18th July 2005 Archive

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  • Amazon.com goes nuclear on Avis, Orbitz

    Patent infringement

    Financial News 18 Jul 07:25

  • Nigerian 419er jailed

    Email fraud ends in chokey

    Media 18 Jul 08:46

  • Tele2 buys Versatel

    Triple play

    Broadband 18 Jul 09:00

  • Infineon memory boss quits

    Police raid, corruption allegations

    Financial News 18 Jul 09:21

  • Energis and C&W refuse to deny merger talk

    Game on

    Financial News 18 Jul 09:25

  • No2ID pledge reaches 10,000 signature goal

    Take that, Mr. Clarke

    Media 18 Jul 09:46

  • Malware maelstrom menaces UK

    Post-St Swithin's deluge

    Security 18 Jul 10:00

  • US gets jitters over in-flight mobes

    Hi, I'm on the plane. Is Osama available?

    Media 18 Jul 10:22

  • The Cloud touts Skype Zones support

    The benefits of Boingo roaming deal

    VoIP 18 Jul 10:36

  • Time to turn on to power over Ethernet?

    Old idea, new energy

    Data Networking 18 Jul 10:44

  • Sony Ericsson claims Q2 market share gain

    Phone shipments, revenues up

    Financial News 18 Jul 10:59

  • Cisco sets age limit for board

    Retirement motion

    Financial News 18 Jul 11:08

  • WinZip bought by VC

    Compression company feeling the squeeze

    Financial News 18 Jul 11:10

  • TeleCity agrees £58m buyout

    Consolidating fragmentation apparently

    Financial News 18 Jul 11:13

  • China sends pig sperm to space

    No, really

    Science 18 Jul 11:22

  • Vodafone takes the fight to VoIP

    Voice rates will fall as battle hots up

    Mobile 18 Jul 11:33

  • Apple to muscle in on MVNO market?

    Have devices, will network

    Mobile 18 Jul 11:36

  • Apple iTunes sells half a billion songs

    Next 500m sold by end of year?

    Financial News 18 Jul 11:46

  • Kingston signs IBM for support

    Contract expansion

    The Channel 18 Jul 11:48

  • Sophos service searches for zombie PCs


    Security 18 Jul 12:27

  • Google tracks Hitler to San Diego

    Führer bunkers down on US soil

    Bootnotes 18 Jul 12:31

  • Sproqit finally cranks out workgroup system

    Architecture gets Unisys, Ingram Micro thumbs-up

    Mobile 18 Jul 12:39

  • McKinnon warns off fledgling hackers as hearing looms

    Don't do it kids, says NASA hacker

    Security 18 Jul 12:58

  • You Blew Me Up You Bastard

    Give it to bin Laden straight - posthumously

    Bootnotes 18 Jul 13:08

  • Sophos changes channel programme

    Survey leads to changes

    The Channel 18 Jul 13:11

  • Exabyte buddies up to Northamber

    Tape disty deal

    The Channel 18 Jul 13:18

  • Bulldog faces Ofcom complaints

    Gripes continue

    Broadband 18 Jul 14:04

  • Enta and MAXDATA

    Disty deal for all products

    The Channel 18 Jul 14:06

  • Germany backs ESA's mission to Mars

    Big cash injection, this one

    Science 18 Jul 14:09

  • Asbo teen ordered to get legless

    And to threaten public

    Bootnotes 18 Jul 14:16

  • MS probes Win XP SP2 kernel bug

    Crash risk dummy

    Security 18 Jul 14:59

  • EC raids Dell in Intel anti-trust probe

    Channel really quite pleased

    Financial News 18 Jul 15:11

  • ICANN prez delivers internet vision

    Paul Twomey gives forth

    Media 18 Jul 15:34

  • Orange SPV M500 smart phone

    'Magician' restyled

    Reviews 18 Jul 15:45

  • VMware greets new dual-core chips with old world licensing

    Two for one

    Servers 18 Jul 15:54

  • Typosquatters hijack US credit report site

    Be careful out there, warns privacy forum

    Government 18 Jul 16:02

  • Cost of US cyber attacks plummets

    But watch out for ID thieves

    Security 18 Jul 16:17

  • SAP seeks irrelevant executive

    Must travel without traveling and know nothing

    Bootnotes 18 Jul 18:44

  • Intel slaps 'wide load' tag on new Itanium

    Coming to a Harmonious Competency Center near you

    Servers 18 Jul 18:44

  • $1 domains for the developing world

    And Swedish, Korean, Latvian... dot-orgs for the rest of us

    Financial News 18 Jul 19:32

  • DoD picks Opteron as weapon of mass simulation

    Up in HP's arms

    Servers 18 Jul 21:17

  • Compaq showpiece turns into giant God conduit

    Mark of Hurd?

    Bootnotes 18 Jul 21:29