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Intel feels healthy and dual-core happy

A confident collection of Intel executives boasted today about the company's financial health and upcoming dual and multicore processors during an analyst conference.
Ashlee Vance, 06 May 2005

Bashful IBM takes orders for Opteron blade server

IBM's long-awaited Opteron-based blade server has quietly gone up for sale on the company's web site.
Ashlee Vance, 06 May 2005

Hollywood calls BitTorrent Brits to US Court

ExclusiveThe US movie industry has made good its promise to name Brits Kevin Reid and Ian Hawthorne in its legal action against the users of their bds-palace.co.uk website, which links to BitTorrent-hosted content.
Tony Smith, 06 May 2005

O2 goes down the pan

Our thanks goes to the vulture-eyed Register reader who sent us this snapshot after a late night shopping trip to his local supermarket. Mulling the vast and colourful array of toilet cleaners on offer, he spotted this germ killer - and could have sworn he'd spotted the logo somewhere before.
Tim Richardson, 06 May 2005

ATI multi-card rendering details emerge

ATI's SLi-style multi-card image rendering system will be able to use any of the company's 3D graphics cards, if claims made by hardware website Hexus.net are anything to go by.
Tony Smith, 06 May 2005

Marconi culls 800 jobs

Marconi is to rid itself of 800 workers in the UK following its failure to win a slice of a major £10bn contract from BT.
Tim Richardson, 06 May 2005

Intel: 65nm output to surpass 90nm production Q3 06

Intel's first 65nm microprocessors are due to ship at the end of this year, with volume shipments taking place in Q1 2006. However, the company revealed yesterday it expects 65nm output numbers to surpass those of 90nm parts as quickly as Q3 2006.
Tony Smith, 06 May 2005

Europe annexes Caribbean islands

You often hear it said that the Internet is redrawing the map of the world, but little did any of us know that was a literal truth.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 May 2005

CWU accepts BT pay offer

The Communications Workers' Union (CWU) is closer to settling this year's pay dispute with BT. Union bosses are recommending workers accept BT's 3.5 per cent pay increase to be backdated to 1 April.
Tim Richardson, 06 May 2005

Aussie boffins patent single-photon generator

A group of Australian scientists has developed a new technique for producing single photons at room temperature, paving the way for real-world quantum cryptography. The research team already holds a worldwide patent on their invention, and has secured a AUD3.3m ($2.6m) grant from the Victorian government to develop their technology.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 May 2005

Americans are pants at password security

Americans are just as blasé about password security as the Brits, according to a new survey. Two out three three people (180 of 272) approached in a downtown San Francisco street by researchers were happy to provide their password in exchange for a coffee gift card. Of those respondents that declined offering their actual password, 51 provided a clue about their password in exchange for a $3 Starbucks gift voucher.
John Leyden, 06 May 2005
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Amazon.com leaks PalmOne LifeDrive info

All the speculation surrounding PalmOne's much-rumoured LifeDrive aka Tungsten X aka LifeDrive (again) has achieved a level of legitimacy: the product as appeared on Amazon.com.
Tony Smith, 06 May 2005

Can IBM's Euro problems continue?

This story has expired from The Register's archive. You can now find it at its original location on the Forbes.com website: http://forbes.com/technology/2005/05/05/cx_ld_0505ibm1.html?partner=theregister.
Lisa DiCarlo, 06 May 2005

Pope's auto auctioned for $250,000

The Pope's old motor has been snapped up for $250,000 after being auctioned off on eBay.
Tim Richardson, 06 May 2005

One mobile phone for every European by 2007

Mobile penetration in Western Europe is expected to exceed 100 per cent by 2007, according to a new forecast issued by the research firm Analysys.
Charlie Taylor, 06 May 2005

McAfee charts course for turnaround

Anti-virus firm McAfee has reported a drop in first-quarter earnings despite increased turnover. For the quarter ending 31 March 2005, McAfee reported net income of $35.9m on revenues of $236m, compared to profits of $58m on a turnover of $219m in same period last year.
John Leyden, 06 May 2005

PC-dumping ex-prosecutor mired in teen porn scandal

A former Dutch prosecutor, who resigned last year after it emerged he had chucked his old PC out with the trash is in trouble again.
Jan Libbenga, 06 May 2005

Apple vs Apple trial date set

Apple Computer will face Apple Corporation, the Beatles' recording company, in court in just under a year's time.
Tony Smith, 06 May 2005

Sci-fi solar sail tested in Cleveland

Space missions to the sun and inner solar system could be powered by solar sail within a decade, Californian researchers claim.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 May 2005

Mashboxx opens beta test scheme

ExclusiveSnocap, Napster creator Shawn Fanning's attempt to build a legal P2P music-sharing network, has signed major recording company EMI.
Tony Smith, 06 May 2005

UK DrinkorDie members jailed for software piracy

Three UK software counterfeiters who styled themselves as "latter-day Robin Hoods" received lengthy prison sentences today over their role in infamous software piracy organisation DrinkorDie. Another defendant escaped with a suspended sentence after a hearing at London's Old Bailey.
John Leyden, 06 May 2005

'Unscheduled downtime' floors postmaster.co.uk

Email outfit postmaster.co.uk appears to be up and running again after reportedly going AWOL since Tuesday.
Tim Richardson, 06 May 2005

Phobile retro mobile phone headset

ReviewFollowing on from the huge success and notoriety of the Pokia handsets, online store Firebox.com has jumped on the bandwagon and released a cheaper version it calls the Phobile, writes Stuart Miles.
Pocket Lint, 06 May 2005

PSP disc protection cracked

It was never going to take very long, of course, but hackers have at last worked out how to bypass the copy protection scheme used by Sony to lock down content on the PlayStation Portable's Universal Media Disc (UMD).
Tony Smith, 06 May 2005

VAT on email troubles Reg readers

LettersThe notion that we might all owe VAT on the content of some of our emails really caught your attention this week. Plenty of you wrote in wondering similar things, so here follows a representative sample of the thoughts you've been having:
Lucy Sherriff, 06 May 2005

Genome may be future step for virus writers

Advances in genetic circuits may mean that virologists will have to look at the mechanics of Internet worms for a model of future threats.
Robert Lemos, 06 May 2005

Fiorina ready to discuss 'most successful hi-tech merger in history'

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina has reemerged as brash and bold as ever on the public speaking circuit.
Ashlee Vance, 06 May 2005

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