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Is the future of Ingres in doubt?

Comment There are rumours flying about that CA may sell off Ingres. How much truth is there in that and would it make sense?
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Hubble sends back new pictures to mark 15 years in orbit

The Hubble space telescope has been in orbit for 15 years, during which time it has taken over 750,000 images of the universe.

Microsoft and SAP deepen alliance

Microsoft and SAP are working together to make SAP's business management software and Microsoft's Office products work better together.
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Data protection charges for sale of police data

Blackfriars Crown Court gave four men two-year conditional discharges last week over charges relating to their sale to the press of confidential data held by the police national computer on celebrities, according to reports.
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Courts deny dismissals in Rambus legal actions

Rambus yesterday claimed small wins in its network of legal spats with Hynix and Micron.
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Tech ad complaints fall

The number of complaints about dodgy adverts generated by the UK's computer and telecoms industry fell last year, according to official figures released today by the advertising watchdog.
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Oracle developers - fancy a trip into space?

It's not often that we at Vulture Central are moved to gasp "blimey, that's a really good prize", but that was the general reaction around the office when we learned that Oracle is giving away a suborbital flight to one lucky developer who works with the company's software.
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Squeezing CRM into the mid-market

Quocirca's changing channels For the last few years, the mid-market, in the minds of applications vendors, has been ripe for improving the way they manage their customer relationships. Given the growth rate of some CRM vendors targeting this market, they may have a point. For a reseller looking to expand their portfolio to include a CRM offering, the range of choice is complex - where do you start?

Elpida declares first annual profit

Elpida declared its first ever annual profit yesterday as it unveiled its fourth quarter results.
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Freedom2Surf hooks up to LLU broadband

Easynet has signed up another ISP to take its unbundled wholesale broadband service.

AMD quad-cores due 2007

AMD will sample quad-core processors in 2007, company CEO Hector 'Money for Nothing' Ruiz has said. He also admitted he was exploring an entry into the system logic market.
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Scientists push bacteria to quadruple hydrogen production

Researchers at Penn State university have discovered a new way of stimulating bacteria to extract hydrogen from bio-matter. The technique can yield four times as much hydrogen as fermentation alone, and unlike traditional fermentation, is not limited to carbohydrate based biomass.
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Google in St George snub outrage

Readers who visited El Reg last Saturday will be aware that we proudly ran our annual St George masthead - in keeping with the Vulture Central tradition of celebrating the national days of those countries where we have either a substantial readership or from which we hope to extract the most advertising revenue.

Infineon makes a loss

Lower prices and weak demand have pushed memory chip maker Infineon to a loss in the second quarter.
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Silicon Image takes up the Slack

Silicon Image, a California-based outfit dedictated to "multi-gigabit semiconductor solutions for the secure transmission and storage of rich digital media" last week earned itself a place in the Vulture Central Notable Appointments Hall of Fame by hiring the deliciously-named Darrel Slack as its CFO.
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Scientists want to bring the kilogram into 21st century

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, is calling for the kilo to be redefined in terms of a natural phenomenon, such as the number of atoms in a silicon crystal, or the amount of magnetic force required to levitate an object in a watt balance.
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Sony to ship PSP on 1 September - official

Sony's PlayStation Portable will launch in the UK and the rest of Europe on 1 September, the handheld console's maker revealed today.

MoD suppliers' laptop turns up on rubbish tip

An Oxfordshire-based security company claims to have found sensitive MoD-related files on a laptop bought from council rubbish dump.
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Need a bespoke drive-by shooting, web app?

Those readers who need internet-based application development services, advice on low rider pick-up trucks or who would like to organise a drive-by shooting are pointed in the direction of Bristol-based Cholo Consultancy - a "one-stop IT consultancy" which appears to be run by Hispanic males dressed in "chinos, a wifebeater sleeveless teeshirt or a flannel shirt with only the top buttoned, a hairnet, or a bandana around the forehead, usually halfway down over the eyes".

RSA ups channel programme

RSA Security is changing its channel programme to offer more rewards to "committed partners".

IBM buys health consultancy

Big Blue is bolstering consultant numbers by buying Healthlink - the largest healthcare/technology consultancy in the US.

