27th June 2005 Archive

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  • AMD ships world's 'fastest overclockable gaming CPU'

    2.8GHz Athlon 64 FX-57

    System Builder 27 04:02

  • 210 reasons to refuse a Freedom of Information request

    The more the merrier

    Small Biz 27 06:02

  • Mobile and VoIP to inherit the earth

    Mass migration

    VoIP 27 06:02

  • Ex-MS man joins Oracle

    New CFO and president

    Financial News 27 09:20

  • UK to outsource biometric visa checks to Mumbai

    What secure call centres did next...

    Media 27 09:51

  • Toshiba and Microsoft tighten the knot

    CE summer of love

    PCs 27 10:16

  • Simpay halts mobile commerce project

    What about those billions of mobile commerce euros?

    Mobile 27 10:24

  • Music biz goes after sys admins

    First they came for the children...now it's getting serious

    Media 27 10:42

  • PartyGaming floats at £4.64bn

    Joins big boys table

    Financial News 27 10:47

  • iPass to offer Net access via non-affiliated hotspots

    IT dept-mandated security no matter where you connect

    Broadband 27 11:02

  • Church goers celebrate Star Wars

    In the name of the Vader...

    Bootnotes 27 11:08

  • Cingular listens on iTunes phone

    Finalising deal - report

    Mobile 27 11:15

  • UK ID cards costs go up

    Illegal and expensive, what's not to like?

    Security 27 12:26

  • OneTel targets SMEs in 'OneBill' offer


    Small Biz 27 12:31

  • NASA: Ice won't threaten Shuttle launch

    Last hurdle cleared

    Science 27 13:59

  • India calls for big increase in US IT visas

    Tough negotiating stance?

    Management 27 14:19

  • Sun tries to lure developers with cheap Opteron workstation

    Ultra 20 for $30 a month

    Servers 27 14:42

  • Mobile phone 'pranksters' face prosecution

    'Knee capping' threat fails to tickle funny bone

    Mobile 27 14:56

  • Supremes down P2P software makers in unanimous decision

    Hollywood cheers

    Media 27 14:58

  • BBC flogs Broadcast div

    Sells off union problem

    Financial News 27 15:08

  • Soaring card cost headlines threaten UK ID scheme

    Home Office mounts priceless performance...

    Media 27 15:27

  • Yet more campaigning on software patents

    Not long 'til the vote

    Small Biz 27 15:47

  • CA makes Tiny personal firewall buy

    Acquisition spree that just won't stop

    Security 27 16:26

  • Supremes protect P2P technology, then punt

    Back to district court with fresh guidelines

    Media 27 19:11

  • Supreme Court wallops telcos with a large cableco favor

    Two sets of rules for competitor access

    Broadband 27 21:35

  • Apple feels Intel chill

    But no price cuts yet

    Mac Channel 27 21:56

  • IBM gets 10 years under Sun

    Re-licenses Java with x86 twist

    Applications 27 22:11

  • Supremes deputize all US journos

    Take this badge off of me...

    Bootnotes 27 22:17

  • SEC prods IBM with informal probe

    Option expensing under scrutiny

    Financial News 27 22:58