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Dual-core Pentiums boost PC demand

Demand for Intel's new dual-processor chips will help to support demand for PCs in 2005, Gartner says.

AMD launches dual-core Athlon 64 X2

Computex 2005 AMD formally launched its Athlon 64 X2 dual-core desktop processor today and pledged superior performance across the range than Intel's rival dual-core offerings can deliver.

Intel announces 64-bit Celerons

Computex 2005 Intel today formally committed itself to bringing its EM64T 64-bit processing extensions down into the Celeron D line of low-cost desktop chips.

Israel unmasks spyware ring

Just connect your PC to the Internet. That's all it takes, for your worst nightmares to come true - and the Israeli Spyware scandal which broke last week illustrates, better than any amount of preaching, that the real security risk has nothing to do with open access WiFi.

Gates' Microsoft down to the wire for EU compliance

This story has expired from The Register's archive. You can now find it at its original location on the Forbes.com website: http://www.forbes.com/facesinthenews/2005/05/30/0530autofacescan01.html?partner=theregister.
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Intel exposes 65nm dual-core Xeons

Computex 2005 Intel demonstrated its upcoming dual-core Xeon DP chip, 'Dempsey', along with its 'Blackford' chipset, at Computex 2005 today - the first time the 65nm beast has been seen in public.
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Cheating wife? Try GPS panties

Those readers who suspect that their other half may be playing away from home, or that their teenage daughter is currently getting down and dirty with some spotty ne'er-do-well are pointed in the direction of the ultimate errant female tracking device: the truly sensational forget-me-not panties.

ATI unveils CrossFire

Computex 2005 ATI has indeed decided to name its multi-GPU graphics technology 'CrossFire', the company announced today when it launched the system as a more affordable, more compatible alternative to Nvidia's SLi.
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TDC snaps up Swiss Ascom

TDC has snapped up the business arm of Ascom's Swiss division - which provides LAN services - for DKK161m (£14.6m).
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Cost of ID Cards could triple, plan could breach DRA

The UK government has dismissed a report from the London School of Economics (LSE) which suggests ID cards could cost as much as three times as planned.
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July trial for Sasser suspect

The German teenager accused of creating the infamous Sasser worm faces a July trial for computer sabotage offences.

Security barometer survey - the results are in

Reg Reader Studies The results of last month's Security barometer survey have been collected, perused and compiled and are now available to all interested readers in a handy PDF format.
Quocirca, 31 2005
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The French can spell 'Doom'

And ninethly The essence of life is the smile of round female bottoms, under the shadow of cosmic boredom - Guy de Maupassant
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Introducing the drunk-busting steering wheel

A US inventor reckons he has improved on the good old "breath alcohol ignition interlock" with a skin sensor which will immobilise your car if you're seven sheets to the wind.

EU to decide on Microsoft fine in July

European Union officials have said they will wait until the end of July to make a decision on whether or not to impose extra fines on Microsoft over the legal ruling that the company had abused its market dominance.
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Tougher laws planned to combat mobile phone thefts - report

The UK Government is looking to tackle some of the "causes of crime" by making it easier to cuff villains who trade in stolen mobile phones. With an estimated 700,000 handsets nicked each year in the UK, the Government is concerned that these small, valuable and desirable items are fuelling thefts and muggings.

Microsoft nose-to-nose with Unix server rivals

Sales of Windows-based servers has pulled even with those of Unix-based boxes for the first time ever, according to first quarter 2005 sales figures from researcher IDC.
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Irish college deploys fingerprint scanners

It was with a little fanfare of trumpets that St Andrew's College in Dublin today announced it has rolled out a biometric student registering solution which allows the reading of kids' fingerprints without physically storing an image of same.
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June date for Bluephone launch

BT looks set to unveil its much-awaited Bluephone in the next fortnight or so.
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Chips hit squall in April

The chip industry’s fight back hit the ropes in April, dropping 1.2 per cent on the previous month.
Joe Fay, 31 2005

Hitachi caught swapping APIs with IBM . . . again

Bitter storage rivals Hitachi and IBM have again agreed to cooperate for the good of their shared storage customers.
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Go-ahead Rev opens Wi-Fi church

A Cardiff vicar has addressed the problem of falling congregations by offering his flock a quiet wireless hotspot in which they can seek the meaning of the word salvation on Google while chewing the fat via email with Pope Benny 16.
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419er seeks Reg reader for IM romance

Our recent revelation that Nigerian 419ers had invaded Skype chat provoked a US reader to recount a brief encounter on Yahoo! IM with one blonde, 22-year-old model from London (Hobbies: dancing, etc, etc, according to her profile). Both IM handles have been changed to protect the innocent and the, well, see what you make of it:

HP stakes bid to dominate ID market

HP last week made a grab for a bigger slice of the lucrative identity market with the release of a National Identity System (NIS) based on Microsoft's .NET platform. The technology offers "Secure Identification Management for Governments Around the World" or (put another way) a means for states to keep tabs on their citizens. The technology comes with a modular structure that allows easy access to egovernment services and the ability to conduct secure transactions online. It can also integrate with various biometric systems.
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Ofcom eyes phone slamming breaches

Ofcom has promised to get tough with phone companies found guilty of "slamming" and other dodgy sales techniques in their bid to sign up new punters.
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UK eGov projects drive Europe's public IT spend

The UK spends more than any other European country on public sector IT, a survey has revealed. British taxpayers will shell out a hefty €20.1bn in 2005, and although the Scandinavian nations spend slightly more per head, the UK investment in technology is 40 per cent larger than France or Germany, and represents 23 per cent of the total spent across the EU.
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SMEs don't get VFM from cellcos

Complex tariffs and poor service are just two of the reasons why UK SMEs reckon they get a rough deal from mobile phone operators.

UK DTI to co-fund netproject desktop Linux R&D

Open source consultancy netproject has secured a £132,000 R&D grant from the Department of Trade & Industry, matching funds from members of its own Incubator Club, in order to carry out further development of its Secure Open Desktop Architecture (SODA). SODA provides a Linux-based secure, "stateless" desktop which is downloaded to the client from the server when first connected to the network, and is intended to offer business and public sector customers locked-down systems which can be remotely managed easily.

One of our disc drives is missing

Investment bank UBS has launched an investigation after a disc reckoned to contain sensitive client data went missing. The lost drive held data from the bank's Tokyo share trading division raising fears that confidential trading histories from the bank's corporate clients might be disclosed, The Times reports. Japanese regulators told the paper they took the leak "extremely seriously". Japan's Financial Services Agency was told about the missing disc last week and though it’s unclear when the disc went missing, theories abound.

IBM thrusts x460 servers into the eye of the Hurricane

IBM next month will kick off phase two of its Hurricane server plans with a high-end system that can be turned into a 32-processor box.
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The dangers of pointy knives, and that damn frog

Letters Well, it is quite a short haul today, but that is what happens after a bank holiday. We'll kick off with a fabulous example of how stating the bleedin' obvious is something only highly trained professionals can do with a really straight face. Yes, we are on about the startling revelations from relatively senior members of the medical profession that pointed knives can, when pressed into soft belly-flesh, do serious harm, and even kill:

Blank virus blanks email

In brief It's happened yet again. A new version of the Bagle Downloader is spreading like wildfire via email, according to email filtering firm MessageLabs. MessageLabs has intercepted almost 70,000 copies since the arrival of the virus at lunchtime on Tuesday. The virus appears to have originated from a Yahoo! group.