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Papal succession fuels April religious spam blitz

Junk mail relating to religion has soared during April, accounting for one in 10 spam emails. Porn, medicines and financial scams - spam's unholy trinity - each lost ground to religious junk mail last month, according to a study by email management specialist Email Systems.
John Leyden, 02 May 2005

Outsourcing: prepare to renegotiate your deal, says Gartner

Nearly 80 per cent of all outsourcing relationships will be renegotiated, according to a new survey by Gartner. Lack of flexibility is the main issue leading to renegotiations, followed by a need to improve the relationship between the supplier and customer.
OUT-LAW.COM, 02 May 2005

HSDPA is faster 3G - in theory (but where are the phones?)

Smoke and mirrors are often cheaper than masts and cables; and the mobile carriers have found something that may keep their investors happy in high-speed downlink packet access or HSDPA. It makes 3G run faster, just by installing equipment in the server... but not this year, says Informa
Guy Kewney, 02 May 2005

Europe uniting against Schmidt's Google print project

This story has expired from The Register's archive. You can now find it at its original location on the Forbes.com website: http://forbes.com/facesinthenews/2005/04/29/0429autofacescan08.html?partner=theregister.
Chris Noon, 02 May 2005
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Brocade blames March for Q2 shocker

Brocade has fingered a dip in storage sales during March as the main factor behind a second quarter that came in well below previous forecasts.
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2005

Verizon knocks out Qwest with revised offer

Qwest has conceded defeat in its battle for MCI. Verizon, its bigger and richer competitor returned to the table yesterday with a revised offer worth $8.8bn.
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2005
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Insiders reveal SCO's Monterey disarray

LettersFirst the sideshow, then the scoop. A former SCO insider puts the relationship with IBM over Project Monterey in an entirely new light.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 May 2005

My 96-processor Linux cluster is smaller than yours

Personal computer. Personal cluster. Call it what you will. Orion Multisystems is pretty sure it has the fastest PC around no matter the moniker.
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2005

HP becomes EMC software reseller in $325m settlement

EMC and HP have devised one of the weirder patent settlements you'll ever see to get rid of a four-year-old dispute around storage intellectual property (IP).
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2005

Inside Sun Labs - the best and the 'bots

Sun showcased a selection of its research efforts at the Computer Science Museum in Mountain View last week. Established by Ivan and Bert Sutherland and Bob Sproull in 1990, Sun Labs has an enviable reputation for pursuing difficult problems, and investing in long-term research.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 May 2005

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