22nd April 2005 Archive

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  • Asia boosts Nokia earnings

    Rosier outlook

    Financial News 22 00:55

  • Longhorn is big - no, this time we mean it

    Microsoft cranks up hype machine

    Operating Systems 22 04:08

  • Borland open sources JBuilder

    Take our R&D costs, please

    Developer 22 04:17

  • AMD tells software companies to re-think dual core

    Be warned: This is just the beginning

    Software 22 08:57

  • Email destroys the mind faster than marijuana - study

    Are we feeling munchy?

    Management 22 09:10

  • Boston jumps on Opteron bandwagon

    Resigns from Intel-only camp

    Servers 22 09:17

  • Qwest makes final offer for MCI

    Take it or leave it

    Financial News 22 09:52

  • Tridgell drops Bitkeeper bombshell

    Open for all

    Operating Systems 22 10:26

  • Bean counters love the fluffy side of IT

    Soft benefits, not cold hard cash

    Management 22 11:08

  • .EU will be live by Jan '06

    Make a note in your diaries

    Policy 22 11:12

  • MP3 zapping malware worms onto P2P network

    Vigilante virus

    Security 22 11:21

  • Q1 brings nothing but good news for Google

    Results almost absurdly healthy

    Financial News 22 11:22

  • Cardiff tops broadband electoral poll

    Get a load of this swing-o-meter

    Policy 22 12:15

  • Managing spreadsheet fraud

    Do managers know how much errors cost?

    Management 22 13:44

  • World Cup ticket draw results in

    Reg campaign to blag tickets starts here

    Financial News 22 13:49

  • One.Tel hoovers up RedNet for £5m

    B2B ISP snapped up

    Financial News 22 14:28

  • AMD: dual-core not for gamers... yet

    Waiting for dualie-friendly titles - or Athlon FX stocks to sell?

    PCs 22 14:32

  • AOL seeks to block phishing sites

    'We're trying to cut the lines before a phisher can reel them in'

    Security 22 14:36

  • UK police tackle mounting internet porn caseload

    Computer forensics units take the strain

    Media 22 14:38

  • Privacy watchdog warns job seekers to beware

    Would you like a job transferring our newly-aquired money?

    Security 22 14:45

  • Freescale earnings grow post-restructure

    Business picking up

    Financial News 22 14:52

  • Porn swallows 20% of NZ police IT capacity

    People like us

    Media 22 14:58

  • Sniping bloggers can keep America safe from terrorists and cats!

    'Snogging' militia is crucial

    Bootnotes 22 15:22

  • The mysterious link between security, laptops and rubbish dumps

    No, really

    Letters 22 15:53

  • Sex android begats Armageddon machine

    We're all going to die. Here's why

    Science 22 16:18

  • The Boss is dead - long live The Boss

    The BOFH school of management

    BOFH 22 16:22

  • Surrey man claims $10k Moore's law bounty

    Dave's floor saves Moore's law

    Bootnotes 22 16:26

  • Credit card firms push cybersecurity


    Financial News 22 16:30

  • Nasdaq swoops for $1.9bn Instinet

    Keeping pace with NYSE

    Financial News 22 21:38