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Gates talks, but can't walk, his Tablet PC pledge

In a joint press conference with Toshiba today, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has again pledged his support for the Tablet PC. It's a pet project of his and despite lacklustre sales so far - it might break through a million sales in this, its third year - he's keen to see it succeed.
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Sun opens more middleware source, plots Java future

JavaOne Sun Microsystems has released more code from its middleware stack, including elements of an integration standard built for Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs).

Indian call centre security breach: man admits guilt

The man who sold a CD containing the confidential details of 1,000 British bank accounts to an undercover reporter says he did not know what it contained. The Sun reported last week that the details were obtained by corrupt workers at call centres in India.
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Where's the threat?

Comment Goldilocks was very tired by this time, so she went upstairs to the bedroom. She lay down in the first bed, but it was too hard. Then she lay in the second bed, but it was too soft. Then she lay down in the third bed and it was just right. Goldilocks fell asleep.
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Norway says yes to Open Source

The Norwegian minister for modernisation (nice job title) says the government will no longer accept the use of proprietary formats.

EC waves through Avnet's Memec takeover

The European Commission last week cleared Avnet's proposed £676m takeover of Memec.
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Micron hails WTO Hynix ruling

The World Trade Organisation has overturned an earlier ruling that the US was wrong to impose punitive duties on Hynix, the Korean memory maker.
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KPN mops up Telfort

KPN is boosting its Dutch mobile business with the acquisition of Telfort for around €980m on a debt and cash-free basis. This means that the current owners will get $80m and whatever cash is slurping around Telfort's sales ledger and bank accounts - the company has debts of €900m. KPN could pay up to €140m more for the business, if performance targets are met.

AMD files anti-trust suit against Intel

AMD vs Intel AMD has filed an anti-trust complaint against Intel, accusing the firm of unlawfully maintaining its market position by making it difficult for people to do business with AMD. The suit was filed yesterday in a federal district court in Delaware, and lists 38 firms AMD says have been victims of coercion.
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£6.5m phishing duo jailed

An American who masterminded the UK part of a multi-million pound ID theft scam was yesterday jailed for six years. Douglas Havard, 24, was sentenced on Monday at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty to conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to launder money. His accomplice, Lee Elwood, 25, of Glasgow, was jailed for four years after pleading guilty to the same offences in June 2004.

CA's Clarke chills in the City

Computer Associates' operating officer, Jeff Clarke, was in town today to mop the fevered brows of investors who have stuck with the company during the US fraud investigations. Clarke has twenty years experience in the industry, most recently at HP and Compaq - he joined CA early last year.
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Super calculators make maths super-easy

Researchers at the University of Swansea have come up with a new interface for pocket calculators that they say will make it even easier for people to solve difficult sums.
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Sun tries to SeeBeyond hardware with $387m buy

Sun Microsystems finally made the big software acquisition everyone was looking for when it purchased SeeBeyond for $387m in cash this morning.
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First of 15,000 German warez buyers brought to court

The state prosecutor's office of Mühlhausen in Germany has started criminal proceedings against the first of up to 15,000 users who, according to the German society for the pursuit of copyright infringements, have knowingly paid for illegal content on the internet. It is one of the biggest cases of Internet piracy and illegal copying ever discovered.
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Legal row after police seize Bristol Indymedia server

Police seized a server used by Indymedia, the independent newsgathering collective, from the Bristol home of a member of the group after issuing a search warrant on Monday. The raid is the second time within the last year that an Indymedia server has been seized in the UK.

Smart handhelds are dumb security risk

Nearly half of UK businesses do not secure smart handheld devices to the same high level they secure laptop computers.
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BT hooks up with MS for broadband TV

BT is to begin trials of video-on-demand (VoD) via broadband early next year ahead of a full commercial launch scheduled for summer 2006.

Computacenter expects full year profits shortfall

Computacenter expects profits for the full year will be substantially below market estimates.
Joe Fay, 28 2005
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Galileo concession will be shared

The administrative body behind the European satellite navigation system, Galileo, has asked the two groups that had been competing to run the system to join forces and handle the project together.

Sony stops PSP sales in UK

Sony has won an injunction to stop a one-man band reseller from flogging imported Playstation portables.
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Severed undersea cable cuts off Pakistan

Telecoms, data and internet services have gone titsup in Pakistan after an undersea cable developed a fault.
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NASA hacker jailed

A US man was jailed for four months last week after he was convicted of hacking into US government computers and defacing web sites. Robert Lyttle, 21, of Pleasant Hill, near San Francisco, was also ordered to pay damages of approximately $72,000 and to serve three year probation after his release from federal prison. The first four months of this probation period will be under home confinement with electronic monitoring, US District Judge D. Lowell Jensen ordered.
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Apple pushes Podcasts through iTunes

"Podcasting goes mainstream", announced Apple on Tuesday, with the launch of version 4.9 of its iTunes music jukebox software - at the same time as upgrading and simplifying its iPod (but not iPod mini) line by giving them all colour screens and the ability to show album cover artwork or photos.
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Grokster and ID theft duke it out for your attention

Letters The Supreme Court ruling that Grokster is responsible for the actions of those that use its software has stirred more that a little discussion online. Readers of El Reg are no quieter than average, and naturally, you start by shouting at us about something:

Adware firm 180solutions in image makeover

Adware maker 180solutions has embarked on an image makeover with a campaign to notify users that its software is installed on their systems and tips on removing its software. On Tuesday, 180solutions said it had begun "re-notifying its 20m users in a stepped-up effort to educate consumers and ensure each of its customers has received proper disclosure and given informed consent".

Can anyone compete with Intel? AMD says, 'No!'

Analysis AMD's antitrust lawsuit against Intel comes as no surprise. While the historical underpinnings for such a suit date back many, many years, the real meat of this controversy swirls around AMD's release of the Opteron processor two years ago.

Sun makes SOA play with SeeBeyond

Sun Microsystems is buying its way into the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) club dominated by IBM, with the $387m purchase of SeeBeyond Technologies.

Eclipse updates platform and projects

The Eclipse Foundation has announced upgrades to its eight projects due during the next 30 days, while delivering updated tools to develop rich client applications.
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Of Microsoft, RSS and Longhorn

Analysis We thought we'd let the dust settle before examining Microsoft's announcement that it will incorporate RSS support in Longhorn, and the upcoming IE7 release (in a service pack for XP).
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Compel buys Hire IT for £3m

Compel is buying rival IT rental firm The Brewton Group (which trades as Hire IT) for £3m cash from its own resources.