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IBM spooks market with dismal Q1

A sharp drop in sales during March crushed an otherwise fair first quarter for IBM, the company said today. IBM's inability to close late quarter deals caused it badly to miss analyst expectations.
Ashlee Vance, 15 Apr 2005

Tory backs down in political cybersquatting row

Election 2005The cybersquatting jiggery pokery that has thrust Winchester to the forefront of political dirty trickery appears to have been resolved.
Tim Richardson, 15 Apr 2005

Payup, says Meetup

Scott Heiferman's Meetup.com - the site beloved by Howard Dean supporters, Segway enthusiasts, and Flame Warrior Coffee Klatches, is to begin charging for its services.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Apr 2005
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Fujitsu seals £170m deal with Lloyds TSB

Fujitsu Services has confirmed that it has won a five-year, £170m contract to manage, update and maintain the IT systems at retail banker Lloyds TSB.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Apr 2005

Sony Ericsson slips on stockpiled handsets

Sony Ericsson saw its income halve during its most recently completed quarter, the first of fiscal 2005, on the back of falling sales and falling handset prices.
Tony Smith, 15 Apr 2005

Digital camera market 'running out of steam'

The digital camera market is "running out of steam", according to research from Strategy Analytics, which has recorded a surge in demand for camera phones.
Tim Richardson, 15 Apr 2005
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Samsung sales, income slump

Samsung's profits were well short of expectations in the first quarter, as it suffered in its three key markets: displays, chips and phones.
Tony Smith, 15 Apr 2005

IM worm hits Reuters

Reuters was temporarily forced to shut down its instant messaging service Thursday after a computer worm spread across its network. The culprit - Kelvir-U - is a variant of a worm family that targets MSN and Windows Messenger clients and previously posed no risk to Reuters' tightly-controlled messaging network. This is the first incident where a virus has targeted a privately controlled user community, IM security firm IMlogic reports.
John Leyden, 15 Apr 2005

Legal costs cut Rambus earnings

Memory technology developer Rambus said its income and earnings dipped during the first quarter of its fiscal 2005, despite a strong year-on-year gain in revenues.
Tony Smith, 15 Apr 2005
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Morse shares tumble on channel exposure

Shares in UK IT services group Morse took a tumble yesterday, after the company warned that conditions in the hardware reselling business would continue to be tough.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Apr 2005

ISS relief crew blast off on Soyuz spacecraft

The next inhabitants of the International Space Station blasted off from Baikonur in Kazakhstan aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket, just after one o'clock this morning (BST).
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Apr 2005

BOFH: I declare this junket season...

Episode 12"I officially declare this junket season... open!" the PFY slurs, leaning out the pub window and releasing the bottle of lager tied to our office window across the road.
Simon Travaglia, 15 Apr 2005

George Bush fears email privacy breach

US prez George Bush has admitted he does not send personal emails to daughters Jenna and Barbara for fear that his "personal stuff" might end up in the public domain.
Lester Haines, 15 Apr 2005

Dixons looks to Russian Eldorado for growth

Dixons is considering expanding its electrical retailing empire to Russia and the Ukraine following the inking of a long-term co-operation deal with the Eldorado Group.
Tim Richardson, 15 Apr 2005
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Carphone Warehouse confirms Orange SPV C550

Orange's second-generation SPV C5xx series Windows Mobile-based smart phone will ship next month, a UK mobile phone reseller has let slip.
Tony Smith, 15 Apr 2005

3G mast wars ahoy!

If you think the mobile phone mast wars have been bad so far, you ain't seen nothing yet. That's according to 3G equipment and software suppliers, who estimate that if 3G is to replace GSM as planned, the networks will need three to four times as many transmitters as they have today.
Bryan Betts, 15 Apr 2005

Ralph Lauren, HSBC in data breach debacle

Pseudo-preppie clothier Polo/Ralph Lauren has been named as the latest target in a string of data security breaches, this time involving the loss of hundreds of thousands of customer credit transactions, the Associated Press reports.
Thomas C Greene, 15 Apr 2005

IBM wins $125m car black box deal with UAE

IBM has won a $125m deal with the government of the United Arab Emirates to install tracking devices into tens of thousands of cars by the end of next year.
Robin Lettice, 15 Apr 2005

T-Mobile steams in with WiMAX, Wi-Fi train

AnalysisEuropean rail operators love Wi-Fi. They're keen on anything that encourages more businesspeople to take the train, and wireless networking is an attractive way to provide paying travellers with ad hoc connections to the internet and company networks. A journey's duration becomes productive work time, whether it's part of a daily commute or a longer trip.
Tony Smith, 15 Apr 2005

C&W to meet BCC over Mesh Broadband collapse

Cable & Wireless (C&W) is to hold a meeting with Bedfordshire County Council (BCC) next Thursday following the collapse of wireless broadband outfit Mesh Broadband.
Tim Richardson, 15 Apr 2005

Prince Harry flunks army PC test

Prince Harry has flunked a basic computer skills test at an army induction day. The Daily Mirror reports that the third in line to the British throne shocked instructors in failing a basic PC skills course.
John Leyden, 15 Apr 2005

We're not lazy, just busy reading (and emailing) The Reg

LettersOh, what? Letters time is it? Already? Sorry...I was in the middle of trying to beat my record on Minesweeper...
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Apr 2005

Readers pour water on pro-smoke lobby

Stern responseOur newest columnist, Otto Z. Stern, seems to be on a personal mission, almost a crusade, to tackle the subjects the rest of us would rather he didn't.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Apr 2005

Virus writers have girlfriends - official

The stereotype of virus writers as spotty nerds who can't pull is well wide of the mark, according to an expert on the psychology of virus writers. Sarah Gordon, senior principal research engineer at Symantec Security Response, said that the more recent idea that virus writing activity is focused mainly around money-making scams is inaccurate.
John Leyden, 15 Apr 2005

IBM may fix slump by firing 10,000 - analyst

IBM could cull up to 10,000 workers to make up for a disconcerting first quarter revenue shortfall, according to a top financial analyst. The question is whether these cuts will tidy the bottom line enough to offset what appear to be broad problems plaguing the company.
Ashlee Vance, 15 Apr 2005
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'Cool it, Linus' - Bruce Perens

With Andrew Tridgell silent, apparently on legal advice, open source community leader Bruce Perens has stepped up to defend the work Tridgell did reverse engineering the protocols used by Bitkeeper. Bitkeeper is the closed source proprietary source code management tool that until last week, Linus Torvalds used to manage Linux kernel source code.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Apr 2005

Hoax paper fools cybernetic boffins

An MIT student has had a paper consisting of computer-generated gibberish accepted by technology conference WMSCI. The pretentious gathering bills itself as "an international forum where researchers and practitioners examine Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics key issues"
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Apr 2005

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