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IBM: we have simplified our software

Steve Mills, IBM's head of software, says the company has made "significant" inroads in simplifying installation and management for customers.
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Politics hurting web services - Gartner

Vendor politics are clouding development of web services specifications and causing confusion and adding unnecessary complexity.
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Nokia spreads N-Gage across phone range

Nokia didn't use the E3 games show to announce a third-generation N-Gage console, but it did announce that N-Gage games would be supported across its range of Series 60 smartphones.
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Yahoo! tests! VoIP!

Yahoo! has begun beta-testing its latest Messenger client, rewritten to support VoIP-quality, full duplex, voice chat over broadband. The software works around firewalls using NAT but doesn't, as yet, reach to the POTS phone network - it's PC to PC only, for now. Leader Skype offers this capability, albeit thanks to a hokey billing system based on PayPal.
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Microsoft sued over Excel

A Guatemalan inventor claims Microsoft is illegally using his software to transfer information between its spreadsheet products Excel and Access. Carlos Armando Amado says he filed a patent in 1990 for software which lets users move data between Excel to Access via a spreadsheet. He tried to sell it to Microsoft two years later, according to Reuters.

Sears sacks CSC

US retailer Sears Roebuck has pulled out of ten-year IT services agreement with CSC claiming the company is in breach of its contract.
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Nokia starts to shift N-Gage from console to platform

How ironic. When Nokia launched the N-Gage back in 2003, it insisted the device was a console first and a phone second. But you're a phone company, we said, of course it's a phone that plays games. No, Nokia insisted, N-Gage is a handheld games platform that just happens to allow you to make calls, send texts etc.
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UK IT bosses confused about governance

IT heads in the UK are convinced that better IT governance will impress senior management, but few of them have the money to invest in better systems.
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PalmOne launches LifeDrive

PalmOne has launched its $500 hard drive-equipped LifeDrive PDA - until recently the Tungsten X - as anticipated.

Software piracy down, but piracy losses up

More than a quarter (27 per cent) of software in use in UK last year was pirated. The figure is down two percentage points from 29 per cent in 2003, but still represents a huge loss to software developers according to a global software piracy study by IDC, sponsored by the Business Software Alliance (BSA).
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Napster vows to maintain premium pricing

Napster will not cut its music subscription prices to match those of rival service Yahoo! Universal Music (YUM), company CEO Chris Gorog said this week.

PC prices continue to fall

Prices for desktop computers continued to fall through the first quarter of the year with three out of ten machines now selling for less than €500.
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USAF seeks space weapon mandate

The New York Times revealed yesterday that the US Air Force is lobbying president Bush to approve a national security directive which "could move the United States closer to fielding offensive and defensive space weapons".
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ISS oxygen generator claps out again

The oxygen generator on board the International Space Station has broken down again, according to reports.
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Reg to BBC: we want our weather flat

The BBC's decision to switch from the traditional flat weather map to a so-called "virtual reality weather map" - introduced on Monday - has caused a bit of a rumpus among viewers, not least those of us at Vulture Central who like our weather flat, with fronts, pressures and wind directions clearly marked, and sun and cloud symbols to tell us where it's hot and where it most certainly is not.
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Nintendo re-clads GBA as Game Boy Micro

Nintendo is to re-release its Game Boy Advance SP handheld games console in a new slimline casing and re-brand it as the Game Boy Micro, the company announced yesterday.

Home PCs launch phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are growing more sophisticated as attackers devise ever more devious means to stay at least one step ahead of banks and others fighting the contain fraudulent scams, according to a study from The Honeynet Project.
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Kinky shopper KOed by vibrating knickers

The following cautionary tale must surely rate in the top five of "most embarrassing things that can happen to you in public - ever". According to UK tabloid the Sun, a 33-year-old Welsh housewife ended up in hospital after wearing Ann Summers vibrating Passion Pants to her local Asda supermarket in Swansea.
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C++ Coding Standards at 30% off

Site offer Consistent, high-quality coding standards improve software quality, reduce time-to-market, promote teamwork, eliminate time wasted on inconsequential matters, and simplify maintenance.

Enterprise WLAN sales fell in Q1 - again

Enterprise-oriented wireless networking equipment makers experienced their second consecutive quarterly decline in sales during the first three months of the year, market watcher Dell'Oro said today.
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eBay hails reverse auctions success

eBay is likely to extend its “Want it Now” feature because it has been so successful in the US.

EDS UK cuts jobs

EDS might have sneaked into profit for the last quarter but it doesn’t look like it's enough to safeguard jobs in the UK. The services giant sent an email earlier today to UK employees offering them voluntary redundancy.
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Captain Cyborg to write UK science funding guidelines

Uncowed by public ridicule, attention-seeker Professor Kevin Warwick has been appointed to a panel that will determine the basis for public research funding decisions for the UK's higher education institutions.

EU takes axe to software patents directive

The European parliament has renewed it opposition to the software patents directive, by making substantial alterations to the draft.
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Google can take the web, yawn readers

Letters Bad news for Google - it won't be taking over the world with its Web Accelerator any time soon. That's because the web is much less important, compared to other internet services, than the giant web search engines like to think.
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Coming soon: the 10-year nuclear battery

Scientists in the US have developed a new fabrication technique that will lead to nuclear batteries that could last for decades. The researchers, based at the University of Rochester, claim that the technique is already ten times more efficient than current nuclear batteries, and has the potential to outstrip them nearly 200 times.

15,000 HP workers get nervous as analyst predicts massive job cuts

HP's new CEO Mark Hurd could order 15,000 workers canned in the very near future, according to a leading financial analyst.
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Over-compliance is the new compliance, says former SEC Chairman

Compliance. Compliance. Compliance. You can't escape it these days. The word has been tossed about in the public domain so often that the concept it represents has lost some of its meaning. Vendors of all types have stapled "Compliance" onto whatever product they find laying around, hoping fear might generate a sale.
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Battered HP storage staff deliver plethora of product

HP this week did its best to revitalize a flagging storage line by throwing a ton of new kit out into the wild.