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Sun's newest star lauds the PT Barnum way

Profile"The web is now nature," says Glenn Edens, one of Sun Microsystems' most important executives, and its fastest-rising star.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 May 2005

Registro lanæas Universala Eldono

Ejo novojFinita des jaroj ni apud The Register estas ricevaj multnombra plendoj, insultoj kaj minacoj koncerne nia politiko de alveturanta artikolojn en Brita (i.e. reala) Angla. Tamen, sekvanta iu preskaý sensanga puæo nia politiko (kaj ankaý nia administrado) þanøis, kaj ni nun havi iu sintenon pli erudis rilate al sugestoj de nia legantoj instiganta ni al "speek ammerican!". Amerikanon tamen ne konsideris ideala pro nia aýdienco. Anstataýe ni sentis, kaýze de la karaktero tutmonda de l'interreto, ni devi adopti iu same tutmonda lingvo. Tiamaniere The Register Universala Eldono koncipiøis.
Team Register, 07 May 2005

Live CD paradise

Whether you need to sniff for wireless networks or carry Nessus, Nmap and the Metasploit Framework with you in your pocket, there's a security-based Live CD out there for you.
Scott Granneman, 07 May 2005

Court blasts FCC on broadcast flag

A controversial US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulation that would have required all hardware capable of receiving broadcast transmissions to recognize a so-called broadcast flag, or DRM signal, starting in July 2005, has been shot down by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Reuters reports.
Thomas C Greene, 07 May 2005

Time for 3G handset makers to start proper testing - Spirent

The 3G phones in the market are not up to snuff, according to experts: "We are seeing performance differences between two 3G terminals, with as much as 6dB or 7 dB falloff in signal sensitivity. Inside a building where signals are marginal, that's the difference between 'working' and 'not working' - and it's not being caught in testing."
Guy Kewney, 07 May 2005

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