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MS wants to Pimp My Raid array

Microsoft’s server operations are going well – this year it stuck its nose in front of its Unix rivals for the first time ever.
Ben King, 13 2005
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BT hires Page 3 girl to plug VoIP

BT has hired Page 3 stunner Michelle Marsh to plug its PC-based VoIP product BT Communicator.
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DataViz ships RoadSync for Palm

DataViz has begun shipping the Palm version of its RoadSync mobile data application, the company said today.
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Cassini films Hyperion in orbit

The latest snaps to come back from the Cassini mission are of Hyperion, one of the smaller of Saturn's many moons. The NASA spacecraft took a sequence of 25 images over around two-and-a-half days and built up a short movie of the moon as it tumbled along on its elliptical orbit.

How the US military chivvied up Microsoft

Divine intervention, or simply a divine coincidence? Long suffering Tablet PC users weary of unscheduled reboots didn't mind too much last week. Over a year after it came to light, and months after we highlighted the issue, Microsoft finally issued a patch for the memory leak that caused the problem. One pundit called it "the most anticipated patch in Tablet PC OS history".
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Autonomy boss calls for grown-up immigration policy

The chief executive of Autonomy Mike Lynch has called on the British government to sort out its "crazy" and "parochial" immigration policy.
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EU moots criminal penalties for IP infringement

The European Union is proposing new criminal penalties for counterfeiting and piracy in the region. Yesterday, the Commission adopted proposals for a new directive that would "align national criminal law", it said, and would make it easier for countries to cooperate in investigating and prosecuting counterfeiting and piracy operations.
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Fujitsu creates 'first' colour, non-volatile e-paper

Fujitsu has developed what it claims is the world's first electronic paper that can be flexed, can display colour images and can do so when the power is turned off.
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Vonage calls for 'naked DSL'

Vonage is calling on BT to cut the cost of telephone line rental branding the charge "unfair". It claims people should be able to take just a DSL line without having to pay for a telephone service as well.
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Lizard Army Neo-Mech menaces eBay

We at the neoLuddite Resistance Army (NRA) know that the Lizard Alliance - bent on the subjugation of humanity via technology - have in the last two years adopted a variety of approaches to ensure that the only gambolling through meadows our children do in years to come is while being pursued by mephistopholean French automobiles or rat-brain-controlled stealth aircraft.
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US visas going begging

More than half the extra H1-B visas which were made available by the US government have not been taken up by anyone.
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Three critical fixes in MS July security update

It's that time of the month again. Microsoft's patch bandwagon rolled into town yesterday loaded with three critical updates.
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Apple updates Mac OS X Tiger

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.4.2, the latest version of its 'Tiger' operating system.
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UK EU presidency aims for Europe-wide biometric ID card

The UK is using its Presidency of the Council of the European Union to push for the adoption of biometric ID cards and associated standards across the whole of the EU. In a proposal issued on Monday (11th July), the UK calls for the drafting of "common standards for national identity cards taking into account the achievements in relation to the EU passport and in the ICAO framework."
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ICANN Blog: Fear and redemption

I’m in Luxembourg attending the 23rd ICANN conference in a big tin can in the sun.
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Samsung mass produces 667MHz DDR 2 chips

Samsung has begun shipping 667MHz DDR 2 SDRAM chips, and claimed it was the first memory maker to mass-produce this type of memory.
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The definitive guide to Unix system programming

Site offer For over a decade, serious C programmers have relied on one book for practical, in-depth knowledge of the programming interfaces that drive the UNIX and Linux kernels: W. Richard Stevens' Advanced Programming in the UNIX® Environment. Now, Stevens' colleague Stephen Rago has thoroughly updated this classic to reflect the latest technical advances and add support for today's leading UNIX and Linux platforms.
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Beware the breast-examining hand of death

One of the truly terrifying aspects of the Rise of the Machines™ is how successful the Lizard Army has been in taking control of top-flight educational establishments.
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Leave hacker scum to rot, says MP

Glasgow South MP Tom Harris used a Ten Minute Rule Bill yesterday to push for big increases in maximum sentences for those convicted of hacking and denial of service attacks.
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Doctors and technology: do they mix?

A study of the impact of technology on doctor-patient relations in the US has found that having a computer in a doctor's surgery widens the gap between the good and bad communicators in the US medical profession.
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Firefox update completes busy patching day

Firefox users are urged to update their web browser software following the discovery of a slew of security vulnerabilities. Version 1.0.5 of the popular web browser addresses nine security bugs while also incorporating stability improvements.
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UK is a booming digital nation

Digital services are booming in Britain, according to research from regulator Ofcom. Everywhere you look, people are hooking up to broadband, switching on digital TV, listening to DAB radio and chatting using mobile and VoIP technology.
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Ebbers faces jail for WorldCom fraud

Bernie Ebbers is due to be sentenced today for masterminding the $11bn (£5.8bn) fraud at US telco WorldCom.
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UN report to leave ICANN’s balls intact

A sneak preview of the UN’s report into internet governance has revealed that ICANN will retain its position as the lead technical body for the Internet. However, the organisation’s dreams of becoming a quasi-governmental body overseeing the future of the internet have been dealt a heavy blow.
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Could blogging spread computer worms?

Could RSS feeds become a conduit for the transmission of computer worms? Security experts are at odds over the possibility. Those who play down the threat point to the fact that no virus has ever used the propagation technique while others say it's only when a network reaches critical mass (as in the case of instant message and file sharing networks) that malware threats show their ugly head.
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Local action will heal digital divide

Analysis Recognising that development must be "of the people, by the people and for the people" is the best way to help poorer nations, Bangladeshi entrepreneur Iqbal Quadir told delegates at the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford today.
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Return to flight: the countdown begins

The Space Shuttle Discovery is set to return to the skies this evening, with its lift-off scheduled for 8:51pm, UK time from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida's Cape Canaveral.
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eBay runs on Sun's servers and IBM's URLs

Ebay can't whore out its front page fast enough with the company making an embarrassing gaffe as its transitioned ads from IBM to Sun Microsystems.
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Phlooding attack could leave enterprises high and dry

You've got to hand it to the IT security industry for its ability to coin new and impressive sounding terms for security threats. Hot on the hells of WiPhishing and Evil Twins comes the latest buzz word for wireless Lan security: phlooding.
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Ebbers jailed for 25 years

Bernie Ebbers has been sentenced to 25 years behind bars for his part in the $11bn (£5.8bn) fraud at US telco WorldCom, accordng to AP.
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Are you trying to be funny? If so check [ ] this box

After ten years of the net, few amongst us have yet to realize that computer networks can be a lousy communication medium. Against all the good things that we've gained - such as the disappearance of physical distance, traversed by very slow moving postal workers - we must stack up the losses. And top of that list is the fact that most of the delicious ambiguities of language that we enjoy in everyday life simply aren't conveyed online.
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Fox deceives millions during national pastime

Fox Sports and Chevy teamed yesterday to deceive millions of people during the Major League Baseball All-Star game. They did such a good job of it that many of you viewing probably didn't even notice.
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Apple profits, revenue up again

"I haven't seen a flat-to-down quarter predicted since September 11. I don't understand," an analyst remarked during Apple's earnings conference call today. "Did sales fall off to make it so conservative?"