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Intel wants to mobilise the channel

ISS Intel has announced a new "Mobile Growth Initiative" in a bid to persuade its channel partners that selling mobile technology is the way forward.
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Chips, Chris Barrie and land-speed records

ISS Chris Barrie fans will no doubt be amused to learn that the press room at this year's Intel Solutions Summit is housed in the Brittas Suite, which in its turn, is located in the Leisure centre. A coincidence altogether too marvelous not to be remarked upon.

Firefox doubles market share as IE slips

As Microsoft unveiled details of a "more secure" desktop operating system this week, news emerged that the company's browser is losing business users because of - among other things - security.

Microsoft's Metro takes on Adobe

To the list of companies who overnight find themselves competing with Microsoft, you can add one more name: Adobe.
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Siemens to spin off loss-making phone unit

Siemens' troubled mobile phone business once again pulled down the group's quarterly income, making it "difficult to assess" the group's anticipated FY2005 income gain, CEO Klaus Kleinfeld admitted yesterday.
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Pipex snaps up web host outfit

Pipex has shelled out £5.9m to acquire web host outfit Donhost Ltd as it looks to beef up its hosting operation.
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Exploding toads baffle Germans

Updated German toad experts are baffled by an acute outbreak of exploding toad syndrome which has totalled hundreds of the amphibians since the beginning of the month. The former inhabitants of a Hamburg pond - now chillingly renamed the "pond of death" - spontaneously swelled to enormous proportions before going bang, in the process propelling their entrails for up to a metre.
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Empire Strikes Back is best SW film: official

The 1980 Star Wars outing The Empire Strikes Back has been voted best of the series in a poll of 40,000 UK film buffs carried out by magazine Empire.

Intel snatches mobile graphics lead from ATI

Intel has overtaken ATI in the mobile graphics chip arena, and eaten into the specialist graphics chip makers' share of the market as a whole, Q1 figures from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) released this week reveal.
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Rumsfeld demands cash for 'bunker-busting' nuke

US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld yesterday asked Congress to agree $8.5m of funding for research into a ground-penetrating nuclear weapon which would address what Rumsfeld considers the growing problem of potential enemies burying vital installations deep underground. Last November, Congress pulled the plug on $27m earmarked for a study into the "Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator", Reuters reports.
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Marconi savaged after failure to win BT 21CN deal

Shares in telecoms equipment outfit Marconi plummeted more than 40 per cent this morning after it confirmed it had not secured a slice of a major £10bn contract from BT.
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UCLA demonstrates desktop nuclear fusion

Scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles have demonstrated desktop nuclear fusion by simply heating a lithium tantalate crystal soaked in deuterium gas. However, the technique produces far too few neutrons to be practical for commercial use, so it's sadly not a matter of free-power-for-everyone next week, New Scientist reports.
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Fight fraud not ID theft

ID theft is a misnomer which is hurting the fight against fraud, according to encryption guru Bruce Schneier. Instead of talking about ID theft it's better to talk about fraud due to impersonation, he claimed.
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Nintendo DS sales top 5m units

Nintendo has shipped well over 5 million DS handheld consoles around the globe, the company has claimed.
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Liebermann 'not a hoax', founders insist

Colourful computer company Liebermann, which last October announced it was to close, has posted a 42-page letter (PDF) detailing its bizarre attempt to carve a niche in the high-end PC market.
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VXer targets Romanian gypsy music

A mass-mailing virus designed to wipe Romanian gypsy music off PCs is spreading rapidly across the east European country. The virus, dubbed Antiman-A, uses a recent story about the kidnapping of three Romanian journalists - abducted by a little-known terrorist Iraqi group approximately a month ago - to trap curious punters.
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Wanadoo UK hits broadband high

Wanadoo UK has seen the number of broadband subscribers in the UK rocket over the last year as more and more people switch from dial-up to high-speed access.
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Creative Commons prez asks for some lurv

Creative Commons president Paula Le Dieu was in London last night to chair a panel debate on what Creative Commons licenses mean to the music industry. Judging from the views expressed by some senior music industry figures there is clearly a need for just such an explantory approach.

Bell Micro sounds a profit

Bell Microproducts brought in revenues of $805m in the first quarter of 2005 ended 31 March, an increase of 22 per cent on last year.

Dell scores big Honeywell deal

Dell has signed a three-year deal with Honeywell to for managed services across the US.
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Nokia 7710 smart phone

Review More than two years after it was originally demo'd Nokia has finally got its 7710 media phone to market. Was it worth the wait? asks Ian Hughes.

HP inks Big Brother database contract

HP has won the £48.5m contract to provide technolgy for SIS II, the European-wide police system, and the Visa Information System. The company will work with Steria, Mummert in Germany and Primeshare in Luxembourg.
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Gigabyte GA-8N-SLi Royal nForce 4 Intel mobo

Review It's finally arrived: the first retail Nvidia nForce4 SLi Intel Edition mobo. Considering this is Nvidia's first attempt at creating a chipset for Intel CPUs it's no mean feat to make it an SLi solution at the same time. Of course, Intel doesn't have a consumer-level SLi-capable chipset at the moment, though there are some rumours about it launching its own SLi-compatible solution shortly. But if this first board is anything to go by, Intel will be facing some stiff competition, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
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PM pops in to Carphone Warehouse

Election 2005 PM Tony Blair and PM wannabe Gordon Brown popped in to The Carphone Warehouse today to present awards to key employees of the telecoms outfit.
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Quantum crypto moves out of the lab

Quantum cryptography - long the stuff of cyberpunk novels and hi-tech spy stories - is leaving the laboratory and making its way into commercial markets. A briefing session at the UK's Department of Trade and Industry on Wednesday featured demonstrations of working quantum key exchange systems by QinetiQ, Toshiba Cambridge and US start-up MagiQ.
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HP to build EU's biometric ID, terror database

A consortium headed by Hewlett-Packard is to develop Europe's 'Big Brother' system for the European Commission. Along with Steria, Mummert in Germany and Primesphere in Luxembourg, HP is to produce a "high-quality technology model" for the second generation of the Schengen Information System (SIS) II and the Visa Information System (VIS) - Europe's Justice and Home Affairs Committee envisages these two systems replacing a border control system (SIS I) with a far more pervasive one of surveillance, controls and information exchange.

New York sues Intermix over spyware

New York Attorney General Eliot 'The Blitzer' Spitzer has launched a suit against Intermix Media, claiming the firm markets software that covertly installs "spyware" and "adware" on infected machines. The suit against Los Angeles-based Intermix is the largest to date involving programs that redirect web addresses, add toolbars and deliver pop-up ads. New York reckons Intermix is responsible for infecting million of home computers with nuisance programs and worse.
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IRS outs paper filers as 'minority'

The age of the luddite tax payer has passed with more than half of US punters sending in their returns via the internet for the first time.