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'Sims school' abandons books for laptops

Technology vendors have long viewed the state of Arizona as rich pickings. In addition to the Federal pork barrel, state tax payers have found over $60m dollars for IT investment.

Microsoft renames Open License Value program Open Value

Microsoft's mission to simplify pricing has seen the company update its volume licensing programs for small and medium business (SMB) customers.
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'We are all schadenbloggers, now'

Letters Last week we noticed that within 24 hours of the London terror attack, VXers were delivering a topical, terror related virus. And blog evangelists telling us Journalism Would Never Be The Same Again™ ... that This Changes Everything™, and other dot.com era platitudes.
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Dutch build giant cluster telescope

The Netherlands's Foundation for Research in Astronomy (Astron), is building a giant network of radio telescopes that will help researchers study the earliest days of the universe.
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Watching us through the Sorting Door

A former CIA intelligence analyst and researchers from SAP plan to study how RFID tags might be used to profile and track individuals and consumer goods.
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Abbey business banking falls over (again)

Abbey National's business banking service went down twice on Monday. The glitch left anbusiness.com customers unable to make transactions online and, in at least one case, unable to carry out transactions over the phone either.

Microsoft hears mid-market knocking

Microsoft is, to borrow a popular Wall St phrase, going "granular" on small and medium businesses (SMBs). The company has begun to focus on the very different needs of companies in the "S" portion and the "M" part of this over-used industry acronym, instead of seeing them at the more abstract level.

Hitachi has case of midrange storage madness

Hitachi, HP and Sun Microsystems this week all came to market with the same storage product but couldn't quite agree on exactly what they were selling.
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ICANN blog: I don’t like Mondays

More about the intriguingly small country of Luxembourg, where ICANN is currently holding its latest meeting. The euro nearly ruined it. Previously the financial powerhouse of central Europe thanks to its liberal banking laws, in pre-euro days huge quantities of French, Belgians and Germans popped into the country to deal in money. Taking their cut, the Luxembourgers did very well.

Intel 'ditches' high-end 'Centrino 3' chipset

Intel has reportedly axed the most powerful of three chipsets scheduled for its third-generation Centrino platform, 'Napa', due to ship early next year.
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Mobile risk to drivers

Using a "hands-free" phone while driving does not reduce the risk of crashing and could even contribute to even more smashes, warns a report out today.

Intel readies mainstream discrete dual-core chipset

Intel will begin sampling its latest integrated chipset for desktop systems at the end of the month, but its next mainstream release will be a discrete chipset, according to motherboard makers.
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Foetus threatened with Asbo

The good burghers of Burton-on-Trent can sleep sounder in their beds today after the local council threatened to slap an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) on an unborn baby.
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News from Dept of Bleedin' Obvious

Today's news of the bleeding obvious comes from those friendly suits at Accenture who have made some startling discoveries about what's holding back the digital home of the future.
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Alcatel reports higher earnings

Alcatel has posted higher-than-expected revenue growth for the second quarter thanks to increased demand for its communications gear.
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Solar-powered cars to race 2,500 miles

At least 27 teams have signed up to take part in the 2005 North American Solar Challenge race, which begins this Sunday, 17 July. The race will cross the border between the US and Canada, the first time a solar race has gone international, and will cover 2,500 miles, 100 miles more than either the 2001 or 2003 events.
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Wi-Fi provider pitches Skype users

US Wi-Fi hotspot aggregator Boingo will today hop on the Skype bandwagon and begin promoting its wireless Internet access sites as VoIP locations.
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Dutch file-swapper case collapses

The Dutch Protection Rights Entertainment Industry Netherlands (BREIN) has lost its case against five Dutch ISPs who refused to hand over the names of 42 suspected song swappers. BREIN knew these individuals only by their IP address.
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Nokia 'not interested' in buying RIM

Nokia doesn't want to buy Research in Motion, a senior staffer said today.

Sony1 scores resellers

Sony 1, has signed up 1,500 resellers since 1 April - a month ahead of schedule.

UK faces legal action over e-waste failure

The European Commission (EC) has threatend legal action against the UK for failing to introduce new e-waste laws.
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Nvidia preps '$450' GeForce 7800 GT

Nvidia will launch its next GeForce 7 series part next month, tied in to the Quakecon 2005 gaming festival.

