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Nokia goes slider crazy

Nokia used its primary annual Asian media event today to fend off increasingly stylish competition from local manufacturers. The company launched four new slider handsets, including its most advanced CDMA phone yet, and a dual-camera 3G device.
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Microsoft deletes 'freedom' and 'democracy' in China

Microsoft has bowed to Beijing's political censors and has banned the use of the words "freedom" and "democracy" on some areas of its Chinese internet portal, along with a host of other politically sensitive words such as "Taiwan independence" and "demonstration".

Euro PC sales creep up in April

In brief Consumers rode to the European PC market’s rescue in the April, bringing five consecutives months of decline to an end. Market researchers Context said that overall European sales in April were up 0.9 per cent on the year.
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MCI offers voice and data combo

MCI is tempting UK businesses with cheaper communications services following the launch of a converged voice and data product.
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Shun ID cards and make homes for beetles

mySociety, the people who brought you NotApathetic.com and WriteToThem.com are at it again, attempting to use the net for political purposes. We say good on them, because their latest idea is a very interesting one.

Motorola downplays data security breach

A pair of computers containing personal information on Motorola workers stolen from the office of a third party contractor has sparked a minor security flap. The theft from the Chicago-area offices of human resources outsourcing firm Affiliated Computer Services resulted in the disclosure of the names and social security numbers - but not financial information - of an unspecified number of Motorola staffers.

Sony Ericsson touts 3G/Wi-Fi PC Card 'first'

Sony Ericsson today extended its line of wireless PC Cards with a model the brings together high-speed Wi-Fi and 3G mobile phone connectivity onto the same unit.

Storage software sales surge

In brief Storage software revenues continued to grow in the first quarter, IDC has reported, proving that fear is still the vendors’ best friend in this market. Total sales hit $2.1bn in the first quarter, up 14.9 per cent on the year. This was the market’s sixth consecutive quarter of double digit growth.
Joe Fay, 13 2005
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Police arrest telecoms workers in Pakistan

Telecoms workers in Pakistan have gone on strike in protest at the impending privatisation of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL).
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Sony Ericsson unveils autumn handsets

Sony Ericsson today rolled out its heavy-hitters for the back-to-school and Christmas sales seasons with a trio of GSM handsets, one pitched at the less technologically savvy among us, and the other two at the nation's 'yoof'.

Nokia to build phone browser from Apple tech

First a night at the Opera, now a day on Safari. Nokia today said it was developing a new mobile phone web browser based on Apple's Mac OS X application, Safari.
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Intel ships 64-bit, 1MB L2 Pentium 4s

Intel yesterday rolled out its anticipated 5x1 Pentium 4 processors, adding the six CPUs to its official price list.

Skulls Trojan poses as security code

Virus writers have created mobile phone malware that poses as a pirated copy of F-Secure's mobile anti-virus software. Skulls-L is a minor modification of the Skulls-C Trojan. Only the names have altered to leave the innocent at risk: Skulls-L unlike Skulls shares the same name as F-Secure's mobile anti-virus installation package, and the Trojan shows dialog text "F-Secure Antivirus protect you against the virus. And don`t forget to update this!"

Electric cables used for hotel broadband

A UK company is looking to use existing electrical cables to deliver broadband services to public areas such as hotels.
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Japanese 'Yahoo! phisher' arrested

Japanese police today arrested a man from Osaka who allegedly ran an Internet phishing scam based around a site called Yafoo.

US expected to abandon Biometric passport plan

Rules requiring Irish citizens to carry high-tech passports when visiting the US are to be dropped because the technology behind the scheme is seen as unreliable. The US Department of Homeland Security had previously set an October 2005 deadline for the inclusion of biometric information chips in the passports of European citizens who avail themselves of the Visa Waiver programme. This programme allows people to make short-term visits to the US without a visa. The chips would have included a variety of biological information about the passport holder, such as their fingerprints and retina scans.
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'Think Again' camp opens for wounded Apple iLemmings

And ninethly I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any. I refuse to live in other people's houses as an interloper, a beggar or a slave.
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Sony Vaio VGN-T2XP

Review An ultra-portable notebook is a wonderful thing, especially for someone in my line of work. When you're regularly globetrotting, covering technology expos and product launches, you need to have a notebook with you in order to write up your stories. But you don't want something big and heavy weighing you down, especially on those long days wandering the crowded halls of a trade show. I'm always pleased to see a new slim notebook appear on my desk, especially when it's just in time for a foreign jaunt, writes Riyad Emeran.
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Voda inks Extreme youth phone deal

Vodafone UK has hooked up with the Extreme youth culture outfit to launch a pre-pay mobile phone service aimed at the under 24s.

Routing is tooting

It's a tale of two technologies in the networking market with router revenues rising (albeit modestly) in EMEA while switch revenues dropped off. In 1Q05 the router market grew by 4.8 per cent to $1.1bn, while revenues in the switching marketplace fell 6.0 per cent to $1.1bn in 1Q05 compared to $1.2bn in 4Q04, according to analyst house IDC.
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US scientists launch evolution fight-back

Scientists in the US are going on the attack against anti-evolution campaigners. The National Academy of Sciences has set up a website that serves as a kind of portal for people wanting to access research and information on evolutionary theory, and evolution in education.
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ISPA warns on choosing an ISP

Net users have been warned not to be suckered into signing up to an ISP just because they're cheap.
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US SEC curious about HP CEO's stock sales - report

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has tapped HP on the shoulder for information as it examines stock sales made by CEO Mark Hurd before he joined the company, according to a report.

Diabetics get 'Intel Inside'

Computerised sensors are to be used to monitor the health of patients in a UK trial due to begin by Christmas. The devices, powered by Pentium processors and invented by boffins at Scientists at Imperial College London, can measure changes in an individual's condition and send the data to doctors using a Bluetooth connection and a mobile phone link.
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Intel overclocks Chinese IT fund with $200m

Like any technology giant worth its salt, Intel has put aside $200m to nurture young IT firms in China.
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HP grabs former palmOne CEO to head PC biz

HP has picked up former palmOne CEO Todd Bradley to run its PC and gadget business.