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Users hunt for missing 64-bit kit from AMD and Microsoft

AMD and Microsoft want nothing more than to tell you about the wonders of 64-bit Windows computing. The problem is that they've run out of cheap, promotional hardware used to lure customers to their shared North American Tech Tour events, leaving many users questioning whether they'll attend the 64-bit marketing love fests.
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Computer 2000 shows off HP kit

Distributor Computer 2000 is opening a demo centre for HP blade and storage gear so resellers can show customers shiny kit in action.
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Eircom launches sometimes-on broadband

Eircom has launched a new 'time-based' product offering high-speed internet access for €1 per hour as part of its drive to get more people to switch to broadband.
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BBC green lights Doctor Who series 3

The BBC confirmed this week that a third series of Doctor Who - plus a second Christmas special - has been commissioned. The first series of the revived Doctor Who concludes at Saturday (18 June) with the ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, squaring off against the Daleks in his final appearance as the eponymous Time Lord.
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World chip glut to hit 'marginal' levels in Q2

The chip industry's stockpile of unsold product will fall to "marginal" levels by the end of the month, market watcher iSuppli said yesterday, citing preliminary research data.
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Ofcom threatens BT - report

Ofcom is reportedly threatening to refer BT to the Competition Commission as the two sides continue to thrash out an agreement over access to the telco's telephone network.
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SMS - Belgium's first line of defence

Belgian interior minister Patrick Dewael intends to warn every Belgian resident via SMS in times of national emergency. Apparently, Belgium is the first European country to use cell broadcast for this purpose.
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MS boffins use bluetooth for love bites

Scientists at Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSRC) are working on a range of new technologies and gadgets that might find their way into our lives. They've come up with a message board that you can send text messages to, a whereabouts clock that keeps track of where family members are, and in collaboration with Vodafone, a TouchToy, which we will get to later.
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IBM licenses Rambus XDR interface

IBM has licensed a key component of Rambus' XDR memory technology, the XIO memory controller interface cell.
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If it's Friday it must be Gizmoville

Tech Digest Certified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour the world of gadgetry for the oddest digital goodies, while Bayraider keeps tabs on the best - and worst - of eBay.
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Nominet faces judicial review over itunes.co.uk ownership

Benjamin Cohen is seeking a Judicial Review over Nominet's recent ruling which forced him to hand over his itunes.co.uk domain to Apple.
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Machine defends rampaging robot

FoTW This week we ran a short news item about a robot that had gone on a rampage at a California hospital. The evil being, we explained, went bonkers, and refused to do its job of dispensing pills, instead preferring to terrorise the patients, and break in to private medical examinations.
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Adware makers exploit BitTorrent

A row has broken out after a marketing firm was caught hiding adware in files distributed on the BitTorrent file sharing network. P2P applications such as Kazaa have been bundled with various adware packages for some time, to say nothing of the increased use of P2P networks as a distribution network by virus writers, but BitTorrent has been a cleaner environment. Recent developments suggests that may be about to change.

BT - an apology

Earlier this week The Register reported on the launch of BT's new mobile-cum-landline phone - BT Fusion.
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HP iPaq 'Treo' to ship 1 July

HP is to ship its eagerly anticipated PDA phone, the iPaq 6515 Mobile Media Companion on 1 July, the company's Singapore website has revealed.

UK trojan siege has been running over a year

One of the UK's most secretive security organisations is hunting down a gang of high tech criminals in the Far East that has been attacking the computer systems of Government departments and multi-national companies to steal secrets.
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Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger' in depth

Review Review Mail 2.0 Mac OS X's Mail app has been my preferred email tool since I started using the operating system back in the Public Beta days. I never got into Microsoft's Entourage, despite being an Outlook Express user up until that point. Mail has nicely evolved as my own email usage has grown, first with the addition of …
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Criticality and support of email: The survey

Reg reader studies The longest day of the year is almost upon us, and what better way to make use of those extra day light hours than to click a few keys and fill in our latest reader survey.
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Hit squad set up to combat DP breaches

UK businesses that fail to adhere to data protection laws face criminal prosecution following the creation of a new hit squad.
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Focal iCub iPod 2.1 speaker set

Review With demand for iPod accessories reaching fever pitch it seems there's no stopping manufacturers from claiming their generic audio products are really for the add-on market. French outfit Focal seems to have taken this claim to the extreme with the iCub, a high-end 2.1 speaker system it's pitching at MP3 player owners.

Ssshhh! Opera slips out security update

Opera users are urged to update their browser software following the discovery of a security flaw that creates a means for hackers to read local files using a form of cross-site scripting attack.
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Brits abroad warned: Don't become enemy spy

Summer's here and the time is right to consult the internets for travel advice and holiday tips. There is a new entrant this year and it's not another pesky dot-com start-up but the UK's very own security goons MI5.

Scottish reseller sold to Sopra

Scottish consultancy Newell & Budge has been sold to French firm Sopra for £45m. The deal is described as a merger and the new firm will trade as Sopra Newell & Budge in the UK.

Red Hat and Novell salivate as Navy learns to count servers

Lick your chops, Red Hat and Novell, because the owner of the world's second largest network is looking to standardize on one flavor of Linux.

GAO gives US.gov D- for security

US federal agencies are poorly prepared in withstanding spyware, spam or phishing attack, a government audit has concluded. A survey by the Government Accountability Office published this week reveals a lack of coherent security planning among as many as 20 federal agencies.
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Open BSD honcho channels Ballmer in Linux tirade

Open BSD honcho Theo De Raadt claimed that Linux is a hopeless jumble of "cheap little hacks" and has become "garbage" during an interview published at Forbes.com.

Larry Ellison branded storage absent at Oracle

Larry Ellison has poured millions into his personal storage start-up Pillar Data, but it turns out that not even Larry's Own is good enough for Oracle - at least not yet.