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IBM evens the keel in Q2

IBM's workers may be safe for another 90 days after the company met its targets for its second quarter.
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HP boss on motivation, human capital, and staff retention

Hewlett Packard staff in the US waiting to hear the extent of the much-anticipated redundancies face the longest night of all. Tomorrow morning, at 8:45am Pacific Time (4:45pm British Summer Time) the company will brief analysts, and the press an hour later, on "details of a company restructuring plan".
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IT pros need a cuddle

IT pros need a cuddle - or at least an arm around the shoulder - to let them know just how much they're loved.

PC sales saved by Asia, Latin America

PC sales showed much better growth in the second quarter of 2005 than expected, according to figures from IDC and Gartner.

Cornice readies 4GB 1in HDD

Cornice, the specialist in compact hard disk drives, will begin shipping a 4GB micro-drive later this month, the company said yesterday.
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Finns probe illegal mobile marketing

Finnish officials are probing illegal direct marketing via SMS, Finnish broadcaster YLE reports.
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Murdoch buys blogs

News Corp is bolstering its newly-formed internet unit by spending $580m on Intermix - the company behind blog site myspace.com.

SDK claims world first for perpendicular HDD production

Japan's Showa Denko KK (SDK) has become the first manufacturer in the world to put a hard drive using the perpendicular recording technique into mass production, the company claimed today.
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Want top-notch net porn? Try ITV News

Independent UK news outfit ITN has escaped sanction by watchdog Ofcom after admitting to broadcasting a link to a XXX website during a 9 June news bulletin.
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Toshiba invests in holographic disc firm

Toshiba has invested in Optware, the company developing a holographic optical disc claimed to offer significantly greater storage capacity than next-generation formats like Toshiba's own, HD DVD.
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Gates: You just can't get the staff

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has again complained about the shortage of computing graduates in the US.
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Gizmoville buzzes to iPod vibrator

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Systems Union trading in line with expectations

Systems Union Group has updated the Stock Exchange ahead of its results statement in mid-August.
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Wanadoo UK punts 2 meg broadband

Wanadoo UK - the ISP formerly known as Freeserve and due to morph into Orange next year - is doubling the speed of its broadband service.
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Fatalities rise in speed camera hotspots

The UK government recently suspended the deployment of more speeds cameras pending the outcome of of a University College London probe into whether they actually save lives.
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Online gaming addiction smokes out Evil Dragon

An armed fugitive's fondness for online games led to his capture by Taiwan police last week. Cops had been searching for Chang Hsi-ming (AKA Evil Dragon) on suspicion of murder, illegal possession of weapons and multiple kidnappings for more than a year, Reuters reports.
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Growth slows as Virgin Mobile 'thrives'

Virgin Mobile - the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which is the UK's fifth largest mobile outfit - reported today that it "continues to grow strongly and thrive", according to a stock exchange statement.
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EA signs Verizon, Sprint for mobile games

US mobile carriers Verizon and Sprint have inked deals to sell Electronic Arts games to their subscribers.

Emperor Hurd decimates HP

HP today bowed to the will of Wall Street and revealed plans to decimate its workforce by 14,500 people - a figure no doubt thought more palatable than 15,000.
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Industry and govt must converge on convergence

The UK must do more if it is to become a world leader in technology convergence, according to report published today.
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Write down your password today

Security guru Bruce Schneier has backed calls from Microsoft's Jesper Johansson urging users to write down their passwords. In years gone by scribbling down passwords on Post-It notes was often cited as a top security mistake but the sheer volume of passwords people are obliged to remember means people often use easily-guessed login details, another security faux-pas. Schneier - well known for his original thinking and ability to apply common sense to security issues - advocates a low-tech solution to the password conundrum.
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O2 wins £390m ambulance deal

O2 has won a £390m deal to provide a new secure communications system - Airwave - for ambulance services in England. The contract is due to run for 13 years and includes the provision of kit and network access.
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O2 XM music phone

First UK Review Intel's XScale processors have traditionally been incorporated into PDAs and smart phones, and promoted by the chip giant as the ideal CPU to handle the heavy lifting these devices' operating systems require. But a few years back, Intel decided it ought to widen XScale's target market. The result was 'Manitoba', a feature-phone platform designed to show handset makers that XScale is just as relevant to lower-end devices as it is to high-end ones. Manitoba was launched early 2003, and Intel named Orange as a carrier as a partner.
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Don't tag workers, urges union

The European Commission is being urged to outlaw electronic tagging in the workplace by companies that monitor their employees' every move.
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Copycat BT doubles broadband speeds

BT has doubled the speed of its entry-level broadband service just hours after Wanadoo UK announced plans to offer new punters 2 megs for £17.99 a month.
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Apple bounces back into US PC vendor top four

Apple took 4.5 per cent of the US PC market during Q2, establishing it as the fourth most successful vendor of the quarter, figures from market watcher IDC reveal.
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MOD greenlights wind farms

The Ministry of Defence has agreed that wind farms can be built on its land near the Eskdalemuir seismic array site, which monitors the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
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Could free massages solve IT skills shortage?

Letters As a nine-year old Pakistani girl passes the exam to become a Microsoft Certified Professional, Bill Gates publicly bemoans the fact that there just aren't enough decent software engineers out there. You, as always, have a few suggestions for Mr. Gates to consider:
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Visa cuts CardSystems over security breach

Visa USA has dumped a card processing firm blamed for a security breach affecting anything up to 40m credit card numbers from MasterCard, Visa and other card issuers. Payment processor CardSystems Solutions admitted it wasn't supposed to hold the compromised data, so it comes as no great surprise that Visa USA has stopped allowing it to process transactions on its behalf.

Three-headed monster takes over IBM Global Services

IBM has appointed a trio of executives to head its massive Global Services business, following the departure of 30-year veteran and former head of IGS John Joyce.
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Search Wars - the Empire strikes back

Update Microsoft is moving to slap a gagging order on an ex-vice president hired by Google, ostensibly to protect trade secrets.
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Broadcom offloads $76m for Ethernet dynamo

Broadcom bought a little bit of its future on Tuesday, acquiring networking chip start-up Siliquent Technologies.

Sun plans more hardware rentals

Sun Microsystems is planning more hardware and software bundles this fall, having experimented with subscription-based offerings in the recent past.
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Yahoo! numbers! chill! investors!

Yahoo!'s stock sank 10 per cent after it posted Q2 numbers today. The company earned $1.3bn in the quarter ending in June, Q2 FY2005, a 51 per cent increase year-on-year.