OSDL establishes European open source vanguard

Open Source Development Labs (ODSL) has opened up an office in Europe to support the use of Linux and open source software in the region. The non-profit corporatation, employer of Linus Torvalds, is setting up shop in the old continent five years after ODSL's inception and after already establishing offices in Tokyo and Beijing.
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Airbus to enable in-flight mobile phoning in 2006

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has followed arch-rival Boeing to announce it will enable on-board mobile phone calls next year.
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Comet Tempel-1 covered in cosmic talc

The first data from the Deep Impact mission to Comet Tempel-1 suggest that the comet is covered in a layer of fine powder. When the probe slammed into the comet on 4 July, the impact released an immense cloud of dust, probably as fine as talcum powder, NASA says, leaving a crater between 50 and 250 metres in diameter.
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ICANN warns world of domain hijacking

A report by the internet's leading security experts has warned the world of the risk of domain name hijacking and told the industry to pull its socks up.

Sophos glitch leaves PCs hanging

A recent security update from Microsoft is tripping up users of Sophos's flagship anti-virus scanning software. Some enterprise users of Sophos Anti-Virus (SAV) for Windows version 5 found their machines were taking up to 15 minutes to log on to the network after applying Microsoft's Update Rollup 1 for Win 2000 SP 4. Sophos has issued a workaround (removing C:\winnt\system32\mswsock.dll from on access scanning) pending the release of a more comprehensive fix.
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Fuji FinePix F10 Zoom digicam

Review The F10 boasts the companies new, 1/1.7in Super CCD HR sensor that uses a full 6.3m gross pixels rather than the interpolated, dual-pixel elements of yore. Fujifilm's Super CCD technology has been with us for some time now and it just keeps getting better. To prove the point the F10 has its best incarnation yet in a camera of this class, writes Doug Harman.
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BBC execs bury snouts in trough

The BBC can expect to take some heavy flack after admitting in its annual report that top execs trousered up to 25 per cent of their salaries in performance-related bonuses last year. The revelation comes after the Corporation announced it would slash 20 per cent of its workforce over the next three years in an exercise designed to cut costs and release revenue for new programming.
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Chip kit market shrinks

The market for equipment used to make computer chips will shrink more than 12 per cent this year compared to growth of 67.2 per cent in 2004.
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BT cracks down on 'nuisance' sales calls

BT has introduced new privacy measures to protect punters from annoying phone calls from pushy salespeople.
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Adobe/Macromedia merger probed

Adobe and Macromedia must provide more information to the Department of Justice before regulators will approve their merger.
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EC officials raid Intel offices

European Commission investigators today raided Intel EMEA offices in a bid to find evidence that the chip giant violated the Union's antitrust laws.
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British government lost 150 PCs this year

The Home Office might be in charge of law and order but it's not very good at keeping hold of its own property - it has lost more computers this year than any other department.
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Drugs, phonecams, privacy and GPS tracking

Letters Police in London want your mobile phone snaps and video footage, and the government wants all your emails and phone records. Following the rather unpleasant events of last week, the authorities are calling on ISPs to co-operate with efforts to gather mobile phone and email traffic data, sparking speculation that the EU's data retention plans could be given a new lease of life. Isn't it fun to be in demand?
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How Dell made Los Angeles look like a sucker - in pictures

Silly, silly Californians. They don't know how to get things done right or at least how to get things done cheap.

Industry coalition takes stab at defining spyware

Technology companies have formed an alliance with public interest groups to tackle spyware. Membership of the Anti-Spyware Coalition (here) includes large software developers, anti-spyware companies and others. Current members include AOL, Computer Associates, EarthLink, HP, Lavasoft, McAfee, Microsoft, PC Tools, Symantec, Trend Micro, Yahoo!, UC Berkeley, the Business Software Alliance and the Cyber Security Industry Alliance.
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AMD alleges Intel compilers create crash code for its chips

The lawsuit AMD filed against its arch-rival, Intel, alleges that a tweak in Intel's compilers can hinder the performance of code running on AMD processors.