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Red Hat salutes Opteron with dual-core happy update

Red Hat has embraced the dual-core age with an update to its server operating system that works with the latest processors from AMD and Intel.

Your fingerprints are everywhere

Comment How much do you trust your government? That's a question that all of us have to ask, perhaps the more often the better. In 1787, Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the United States and its third President, wrote to Abigail Adams sentences that may seem incredible to many people today:
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AOL faces $200m lawsuit

AOL is facing a $200m lawsuit for alleged patent infringement. Inventor Judah Klausner claims the internet giant's voice services platform - which includes AOL Voicemail, AOL Call Alert, AOL by Phone and AOL VOIP Internet Phone Service - infringes his company's US Patent, number 5,572,576.
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Rambus counter sues Samsung

Rambus has added Samsung to the list of companies it accuses of colluding to harm it, the memory technology developer said yesterday.

AMD ponders next fab site

AMD is deciding where to build its next fab, with an expansion of the chip maker's Dresden facility seen as the most likely candidate.
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Nvidia 'prunes prices' to boost demand

Expect Nvidia-based graphics cards to get cheaper as price cuts said to have been made by the chip maker filter through to board prices.
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International child abuse database plans take shape

The world's richest countries plan to create a worldwide register of paedophiles to help police stamp out child abuse. The proposed international child sexual exploitation database, which would store images of offenders and abused children, is expected to receive the green light at a meeting of G8 justice and home affairs ministers in Sheffield on Thursday.
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Oil costs force 10% DVD±R price rise

Recordable DVDs are likely to become more expensive in coming months as rising oil prices push up plastic costs.
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Tiscali UK extends distie deal with W H Smith

Tiscali UK has extended a distribution deal with high street newsagent and stationers W H Smith.
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Inflight mobile calls - it's going to happen

Ericsson has launched a system to provide in-flight mobile phone services ahead of a widely-anticipated end to the ban on calls during commercial flights

Intel to add memory controllers to future Xeons, Itanics

Intel is to follow AMD's lead and integrate memory controllers onto its x86 server processors, computer maker SGI has claimed.

Corporates focus on basics for IT security defences

IT departments in large organizations still see firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, and anti-virus software as priority security defences despite recent hype about newer more exotic security technologies and threats, according to a survey by analysts Gartner.
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Nanotech at risk from silence on safety

Nanotechnology is in danger of being pigeonholed as a risky, hazardous and controversial business, a new study has found, because companies in the emerging field are not tackling the very real health and safety issues involved.
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eBayers banned for wrecking Live 8 ticket auctions

eBay's PR nightmare continues to rumble on as it emerged the auction site has banned bidders who deliberately sabotaged auctions for Live 8 tickets.

ATI quietly launches Radeon X550

ATI's Radeon X550 chip doesn't appear on the company's website, but that hasn't stopped Taiwanese vendor Info-Tek announcing a pair of graphics cards based on the part.

Shuttle XPC SN25P barebones SFF PC

Review Shuttle's latest small form-factor barebones is certainly a stylish box. The light blue metallic and black front shows Shuttle's usual attention to design. The blue bits hide the drives and the front ports, which might or might not be to your liking, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
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Heineken pops the top on free music downloads

Dutch brewer Heineken, whose beer once famously refreshed the parts other beers couldn't reach, is to give away music downloads.

UK under cyber blitz

Hackers are targeting British workers with a series of specially crafted Trojan horse attacks. The attacks are delivered either through email attachments or through links to maliciously-constructed websites, the UK's National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre (NISCC) warned on Thursday.
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IBM grows Tivoli with Isogon

IBM is fleshing out its Tivoli management suite to tackle regulatory compliance and license tracking on legacy systems with the acquisition of Isogon Corp.
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Master Windows Server 2003 security

Site Offer If you're a working Windows administrator, security is your #1 challenge. Now there's a single-source reference you can rely on for authoritative, independent help with every Windows Server security feature, tool, and option: Windows Server 2003 Security

Pay to play with Microsoft's Indigo

Open source developers porting Microsoft's Indigo and Avalon subsystems for Windows to Linux or Unix will have to go through Microsoft before getting their hands on Windows APIs and protocols.
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Liberty, UGC complete merger

Cable TV giant Liberty Media International, Inc. (LMI) and broadband outfit UnitedGlobalCom, Inc. (UGC) have completed the merger they agreed earlier this year.
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Home automation players lock horns...

This week, two wireless home automation technology groups held showcase events in two different Nordic capitals. And their products both begin with a ‘Z’.
Ben King, 16 2005
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NetApp secures future with $272m Decru buy

Looking to add more muscle to its compliance pitch, Network Appliance has picked up secure storage specialist Decru for $272m.
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Intermix offers NY's Spitzer $7.5m to settle adware suit

Web marketing outfit Intermix has agreed to pay $7.5m over three years to settle an adware lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Eliot 'The Blitzer' Spitzer. Under the terms of a tentative agreement, Intermix agrees never to distribute adware again.
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Reg Readers on Collaboration

Reg Reader Studies Yet again, The Register readers have helped us bust through some of the hype that exists in the industry. Over 3,400 of you responded to the last reader survey on collaboration and some of things you told us were pretty interesting.
Quocirca, 16 2005

Enter Avalanche: P2P filesharing from Microsoft

Researchers at Microsoft's computer science lab in Cambridge have developed a peer-to-peer filesharing system that they say overcomes the scheduling problems associated with existing distribution protocols such as Bit Torrent.
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Pipex offers voice bundle

Pipex is offering its broadband punters the option of making 3,000 minutes worth of calls a month for just an extra £5 a month.
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US postpones biometric passport plan - again

The US government has again pushed back the date by which biometric information must be included in passports of foreigners visiting the country.
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Dell 'happy' to ship Mac OS X-based PCs

Michael Dell would like to license Mac OS X and ship it with future PC products, the Dell founder and chairman has revealed.
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AOL rebuts zombie network slur

AOL has described a report which brands it as running the most zombie infected network on the internet as "meaningless" because it fails to take into account its large user base. Security firm Prolexic reports that AOL was the biggest single source of DDoS attacks over the last six months, accounting for 11.3 per cent of attacks in the US and 5.3 per cent worldwide.
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Inflight mobile calls by 2006?

Boeing's Connexion business unit expects to sell mobile phone services to travelers as early as next year, despite resistance from passengers.
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'Patriot' Act may get partially declawed

The US House of Representatives passed a measure curtailing the federal government's access to library and book shop records by a 238-187 vote on Wednesday.