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Seven snaps up Smartner

White-label mobile email vendor Seven has snapped up Smartner for an undisclosed sum.

Computacenter wins £8m Highways Agency deal

Computacenter has picked up the gig to manage the command, control and communication services for the UK's Highways Agency.
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Indian call centre staff nicked for fraud

Three workers from an Indian call centre have been arrested for defrauding US bank customers.
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Google bosses work for a buck. A year

The founders of Google are getting a pay cut - they'll get just a dollar each this year.

Asian century dawns for IT industry

India and China can take a leading role in the technology industry if they put aside their historic differences and work together.

Swansea IT staff warn of 'done deal'

IT staff at Swansea city council are up in arms over the future of their jobs as the council ties up an outsourcing deal with Capgemini.

Intel to launch dual-core Pentium 'next week'

Intel may launch its upcoming dual-core Pentium processors and their supporting chipsets sooner than anticipated, with the products now set to debut this month, possibly as early as next week.
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Scientists go mad for optical sensors

Physicists at Heriot-Watt university have developed a robust new type of sensor that could help engineers design buildings capable of withstanding huge explosions. Professor Julian Jones, who led the research, presented the findings at the Physics 2005 conference in Warwick today.
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Intel confirms 'Conroe'

Intel has confirmed its 'Conroe' microprocessor, believed to be a desktop version of its upcoming 'Merom' mobile chip, will ship as part of the chip giant's 'Averill' desktop platform due next year.
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US hospital loses patient info

Patients from the San Jose Medical Group are feeling even sicker this morning - the organisation has lost personal and confidential information on 185,000 current and ex-patients.
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Access buys Irish reseller

Access Accounting has bought its Irish reseller, called, appropriately enough, Access Ireland. Terms are undisclosed.
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Pipex reports magic year

Pipex pulled off a little bit of magic last year, turning a loss into a profit. Turnover at the UK broadband ISP and telco increased from £35.2m in 2003 to £102.3m in the 12 months to the end of December.
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Verizon buys slice of MCI

Verizon is buying a piece of MCI direct from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim for $1.1bn to fend off competing bids for the company formerly known as WorldCom from Qwest Communications.

MIT and Quanta want to take seams out of computing

MIT and Taiwanese laptop maker Quanta Computer have begun a joint five-year, $20m research project to develop an new generation of platforms for computing and communications that they say will change the way we interact with technology.

Microsoft sues eight resellers over counterfeiting

Microsoft today filed suit against eight PC builders and resellers in the US for alleged distribution of “counterfeit, illicit and unlicensed software and software components”.
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Sanyo, IBM develop ThinkPad fuel cell

Sanyo and IBM today said they will jointly research and develop a fuel-cell power system for notebook PCs.
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MS, Sony pick 16 May for next-gen console launches

The waiting will be over on 16 May. On that day, at 3PM PST, Sony will take the wraps off PlayStation 3. Three hours later, Microsoft will unveil Xbox 2.
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WiMAX summit: 'Standards-plus' could harm 802.16 roadmap

This week saw the WiMAX community gathered in force at the WiMAX Summit in Paris, France. It quickly emerged that the issue preoccupying both vendors and potential operators is the road to mobility and exactly how the transition to the forthcoming 802.l6e mobile standard will be achieved. With a key WiMAX Forum meeting to be held in the coming week in Spain, and 802.16e set to be ratified this year, it is essential to the uptake of the platform that the route to mobility is clarified as soon as possible.
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Fiona Apple saga shows Sony's core dilemma

Comment You think that record companies are all geared up for the 21st century, and that the fact that online downloads will count towards the Official Chart Countdown means that they're au fait with the online future - right? That they realise that you can make a profit by continually selling a small number of digital copies of songs, because there's no cost of replication, compared to CDs - right?
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Microsoft goes after Blackberry with Magneto

We have seen before how mobile email infrastructure is the first key battlefield in the fight to control the wireless enterprise market. Recently, Microsoft has backed away from ambitions to make Windows devices universal in the corporate sector, recognizing the presence of new clients such as smartphones, but it is relentless in its determination to dominate the middleware that delivers key applications to those clients, with email being the first one to be deployed by most companies. Conversely, its challenger Nokia has stopped trying to exclude Windows and .Net from the enterprise picture and is working to integrate its own software and device platforms with important Microsoft technologies like Exchange.
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Porn, Dubai and Bluetooth phone hacking...

The latest Bluetooth scare is that if you go to the United Arab Emirates, someone might hack your phone, implant porn on it, and you'd end up in jail.
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Business Serve hops on VoIP bandwagon

Lancaster-based ISP Business Serve is launching a broadband telephony service next month after teaming up with broadband hardware manufacturer Zyxel Communications UK.

Ingram Micro cuts jobs and costs

Distributor Ingram Micro is looking for annual savings of $25m a year at its North American operation and will offshore some processes and cut jobs to make it happen.
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Heise ordered to remove link to Slysoft.com

A Munich court has ruled that German news site Heise Online was wrong to publish a link to Slysoft.com, a company that advertises software that can play, copy and rip protected audio CDs. In January the German IT site received a writ from the German music industry preventing it from publishing links to the company.
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Two bidders for stricken Scottish games maker

Two possible bidders have emerged for Scottish games company Vis Entertainment after it went into administration last week.
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MS to launch Xbox 2 on 12 May

Microsoft won't play second fiddle to Sony next month, the company tacitly said today. It will launch Xbox 2 in a half-hour show on MTV four days before its rival reveals the PlayStation 3.
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Microsoft pays Gateway to go away

Ailing computer maker Gateway got some good news today - Microsoft agreed to pay the firm $150m.
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Green light for tests on really big telescope designs

European scientists have been given the green light to go ahead with testing designs for a new generation of ground-based telescopes that will be capable of seeing the universe in more detail than Hubble can.
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Broadband under a tenner at UK Online

UK Online - EasyNet's ISP - is cutting the cost of its unbundled broadband service. The ISP says it's not a gimmick, a loss-leader or a short-term time limited offer.
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Stern response to Otto's HP musings

Letters Some of you may have noticed that El Reg has appointed a new regular columnist, the inimitable Otto Z. Stern.
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Linus Torvalds in bizarre attack on open source

Normally we expect an attack on free software to come from one of the usual suspects: payola analysts, right wing “think tanks”, or Steve Ballmer. So it’s an odd day when Linus Torvalds himself weighs in against the principles of the movement.

Sun's Becky Box four-pack leaks

The first details of Sun Microsystems "Becky Boxes" have emerged. Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim rejoined the company, via an acquisition, last year.