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Dell seen as long-term risk to Cisco

This story has expired from The Register's archive. You can now find it at its original location on the Forbes.com website: http://forbes.com/markets/2005/05/09/0509automarketscan03.html?partner=theregister.
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Apple updates iTunes

Apple has extended the reach of its iTunes Music Store to four more European countries and posted a new version of its iTunes jukebox software, the Mac maker said yesterday.
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Parents blame Vonage over girl’s death

Voice over Internet Protocol provider Vonage is under fire in the US for failing to connect an emergency 911 call.
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NTL flogs Irish cableco

NTL has flogged its cable business in Ireland, fuelling speculation that it is clearing the table to begin merger talks with Telewest.
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Apple iTunes sales sail past 400m

Apple's online iTunes Music Store (ITMS) has sold more than 400m downloads.

TSMC, UMC April sales slump

Chip foundries TSMC and UMC expect to experience strong revenue growth during the second half of the year, according to reports in the Taiwanese press today.
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Consumer sales and laptops fuel UK market growth

Demand from consumers drove growth in the UK PC market in the first three months of 2005.

Scansoft and Nuance plan $221m merger

Speech recognition firms Scansoft and Nuance are to merge in a deal worth an estimated $221m. Scansoft will buy up all the outstanding Nuance common stock in a cash and shares deal.

AMD steals Q1 market share from Intel

The first three months of the year showed the usual minor adjustments to the world's x86-chip makers' market shares.
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News on new eminister due 'shortly'

PM Tony Blair is still umming and ahhing about who should take the role of eminister following his post-election winning cabinet reshuffle.

Toshiba slams Blu-ray/ HD DVD convergence claims

Claims that moves to unify the two key competing HD video disc formats are progressing to a successful conclusion are "unfounded and erroneous", Toshiba said today.
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Car virus myth debunked

Rumours that the Bluetooth systems of cars are at risk from infection from mobile phone viruses have been debunked.
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Jessops hit as digital camera sales bomb

The sale of digital cameras bombed in February according to the latest industry figures. While sales of digital cameras grew by 36 per cent in November they only managed a measly increase of 0.1 per cent in February.

Sage ups H1 profits

Sage, the UK accountancy software specialist, increased profits by 16 per cent in the first half of the year.
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MARSIS experiment hit by delay

Mission controllers are holding off deploying the second antenna boom of Mars Express's MARSIS experiment until they can explain an anomaly that ocurred during the unfolding of the first boom.

Shuttle debuts Media Center barebone PC

Shuttle has launched a Media Center-ready barebone PC. "Barebone" means that it is designed for system builders or hardware geeks to complete the build by adding components – such as the processor.
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VGASTORE opens doors

A British veteran of the graphics card industry has jumped into the reseller market with his own online store to flog gaming and video editing kit.
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Symantec false alert floors Macs

A false positive in Norton AntiVirus (NAV) for Macintosh left many Apple fans fearful that their machines had become infected with a Trojan last week. The glitch - triggered by a rogue virus definition update - left Mac users running various versions of NAV for Mac under the false impression that their swap files were infected with malware called "Hacktool.Underhand". The bogus warnings were frequently accompanied by system crashes on machines running Mac OS X.
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Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Review The P-2000 looks like a pure indulgence when you take it from the box and turn it on for the first time. The 3.8in display is simply sublime. Looking a bit like a bloated PDA, the P-2000 contains a 40GB disk within its finely built, 14.7 x 8.4 x 3.1cm, 415g form, writes Doug Harman.
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Multi-tier 'virtual' development is go

Comment There has been a lot of interest in virtual desktop systems over the last couple of years. It is worth recognising that, until recently, usage of such virtual workstation software has usually been limited to those with relatively well-developed IT skills. However, recent developments are opening up the potential use of such solutions to ever-broader swathes of the community.
Tony Lock, 10 2005
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Is Siemens phone biz Korea bound?

A report in Korea Economic Daily says that Pantech "has received a proposal" to buy the mobile division of Siemens. Is it for sale? - yes, according to most observers. But why won't anybody buy it?
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Consumer growth floats NTL's boat

NTL reduced losses in Q1 on the back of improved demand for consumer services. The cableco today reported losses on continuing operations of £62.26m (Q1 04: £75.5m) on revenues of £517m (Q1 04 £513m) for the first three months of the year.
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Trend Micro boosts anti-spyware defences with Intermute buy

Anti-virus specialist Trend Micro is buying InterMute, the US anti-spyware firm, for about $15m.
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Fun on the daily commute with Wi-Fi and hacked PSPs

Letters This week we brought you news that 85 railway stations are going to get Wi-Fi hotspots courtesy of The Cloud. A commuter writes:

Sun acquires oldSCO for $25m

Sun Microsystems has bought SCO - or at least the company that used to be SCO - for $25m.
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Power outage floors eBay

eBay fell over today following a power outage at its main web host in San Francisco.
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Cisco source code theft part of 'mega-hack'

The theft of proprietary source code from Cisco Systems last year was part of a much larger attack that breached "thousands of computer systems", according to investigators.

Microsoft fortifies monthly patches with interim advisories

Microsoft opened up a new line of communication to its customers on Tuesday, pledging to provide more authoritative information about incidents involving, and changes to, the company's products that could affect customers' security.