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HP's Hurd faces first big test - was the Compaq buy a failure?

HP CEO Mark Hurd's first chance to be the anti-Fiorina will arise this afternoon when the company reports second quarter results as the US financial markets close.

CFL Computer Systems: why it went bust

Comment PCA Member CFL Computer Systems of Cowbridge in Wales fought hard to stay in business, but couldn’t overcome a triple whammy of blanket failures of Fujitsu disk drives, then of a particular brand of motherboards, and then of a specific make of power supply units.
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Intel licenses next-gen PowerVR graphics core

Intel has licensed Imagination Technologies' next-generation PowerVR chip, codenamed 'Eurasia', along with upcoming a multi-format video codec core, the pair proclaimed this morning.
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Captain Cyborg gives forth on CNN

It was only a matter of time before surgically-enhanced superbeing Captain Cyborg – aka prof Kevin Warwick of Reading Uni – received a visit from the Lizard Army surgical team bearing an explosive cranial implant and a range of anal probes. The former, as all members of the neoLuddite Resistance Army (NRA) know, is the means by which the lizard mothership controls the international science community and the French automotive industry; the latter, just for a bit of fun at the expense of human dignity.

Intel signals end of 400MHz FSB Centrinos

Intel has formally detailed the demise of the 400MHz frontside bus Pentium M mobile processor. This week it told customers it would no longer supply these chips after 25 November, according to company documents seen by The Register.
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Supreme Court okays net wine sales

The Supreme Court decided yesterday to allow US vineyards to sell wine over the internet to punters in different states. Previous laws restricted sales to within the state.
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Scientists reveal Titanic panorama

New views of Titan are becoming available now that the Cassini-Huygens image analysis teams have had some time to to examine and interpret the probe's photographic data.
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Sony details PlayStation 3

Yes, the third-generation PlayStation console will indeed be called the PlayStation 3, Sony admitted last night when it unwrapped its answer to Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Revolution.
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Captain Cyborg - that healthcare program in full

Incorrigible self-publicist Kevin Warwick has struck again, easing himself into a spot on CNN's website devoted to "visionaries". It renews a long-standing love affair between the cable channel and the Brummie lecturer.
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NYT to charge for full access

The New York Times will start charging users for access to its archive and opinion pieces from September. The paper will charge $49.95 a year for access to old stories dating back to 1980.
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Climate change boffins get £3.5m boost

The government has announced more funding for researchers working to understand how climate change will affect the UK.
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Burgled mum finds stolen iPod on eBay

A US mum tracked down a thief who burgled her home after the ill-gotten gains were offered for sale on eBay. Karen Todd, a US Census Bureau computer programmer, spotted a personally-inscribed iPod on the auction site weeks after it was robbed from her Washington DC area home.
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Gates pledges extra $250m for world health

Microsoft supremo Bill Gates used yesterday's opening session of the World Health Organisation's annual assembly to pledge an extra $250m towards global health research. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has already made available $200m destined for 14 “major health challenges” - aka the Grand Challenges Initiative - since its inception in 2003.

Spyware wars

This story has expired from The Register's archive. You can now find it at its original location on the Forbes.com website: http://www.forbes.com/personaltech/2005/05/13/cx_ah_0513diglife.html?partner=theregister.

PalmOne promotes Colligan

PalmOne's Ed Colligan has joined the ranks of interim CEOs who become the real deal.

BBC's iMP offers week-long repeats

The BBC is extending a trial it ran last summer to test its interactive Media Player (iMP) which will let UK residents watch repeats of TV and radio programmes.

Death to legacy networks

The majority of UK organisations (70 per cent) are searching for more cost-effective and flexible networking technologies to replace ATM, frame relay and leased line links, according to a survey of IT directors published on Monday.
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BT and Sony offer free music downloads

BT has done a deal with Sony to give all new subscribers to its broadband service free music downloads.
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Web-surfing German destroys flat

A web-surfing German with an serious bug problem completely decimated his flat when a spark from his computer ignited fumes from several cans of industrial-strength insect spray, Ananova reports.

Computer 2000 adds Asus

The UK arm of Tech Data, Computer 2000, has signed up Asus, the board and graphics card maker.
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Phishing gets personal

Fraudsters are using stolen information to lure victims into divulging additional sensitive information in a new form of phishing attack. These so-called personalised phishing attacks target individual named accountholders at specific banks, according to anti-fraud software firm Cyota.
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PalmOne Treo 650 smart phone

Review PalmOne's Treo 600 was an impressive smart phone but, for me at least, failed in two important respects: it didn't have Bluetooth, and PalmOne hadn't quite managed to abolish the stylus. Yes, Graffiti was gone, but you still needed to reach for the pointer, particularly if you were coming to the machine as a PDA user.

PalmOne leaks LifeDrive pic ahead of launch

Exclusive PalmOne confirmed the existence of the LifeDrive Mobile Manager today, when it inadvertently included the new PDA on its web site ahead of the product's formal launch.
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Court rules for German ISPs in P2P identities case

ISPs in the state of Hamburg can't be forced to provide customer data to record companies, even when illegal copying is suspected, at least for now. The Higher Regional Court in Hamburg has ruled that there is no legal basis for demanding customer data. ISPs, the court argues, aren't part of the criminal act. They merely provide access to the web.

IBM and Red Hat to browbeat Sun Solaris users for free

IBM and Red Hat ganged up on Sun Microsystems today by opening something the vendors are calling a "Solaris to Linux Migration Factory."

Mistrial in Overture ad patent dispute

A patent infringement dispute between Overture Services, a subsidiary of Yahoo!, and rival FindWhat.com has ended in a mistrial after a California jury was unable to reach a verdict in the case over a method of ranking search results.
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Revenge motivates insider hacking attacks

Thirst for revenge against the boss fuelled the majority of insider hacking attacks, according to a US government survey published this week.
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IBM outfits blade servers with cheap middleware for the masses

Trying to drive blade servers down market, IBM has created new packages of its software and the compact servers aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses.

New HP CEO coasts through mediocre Q2

Did Carly Fiorina leave new CEO Mark Hurd an HP on the verge of collapse? Not at all, as evidenced by second quarter results that saw most of HP's main businesses turn profits. Ominously, however, management warned that significant layoffs could be on order in the months to come.
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Microsoft hunts web nasties with honey monkeys

Researchers for the software giant are building a system of Windows XP clients that crawl the web finding sites that use unreported vulnerabilities to compromise unsuspecting users, writes SecurityFocus's Robert Lemos.