Evesham hits the channel

Evesham Micro, the prominent UK system builder, is launching a reseller division to offer products to computer dealers.
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Backlog builds as Amen strike bites

VIA NET.WORKS is scrambling to support customers of its Amen web hosting business after workers walked out in protest at the planned sale of VIA to UK ISP Claranet.
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Are you storing up email trouble?

There is endless talk from some vendors in the IT community about the dangers posed by a whole raft of new regulations introduced by governments and other regulatory bodies in recent years. Businesses are rightly sceptical about some of the messaging coming from vendors, many having fallen, not so long ago, for the Y2K and other scare stories.
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MV Cubik GamePro small form-factor PC

Review Small form-factor PCs have always been an attractive proposition. The combined advantages of svelte external dimensions, portability, whisper-quiet operation and sheer sexiness usually outweigh the limited internal expandability. Out-of-the-box performance is often as good as a tower system, and that's why MV, better known as a purveyor of high-quality laptops, has decided to launch a gamer-orientated SFF PC. The MV Cubik GamePro, using Shuttle's SN95G5 barebones chassis, arrives loaded with a capacious 250GB hard drive, GeForce 6800 GT, 1GB RAM and Athlon 64 CPU. A gamer's delight or a £1127 shoebox? Let's find out.
Hexus.net, 26 2005
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It's 11 o'clock. Do you know where your databases are?

Do you know how many databases your organisation has installed? Locally? Across whatever continent you are on? Globally? I don't just mean: which vendors have you bought them from (even if you know that much, which many large organisations won't), but how many instances of each database are there? And of those instances, do you know which instance relates to which version of each product? And do you know which patches have been applied to each of these?

Microsoft gets outside beancounter

Microsoft has appointed an outsider as its new Chief Finance Officer.
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Bono crashes on Bill Gates' sofa

We can all sleep a little sounder in our beds today safe in the knowledge that roving rock pundit Bono and Bill Gates spent at least one night over the weekend putting the world to rights at Bill's Seattle pad.
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India, China poised to feast on US IT complacency

The technology lead prized by the US, Europe and Japan could come back to haunt the regions as nations such as India and China progress without the shackles of old fashioned hardware and software, according to Sun Microsystems President Jonathan Schwartz.
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Troubled Gio set to 'shut down'

Execs at troubled ISP Gio Internet Ltd are preparing to close down the company and have stopped taking on new customers.
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French court bans DVD DRM

A French appeals court has ruled that movie companies must remove the copy protection from DVDs, and castigated them for inadequately labeling copy-protected movies.

Microsoft reveals hardware security plans

Can trusted computing hardware deliver security without locking out competition, asks SecurityFocus's Robert Lemos.
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Smart phones boom - Symbian up, MS and Palm down

Symbian increased its share of the worldwide smart phone market in Q1, according to research by Canalys. The market as a whole has almost doubled from a year ago with 10.7 million devices shipped in the first three months of the year, up from 5.9 million in the first quarter of 2005, but down by 200,000 from the Xmas quarter.

Veritas goes hetero with new NetBackup

Veritas Vision Veritas today provided its most detailed look to date at the upcoming NetBackup 6.0 product and shed light on a new rev - 6.0 - of Enterprise Vault. One of the big themes stretching across both products is simpler, more complete management of a wide range of hardware and information. Both products are set to ship this summer.
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A Yahoo! phone? Nokia can help

Heads rolled at Google last year when the New York Times revealed that the company was considering a Google-branded phone. Unfortunately, it was the wrong set of heads: the leakers, rather than the executives responsible for hatching the idea, were sent packing. As anyone from Nike to Claudia Schiffer can testify, branding a phone or a PDA has proved to be an expensive vanity exercise.

Hungry Sun customers must wait to feast on 'product hog heaven'

Will Sun Microsystems beat its customers over the head with product at an event next month? Not likely, says Sun's President Jonathan Schwartz.
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Join us, Oracle tells developers

Oracle is spicing up the appeal of its 7,000-strong ISV network with the prospect that directors of partner companies could find themselves bought-out by the database giant.