Bulldog intros 'major' measures to combat complaints

Bulldog has introduced what it describes as "a major package of measures" to help cope with complaints about its internet and phone service.
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Shuttle: no launch this week, engineers still baffled

NASA says the Shuttle Discovery will not launch before 26 July, as the space agency's engineers continue their investigation into the misbehaving fuel gauge that grounded the Shuttle again, last week.
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UK workers still circulating lewd and racist email

UK workers are continuing to abuse corporate email systems even though sending inappropriate emails is bad for their employer's reputation and potentially puts their own job at risk.
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'Alien greeting' harbours Windows malware

A message purporting to come from an alien is in reality, you've guessed it, the latest Windows PC-infecting computer virus. The Sundor-A worm displays a picture of an alien with the following message: "I'm the alien. Have a happy week. I liked your computer" upon infection.
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No2ID restocks Clarke-busting t-shirt

Cash'n'Carrion Anti-ID card campaigning outfit No2ID recently reached its goal of getting 10,000 patriots to sign a pledge promising that they will refuse to register for ID cards in the now seemingly inevitable event that home secretary Charles Clarkes will bulldoze legislation through parliament in the wake of the London terror attacks.
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Bubbly O2 reduces churn

O2 is managing to hang on to its punters and stop them ditching the cellco for a rival.
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Harry Potter hit by pesky pirates

The latest Harry Potter tome was not released as an ebook because of fears over piracy - a plan as cunning as any of Baldrick's.
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Antarcticans to live in blue, ski-mounted, caterpillar

A British consortium, comprising Engineers Faber Maunsell and Hugh Broughton Architects, has won a contract to build Halley VI, the new British Antarctic Survey base following an international competition.

Security deal for Northamber

God box maker Astaro has done a distribution deal with Northamber.
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Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager

Review So what exactly is a Mobile Manager? To Palm, it's an entirely new category of portable device, but it's hard to conclude that it's anything more than a PDA with more storage. Palm needs to create a new device type, of course. Despite more than half a decade of Palm trying to convince consumers that a PDA is more than an electronic organiser, that's still how most people view them. And if you're going to put a hard drive into a PDA, you may as well try and make it sound like something new, something special. But the fact remains: the LifeDrive is a Tungsten T5 with a greater, 4GB storage capacity.
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Crazy Frog battered in net orgy of violence

We're going to cut to the chase on this one. Do you fancy taking a baseball bat to Crazy Frog in a mindless orgy of violence? Yes? Well, you're in luck.
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Redundant EDSers threaten legal action

Workers at EDS's Livingston facility have known for some months that they were losing their jobs but that didn't stop a "near riot" breaking out when they were told the terms and conditions of their redundancy.
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Brits want to vote online, dammit

Cisco reckons that online voting is the way to get people to take part in elections. Survey firm YouGov, quizzed 2,136 UK adults about their voting habits, on Cisco's behalf. They found that 66 per cent of those who didn't vote in the last election reckoned they'd be more likely to join in on polling day if they could vote online.
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Kodak culls 10,000 more jobs

Kodak is axing a further 10,000 workers as it continues to refocus its business to cope in the digital world.
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Spam king surrenders his ignoble crown

Scott Richter - the self-styled Spam King1 - has been dropped from an authorative list of known spammers after cleaning up his act. Richter and his OptInRealBig option were a fixture in Spamhaus's Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) for years.
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Firefox's Greasemonkey slippery on security

A severe security hole in Firefox's Greasemonkey extension has been uncovered that exposes any file on a user's local hard drive to a hacker.
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Fans petition to open source OS/2

Die-hard OS/2 supporters are calling for IBM to release the source code of the venerable operating system so that it might prosper after it's put out to pasture. Earlier this month, IBM reaffirmed its decision to cease marketing OS/2 at the end of next year. Free - but not paid - support of OS/2 from IBM will also cease at the end of 2006.

Onshore coders' salaries rise along with Offshore fears

So much for US legislators' concerns about the damaging impact of outsourcing on domestic tech-workers' employment and pay prospects.
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Cingular's indigestion could be worse

The cost of swallowing AT&T Wireless dulled the results of the United States' largest mobile network Cingular. Profits fell to $147m for 2Q FY2005, a loss of $93m over the first six months of this year. Revenue for the quarter was $8.61bn. Merger costs were $204m in the period.

IBM preps big iron fiesta

IBM will try to breath life into its languishing mainframe business during an event next week, if its CFO and marketing material are to be believed.

MS buys FrontBridge, buys into Finjan

Microsoft dug deeper into computer security on Wednesday, purchasing FrontBridge Technologies to help customers reach regulatory compliance, while also signing an investment and patent licensing deal with Finjan Software.