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Memory woes color AMD's Q1 red

AMD stumbled back into the red during its first quarter, as sluggish memory sales weighed down robust processor sales.
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MPEG LA cuts mobile phone DRM tax

In the face of strong protest from GSM operators and handset manufacturers, IP rights holders have cut their proposed rates for mobile DRM.
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It's official: ChoicePoint, LexisNexis rooted many times

Privacy invasion behemoths ChoicePoint and LexisNexis have lost control of sensitive data in the past, but deliberately covered it up because no law required them to come clean, executives from both outfits confessed Wednesday during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the recent epidemic of ID theft plaguing the USA.
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Flakey Flickr goes down. Again

Flickr, the popular photo sharing web site that spends more time on the canvas than a pulverized Frank Bruno, is down again.
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Intel pledges to fix WiMAX mode muddle

Analysis Intel this week pledged to "solve in silicon" the incompatibilities between the mobile and fixed versions of WiMAX, the wireless broadband contender.
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Amazon wins reprieve against Toysrus.com

An appeals court this week lifted an injunction from Amazon.com in its dispute with Toysrus.com, according to the Associated Press. It follows a lawsuit filed last year by the toy seller, accusing Amazon.com of breaching an exclusivity agreement.

Wyse changes ownership, appoints new boss

Wyse, the veteran thin client hardware maker, is now owned mostly by a California private equity firm, which has bought “a controlling stake” in the company for $35m.
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Mesh Broadband 'ceases trading'

Wireless broadband outfit Mesh Broadband has "ceased trading", according to a notice issued by Bedfordshire County Council (BCC).

Snook leaving Carphone

Former Orange chief Hans Snook is stepping down from Carphone Warehouse from July. The former chief exec of mobilephoneco Orange joined Carphone as chairman in 2002 and has seen pre-tax profit rise from £46.8m to £76.3m during his tenure.
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Apple iTunes sales tally passes 350 million

Analysis Apple yesterday revealed its iTunes Music Store has now sold more than 350 million songs worldwide since it opened its doors to US consumers in April 2003.
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AMD expands Mobile Athlon 64 line-up

AMD today extended its Mobile Athlon 64 processor family with a further chip at the top of the range.
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Infosys reports red-hot Q4 results

Infosys, the Indian software firm, has reported net income of $127m for the quarter ending 31 March, up from $77m in the same period last year. Revenues for Q4 jumped 50.2 per cent to $455m, against $303m a year ago.
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Ofcom acts to combat 'slamming'

Ofcom is introducing new industry rules to stamp out slamming and other dodgy sales techniques following complaints about the antics of some fixed line telcos.
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AMD to 'cut' Socket 754 Sempron prices

AMD is planning to charge up to 15 per cent less for certain Sempron processors from early next month.

AMD dual-core desktops to be branded 'X2'

AMD will brand its dual-core Athlon 64 chips 'X2' when they go on sale later this year.
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Beware of toxic blogs

Toxic blogs are been used to distribute malware and keyloggers, censorware firm Websense warns. Websense Security Labs said it has discovered "hundreds of instances" of blogs involved in the storage and delivery of harmful code this year. Anti-virus firms question why Websense has singled out blogs as a particular security risk but Websense does come up with at least one concrete example of the trick having been used in anger.
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NASA fuels up Discovery for tank-tests

Space Shuttle Discovery is moving a step closer to returning to flight today. Its fuel tanks will be filled with liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, so that engineers can evaluate the performance of the redesigned tanks under "cryo-load".
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Clarke calls for ID cards after imagining huge poison terror ring

Analysis Yesterday's conviction of Kamel Bourgass for terrorism offences prompted some spectacular spin from the security services, an al-Qaeda ricin feeding frenzy in this morning's press and - of course - claims from Home Secretary Charles Clarke that the case highlighted the need for ID cards. The snag is that there was no ricin, the security forces' case for an al-Qaeda link had been discredited in an earlier court case last week, and a further eight individuals claimed as co-conspirators were cleared or had charges against them dropped.

