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eBay bows to Saint Bob over Live 8

EBay has decided that the capitalist highroad might not be the best path to take in the debate over online Live 8 concert ticket sales.

Yahoo! buys! Dialpad!

Yahoo! has bought Dialpad, a VoIP net telephony provider, for an undisclosed sum. Launched in 1999, Dialpad offers either prepaid or monthly subscriptions for US customers to make budget calls to the POTS network. Its expertise is billing, something that isn't a strong point for runaway leader Skype, which uses a cobbled together Heath Robinson billing system based on, er, PayPal.

Nokia N91: an iPod-class contender?

Preview Although it's still four to five months away from release, the N91 is shaping up as Nokia's first serious challenge to the booming iPod business: a hard-disk based phone optimized for music playback. We took it through its paces.

REALbasic 2005 ships for Mac, WinXP, Linux

REAL Software has begun shipping the latest incarnation of its cross-platform programming tool, the company said yesterday. Alongside Mac OS X and Windows versions comes the first public beta release of a Linux-hosted version of the IDE.
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BT unveils Bluephone - finally

BT has finally cut the ribbon on its much-hyped BluePhone - the mobile that thinks it's a landline phone. The telco's creative boutique has also been hard at work and renamed it BT Fusion. Or should that be BT Confusion?
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Nokia: BenQ, Siemens 'turkeys will not make an eagle'

The folks at Nokia certainly know how to give good quote. Here's the mobile phone giant's take on Siemens' sale of its handset division to Taiwan's BenQ:

Poker site cuts IPO price

Online poker site PartyGaming is cutting the price of its Initial Public Offering because of concerns that its business may be stymied by US regulators.
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Euro police in child abuse raids

Police across Europe raided 150 different addresses on Tuesday in a co-ordinated operation targeting individuals suspected of distributing child abuse images online. Large quantities of equipment including computers, laptops, videos and other material containing images of child abuse were seized in raids spanning 13 European countries.
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Intel ships 'multi-threading friendly' compilers

Intel has released updated compilers designed to help developers create software tuned to multi-core processors, the company said yesterday.
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Vodafone Germany goes wireless Lan

Vodafone Germany has done a deal with The Cloud to offer its subscribers access to their wireless Lans across the country.
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O2 workers set to strike over pay

O2 workers look set to strike over a pay dispute with the mobile phone outfit after delegates at a conference voted unanimously for "any action necessary up to and including industrial action in order to receive a fair and just settlement".
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Ericsson allies with Napster on mobile music

Ericsson has inked a deal with digital music provider Napster to create an online music service it can pitch to mobile phone network operators.
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NHJ VTV-201 wrist TV

Review Nothing says 'gadget' quite like a watch that does more than tell the time. Yet nothing wastes time like watching TV. So a watch that's a TV too makes for a rather interesting paradox, writes Charlie Brewer.
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Google finds web-only video clips

Google is finalising a service for searching online video clips. This is different to Google Video which lets you search the subtitles of last night's US TV.
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Xbox 360 will 'win' in Japan, MS pledges

Microsoft will ship its next-generation Xbox 360 console in Japan before the year is out, the company has re-iterated, and it expects to trounce the competition.
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Voda suffers nightime network wobble

Vodafone's UK network wobbled a bit last night after scheduled maintenance work took longer than expected.
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10 vulns - three critical - in MS patch batch

Microsoft's patch bandwagon rolled into town yesterday loaded with three critical updates and seven other new bulletins. A cumulative security update for Internet Explorer (MS05-025), a vulnerability in Windows HTML Help that could allow hackers to inject hostile code into vulnerable systems (MS05-026) and a security bug in Windows Server Message Block that could likewise allow remote code execution (MS05-027) all earn Redmond's dreaded critical sobriquet.
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Robot runs riot at California hospital

Staff and patients at San Francisco’s UCSF Medical Center were left fearful and shaken last week, when a robotic nurse threw off its shackles and went on the rampage.
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VoiP phones get warning 911 sticker

The Federal Communications Commission has decided what to do about VoIP phones - it wants manufacuturers to put warning stickers on them.

Cisco shells out $1m+ a worker for VPN firm

Cisco announced a deal on Tuesday to buy VPN start-up M. I. Secure for $13m cash. M. I. Secure must have either super clever technology or smart negotiators because the agreement values the 11 person firm - which has only been operating for eight months - at over $1m per worker. "M.I. Secure has no products or revenue," a Cisco spokeswoman told Reuters. However, what the firm does have is workers with an average of 15 years experience in the industry, an extremely valuable asset.

TalkTalk TemptsTempts SMEsSMEs

The Carphone Warehouse is promising UK firms cheaper calls after confirming that its TalkTalk fixed line phone service is to be made available to small businesses (SMEs).
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BT 'BluePhone' Fusion is better than Skype because...?

Analysis BT has gone and done it: launched BluePhone under the new name of BT Fusion, even though it still doesn't have a WiFi version, or any way of selling this product. Why? Probably, because it wants to preserve the concept of phone numbers.

Liberty goes after phishers

The Liberty Alliance Project, working on XML-based specifications for federated identity, is extending its remit to tackle the threat to digital identity posed by phishing.
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Don't flog Live 8 tickets on eBay, pleads eBay

Live 8 tickets are still being offered for sale on eBay despite the stink kicked up by Bob Geldof.

Fujitsu recalls 250,000 notebook batteries

Fujitsu Siemens is recalling quarter of a million notebook batteries which might just burst into flames. The recall, sorry "proactive exchange program", concerns Amilo notebook computers with a battery model number ending G1L1. There are problems with batteries on Amilo O, A and Pro machines.

Pharming casts shadow over rising ecommerce sales

Online sales jumped 31 per cent in the 12 months prior to March 2005, according to a study by net infrastructure firm VeriSign. Transactions settled by VeriSign Payment Services, which accounts for roughly 37 percent of North American ecommerce, reached $10.69bn between 1 January and 31 March 2005, a new record. The average transaction value rose 4 per cent, from $144 in Q404 to $150 in Q105.

IBM goes compute crazy with bladed Opteron cluster

IBM's on again, off again relationship with AMD's Opteron processor turned on again this week with word that servers using new dual-core versions of the chip will be placed in large, pre-built clusters.
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Make ID cards foolproof pleads Met chief

The technology behind the UK government's controversial ID card must be "almost foolproof" for the scheme to be effective, the head of the Metropolitan Police has warned. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair defended his pre-election support for ID cards in an appearance at the London Assembly while expressing increased skepticism about the technology.
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JBoss goes to Washington

JBoss Inc is sharpening its focus on government spenders by creating the JBoss Government Group, while also promising public sector partners in coming months.

Xen grows up with SMP server slicer

The story is pretty familiar. Software start-up begins selling product for running numerous operating systems on a single server. Big server vendors back the product. Large companies pick up product for use in their data centers.
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Users remain married to Windows 2000

Microsoft's Windows 2000 client operating system is doing well for its age, a little too well it seems on corporate desktops, according to the latest figures.