11th April 2005 Archive

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  • Seven snaps up Smartner

    Mobile mail wars heat up

    Mobile 11 07:07

  • Computacenter wins £8m Highways Agency deal

    Patrolling England's motorways

    Policy 11 07:45

  • Indian call centre staff nicked for fraud

    'Go on, tell us your Pin number...'

    Management 11 08:15

  • Google bosses work for a buck. A year

    Pity the poor billionaires...

    Financial News 11 08:19

  • Asian century dawns for IT industry

    It's like two pagodas apparently...

    Financial News 11 09:29

  • Swansea IT staff warn of 'done deal'

    Threaten strike action

    Management 11 10:09

  • Intel to launch dual-core Pentium 'next week'

    Grabbing AMD by the dualies?

    PCs 11 10:24

  • Scientists go mad for optical sensors

    How to tell if your building is exploding

    Science 11 10:40

  • Intel confirms 'Conroe'

    Names chip but refuses to spill beans

    PCs 11 10:45

  • US hospital loses patient info

    Oh dear, oh dear

    Security 11 10:48

  • Access buys Irish reseller

    Access all areas

    The Channel 11 11:10

  • Pipex reports magic year

    Just like that

    Financial News 11 11:11

  • Verizon buys slice of MCI

    It's not hostile but it's not exactly friendly

    Financial News 11 11:14

  • MIT and Quanta want to take seams out of computing

    Automating the boring bits

    PCs 11 11:20

  • Microsoft sues eight resellers over counterfeiting

    'Hurts the honest businesses'

    Software 11 11:48

  • Sanyo, IBM develop ThinkPad fuel cell

    Prototype today, shipping product... when?

    PCs 11 12:33

  • MS, Sony pick 16 May for next-gen console launches

    PS3 to beat Xbox 2 by three hours

    Consoles 11 12:42

  • WiMAX summit: 'Standards-plus' could harm 802.16 roadmap

    But which roadmap will be followed?

    Broadband 11 13:22

  • Fiona Apple saga shows Sony's core dilemma

    Disc rejected, online distribution too

    Financial News 11 13:48

  • Microsoft goes after Blackberry with Magneto

    Takes RIMshot

    Software 11 13:49

  • Porn, Dubai and Bluetooth phone hacking...

    A scam that is long in the tooth

    Mobile 11 14:05

  • Business Serve hops on VoIP bandwagon

    Cheap calls etc

    VoIP 11 14:14

  • Ingram Micro cuts jobs and costs

    Cutting $25m a year

    Financial News 11 14:36

  • Heise ordered to remove link to Slysoft.com

    'Aider and abettor' to CD ripping

    Media 11 15:18

  • Two bidders for stricken Scottish games maker

    SOE firm may be saved

    Financial News 11 15:23

  • MS to launch Xbox 2 on 12 May

    TV spectacular planned for console's debut

    Consoles 11 15:28

  • Microsoft pays Gateway to go away

    Legal action settled

    Software 11 15:40

  • Green light for tests on really big telescope designs

    More mirrors than Stringfellows

    Science 11 15:54

  • Broadband under a tenner at UK Online

    Proves LLU competition works

    Broadband 11 16:02

  • Stern response to Otto's HP musings

    Is he for real?

    Letters 11 16:18

  • Linus Torvalds in bizarre attack on open source

    Do as I say, not do as I do

    Software 11 21:18

  • Sun's Becky Box four-pack leaks

    Founder's Opteron designs emerge

    Servers 11 21:52