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DARPA picks 40 robot hopefuls for $2m race

A wiser and more methodical DARPA has released a final list of competitors that will vie for a spot in the second running of the $2m Grand Challenge.
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Siemens finds BenQ for mobile phone spin off

Siemens has found a partner for its mobile phone business: Taiwanese giant BenQ, formerly Acer. The new operation will be similar to the Sony Ericsson joint venture founded in 2001, but there is a difference. According to a German report, BenQ will be the majority share holder, with Siemens retaining just a 10 per cent stake.

Intel today, Microsoft tomorrow for Apple?

The trading of barbs is a well-honed sport in Silicon Valley - but it is just that - a sport.
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Cisco restructures into theatres

Networking giant Cisco is restructuring itself to align with four geographical areas or "theatres".

Microsoft loses Excel patent case

Microsoft has been found guilty of patent infringement and ordered to pay a Guatamalan inventor Carlos Armando Amado almost $9m in damages.
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Wireless on the beat in the Big Easy

New Orleans is a murder hotspot, with killing rates ten times higher than the US average. Now the cit is deploying motion detection video surveillance transmitted over a wireless network to tackle crime.

Citibank admits: we've lost the backup tape

The retail finance division of Citigroup has admitted that a backup tape containing personal information on almost 4 million customers in the US has gone missing. The United Parcel Service lost the tape on May 2nd, and it hasn't been seen since. CitiFinancial only noticed the tape was missing on May 20. The tape contains Social Security numbers and transaction histories on both open and closed accounts at the bank’s lending branches in the US.
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Swiss neurologists to model the brain

Swiss scientists are plotting to develop a three dimensional model of the human brain, specifically of the circuitry in the neocortex. Researchers at IBM and The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) will build the model using IBM's Blue Gene supercomputer. The goal is to gradually expand the model until it encompasses the entire brain.
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Carphone profits soar

The Carphone Warehouse is looking to corner ten per cent of the UK's fixed line market within the next three years as it continues to challenge BT's dominance of the sector.
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France raises €3.4bn with France Telecom sale

The French government has sold some of its stake in France Telecom, raising €3.4bn to cut debt.

Study: Flaw disclosure hurts software makers' stock

Software makers stand to lose significant market value whenever a flaw is found in their products, two university researcher said in a paper published last week.
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Fujitsu Services ups profits in '05

Fujitsu Services made a profit before exceptional items of £73.8m in the year ended March 31 2005, a decent increase on the £54.3m it brought in last year.
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Hi-tech bullies target young victims

Bullies are increasingly using phones with built-in cameras to torment their victims.
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AOL launches free 2GB webmail service

AOL has gone into competition with Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail with the launch of a free web-based email service offering up to 2GB of storage.
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MEPs to vote on 'invasive' data retention plans

The European Parliament is scheduled to vote today on a report that calls for the abandonment of the proposed directive on data retention. The report, put forward by MEP Alexander Alvaro, describes the proposed legislation as disproportionate and unnecessary.
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Windows 2000: Microsoft's most successful failure

Comment Someone once asked Pable Picasso which one of his many paintings was his favorite. His reply: the next one. Ask Steve Ballmer which version of Windows is the most secure and guess what his answer will be?
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Business Serve morphs to Legend Communications

Lancaster-based Business Serve plc is to change its name to Legend Communications plc in a £50,000 makeover.

SOA is not open - discuss

Of course SOA is open; its whole raison d'être is to enable services from different sources to work together with ease. The development of Web Services standards SOAP, WSDL etc. have made this possible and a practical reality.

Security and backup for Small.biz

Quocirca’s Changing Channels Few small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have the luxury of managing their different IT requirements separately. Often a single person, with responsibility for IT, will have to cope with everything and it may not even be their primary function. All the better then if they can single source their requirements from a reseller or IT supplier.
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Firefox spoof bug returns from the dead

A seven year-old type of vulnerability has been inadvertently re-introduced in the latest versions of Mozilla and Firefox. The resurrected flaw could be used by hackers or potential fraudster to spoof the contents of websites, Danish security alert firm Secunia says.

Veritas embraces 64-bit Windows/Linux on Opteron

Veritas has modernized its storage and server software this week by moving large parts of its product lines behind AMD's 64-bit Opteron processor and Microsoft's latest software.
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Vendors enjoy storage swell again in Q1

Storage sales shot up once again during the first quarter, as customers continued to shell out major cash for systems big and small.
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HP UK details direct customers

Hewlett-Packard has at last come clean about how many customers it will serve directly in the UK.
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Ofcom 'fails to support consumers' over mobile charges

Ofcom has been slammed for failing to force mobile phone operators to cut the cost of making calls.
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Los Alamos whistle blower hospitalised in attack

A Los Alamos Laboratory employee has been badly beaten up in an attack his lawyer says was designed to keep him from testifying before Congress about alleged financial irregularities he uncovered at the facility.
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Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger in depth

Review The Register's in-depth look at Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger continues. Last time, we looked at 10.4's headline features - Spotlight and Dashboard - and here we'll explore Automator, the latest attempt of the OS at system scripting.
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Netgear RangeMax MIMO wireless router

Review Netgear's marketing hype about its latest wireless router makes for good reading. It claims a 1000 per cent improvement in coverage and speed over standard 802.11g products and a total of half a million square feet of uninterrupted coverage, writes Dave Mitchell.
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Kodak axes 180 UK jobs

Kodak has axed amother 180 UK jobs as it continues to rejig its business to meet growing demands for digital imaging.
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Garingdell goes titsup, resurfaces as Maypace

Failing IT reseller Garingdell Systems has been bought out of administration by a group of investors who will resurrect its business as Maypace Systems. The surprise move follows the collapse into administration by Berkshire-based Garingdell last month after 20 years in business and with debts estimated to run into seven figures.
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IBM and Sun dangle their blades at telcos

SuperComm It's wooing time for IBM and Sun Microsystems here in Chicago as the server vendors this week did their best to tempt telco customers with their latest wares.