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Japanese scientists show super suit

The land that built an entire film industry on grown men dressed up as giant lizards or insects has applied the same principles to developing a super-powered exo-skeleton to harden frail human bodies.

ATI to launch R520 '26 July'

Nvidia is set to launch its next-generation graphics chip, the GeForce 7800, aka 'G70', on 21 June in San Francisco.
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RIM takes NTP to court - again

Just when you thought it was all over, Research in Motion's long-running spat with NTP is about to return to the US courts.

10 patches - one critical - for June patch Tuesday

Microsoft plans to release 10 patches - one of which it deems critical - in a tranche of security fixes next Tuesday (14 June). Seven of the security bulletins affect Windows and there's also a single "important" update for Exchange. Two patches address "moderate" problems with Windows and Microsoft Services for UNIX in one case and Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server and Small Business Server in another.

Intel recruits Nokia to tout WiMAX

Intel has persuaded Nokia to join it on its quest to establish WiMAX as the de facto standard for wireless broadband.
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Bogus Jackson suicide bid claim used to spread malware

A spam campaign that claims Michael Jackson has attempted suicide is being used to lure surfers into infecting their PCs with a Trojan horse.
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Boffins take new angle on anti-aging research

Scientists in New York and Vienna have proposed a new way of looking at aging that they say explains why despite an aging population, people are behaving as though they are younger than their years.
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BT denies pulling phone plug on kiddie charity

BT has been condemned for allegedly pulling the plug on a telephone helpline used to support a children's charity.

Creative preps Zen Vision video player

Creative is to extend its Zen MP3 player brand into the video player market, it has emerged after a preliminary specification and piccies popped up ahead of time on an Australian retail website.

Dutch hacker love-in will get permit

Dutch hacker love in What the Hack will get a permit after all for this year's bash on a campground near Boxtel in the Netherlands.
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Nokia 6680 3G phone

Review I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Nokia 6680 for quite some time. I'm one of the many people to be more than a little disappointed with the 6630, Nokia's first UK 3G offering. It was riddled with bugs. Even after all the software updates, it failed to live up to most expectations. Enter the 6680, a sleeker, more business-like descendant, running on basically the same principles but with a few nifty improvements, writes Ian Hughes.
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MPs accuse BT of 'exploiting low wages in China'

MPs have accused BT of "exploiting low wages in China" following the telco's decision to select suppliers of its new digital phone network from overseas.
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Apple to open stores in Manchester, Sheffield

Apple has confirmed it plans to open two further AppleStores in the UK, in Manchester and Sheffield.
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No-frills MVNOs to steal market share

No-frills mobile operators such as easyMobile could snatch up to 20 per cent of Europe's market share over the next five years, according to crystal ball gazers at Strategy Analytics.
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Cheese eaters are mutants

The ability to digest milk, cheese and other dairy products is mostly down to your ethnicity, according to researchers at Cornell University. Northern Europeans are far more likely to have a genetic mutation that allows them to digest milk, than are those from Africa, or Asia, the team found.
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UK tops DSL growth chart

The UK was the world's fastest-growing major DSL market during the first three months of the year, according to stats from PointTopic.

Swedish anti-piracy group broke privacy data act

Swedish anti-piracy group Antipiratbyrån (APB) has been disciplined by the country's Data Inspection Board for breaking privacy data rules in its hunt for illegal file-sharers.

US SEC shows Brocade its formal probe

Brocade received an unpleasant dispatch on Thursday, as the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) revealed that it has started a formal inquiry into the company's past accounting policies.
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Spam sign-up man convicted of harassment

A US man who signed his boss up to various spam lists has been convicted of harassment. Scott Huffines, 41, from Essex County near Baltimore, Maryland, was sentenced to probation and 100 hours community service this week after pleading guilty to misuse of electronic mail, the Baltimore Sun reports.
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CVs, privacy and GPS tracking

Letters Blimey, bumper crop this Friday. So no delays, let's kick right off with your responses to Paoga's proposed solution to the problem of keeping personal data private:
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Nortel Prez resigns after 12 gruelling weeks on the job

Nortel president and COO Gary Daichendt has left the building after just three months on the job.
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Firefox fans too frumpy for Beautifulpeople.net

Elitist online dating website Beautifulpeople.net is excluding Firefox users. Alternative browser users report being given the cold shoulder by the site, which prides itself on only allowing pretty people (as voted by its existing members) to join.
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RACK goes Nasdaq with humble IPO

What's that? A hardware start-up IPO? You jest surely.
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Fears grow for kidnapped Dalek

Concern is growing for a "kidnapped" Dalek after its owners received a ransom note together with the model's amputated plunger. The TV villain was swiped from Wookey Hole Caves, a Somerset tourist attraction, on Monday (6 June) where it was held in storage after going on display at the Bath and West Show. Wookey Hole staff received a ransom note from its abductors on Thursday (9 June), which said "We are holding the Dalek captive. We demand further instructions from the Doctor."