Patent injunction knocks Longhorn

Silicon Valley start-up Alacritech has won a preliminary injunction against Microsoft over the use of advanced networking technologies due to feature in Longhorn, the next version of Windows. The ruling (PDF), which is subject to appeal, temporarily blocks Microsoft from developing or selling systems based on the disputed technology.
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Watchdog fines prize call telco £100k

A Midlands-based phone operator has blamed "naivety rather than malicious intent" after being fined £100,000 for running a dodgy premium rate service.
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Belkin iPod Digital Camera Link

Review You're a digital photographer, you're out in the field and you've just filled up your CompactFlash, SD card or whatever storage format you happen to be using. That's it, you can't take any more pictures unless you delete some first, writes Stuart Miles.
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Frozen polar waste gets Wi-Fi hotspot

Intel has rigged up a Wi-Fi hotspot just 80km from the North Pole, presumably so that Sir Ranaulph Fiennes and his ilk can check his email next time they take a little stroll across the ice-pack.
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Acer TravelMate 8100 'Sonoma' notebook

Review Acer must be making life very difficult for other notebook manufacturers. The company has built a solid reputation for manufacturing high-quality portables at very attractive prices, and the TravelMate 8104WLMi is no exception, writes Riyad Emeran.
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On AOL's VoIP service

Analysis It is Faultline's firm belief that consumers are happier buying a new cheap phone service that uses Voice over IP, from a name they know and trust, but one that is not currently associated with phone services.
Faultline, 14 2005
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HDS goes multidimensional on ILM

Almost everyone doing ILM and data migration so far has missed the point, reckons Hitachi Data Systems. It claims its HiCommand Tiered Storage Manager is the first migration tool to let you define multiple dimensions within a multi-vendor storage set-up, and then move data between tiers without disrupting your applications.
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Sony to add Blu-ray and DSD to Vaio

At a three day press event in Bordeaux Sony this week announced it is going to add Blu-ray and DSD (Direct Stream Digital) to its Vaio series of PCs and notebooks.

SCO makes Unix revenue disappear in Q1

The SCO Group continued to lose money in its first quarter, as it suffered from lackluster Unix sales and made just a few thousand bucks in licensing revenues.
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Swansea IT workers lose outsourcing fight

IT staff in Swansea Council have lost their fight to remain employed by the local authority after councillors approved plans to transfer workers to IT outfit Capgemini.

Networks on yellow alert over ICMP flaw

ISPs and enterprises were this week advised to update their internet communications infrastructure following the discovery of a vulnerability affecting a raft of major suppliers including Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft and IBM to varying degrees.
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Cisco eyes the server with $250m Topspin buy

Cisco Systems has stretched even deeper into the data center by agreeing to acquire once high-flying server startup Topspin Communications.
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IBM schtum on European jobs threat

IBM is contemplating an overhaul of its worldwide business operations but has refused to comment on reports that it is planning to close several of its European services sites.
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Labour promises 'voluntary' compulsory ID card

The "voluntary" ID card returned yesterday with the publication of the Labour's Party's election manifesto, but it's once again rather difficult to find out what's voluntary about it. According to the wording: "We will introduce ID cards, including biometric data like fingerprints, backed up by a national register and rolling out initially on a voluntary basis as people renew their passports." So, what's voluntary here?
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Torvalds knifes Tridgell

Linux founder Linus Torvalds has followed up his weekend condemnation of reverse engineering with an astonishing personal attack on the integrity of one of the most respected figures in the open source community, rsync author and Samba co-lead Andrew Tridgell.

Sun's Q3 revenue down. Again

Sun Microsystems disappointed analysts and investors with a third quarter loss and lower revenue. Weak sales of storage systems and high-end servers hurt Sun during the period, executives said.
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Starbucks seeks to patent loyalty card

Patent sleuth Theo DP writes, "Looks like Microsoft and Amazon may have some competition in the worst-Seattle-patent-ever contest."