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EFF honors EFF founder with EFF award

The Electronic Frontier Foundation announced its prestigious Pioneer Awards today, and one of the three lucky winners for 2005 is Mitch Kapor. That's the same Mitch Kapor who founded Lotus, and um, the ... Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Apr 2005

TSMC, UMC Q1 sales slide

TSMC, the world's biggest chip foundry, and arch-rival, UMC, yesterday both reported big drops in output and sales for the first three months of the new year.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2005

MI5's computers will be over budget and under-powered

MI5's new computer system will go over budget by at least 50 per cent, according to a report (pdf) released yesterday by the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee. This being a report from an intelligence committee, the actual cost of the system (planned or otherwise) is not made public.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Apr 2005

AMD 'on schedule' for 2006 65nm 300mm production

AMD has begun producing 300mm wafers at its Dresden, Germany-located Fab 36 plant, a key step in its plan to enter full-scale production next year.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2005

Apple signs 'widescreen iBook' contract

Recent rumours that Apple is preparing to update its consumer hardware product lines were given added weight today when sources close to Taiwanese contract manufacturer Quanta claimed it has won a deal to make a new, widescreen iBook.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2005

ANT - trying not to be tiny in a big IPTV world

analysisAny company calling itself ANT is bound to have to put up with comments about its size, but despite its dominance of the IP set top browser market, the company cite very small.
Faultline, 08 Apr 2005

Reg hack goes mad on Rockall - again

Regular readers will know that we at El Reg are not afraid of a quick challenge in aid of charity. Indeed, I myself recently completed a short jaunt from Plymouth to Banjul in a twenty quid van - helping to raise loads of lovely cash for a variety of projects in Gambia.
John Oates, 08 Apr 2005

DNS attacks attempt to mislead consumers

Employees at more than 500 companies have fallen victim to domain attacks in the last month, underscoring the increasing popularity of the tactic among Internet fraudsters, security experts said this week.
Robert Lemos, 08 Apr 2005

BMW brings Wi-Fi to London showrooms

BMW is to roll out public Wi-Fi Internet access at three of its London showrooms and service centres, the motor manufacturer said today.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2005

Napster users sharing passwords to save cash

Once again, Napster has raised its revenue expectations, with the company's fourth quarter forecast rising from $14-15m to the most recent prediction of $16.5-17.5m. Napster has gained 143,000 new subscribers, making a grand total of 410,000. And nearly a third of Napster's US subscribers (56,000) are at universities - which means that the company's strategy of marketing towards colleges is succeeding, even if those subscriptions may be heavily subsidised.
MusicAlly.com, 08 Apr 2005

Men like video games: official

The very latest figures from research group Nielsen Entertainment confirm that - in the same way that sky is blue and the sea notably wet - men like video games and are spending increasing amounts of wonga to feed their lust for console-based gratification.
Lester Haines, 08 Apr 2005

Further adjournment in 'DEC hacking' case

A 17 May hearing is due to set a trial date for an east London man accused of attempting to hack into the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) website.
John Leyden, 08 Apr 2005

The intelligent data storage imperative

AnalysisStoring data intelligently has suddenly become a major imperative for companies. How you handle replication and redundancy is becoming a critical factor. The reason that Information Lifecycle Management has become one of the focuses of the IT industry is that the amount of data we store is growing at an alarming pace. The world produced about 5 exabytes of new data per year (that's five million terabytes) and the rate of growth is about 30 per cent - at least that's what Hal Valarian's researchers at the University of Berkeley in California tell us. Now some of this is not data that many organizations store much of (video and audio), but a great deal of it is - website content and email being the main culprits.
Robin Bloor, 08 Apr 2005

Eight patches lined up for MS April patch batch

Microsoft is due to publish critical updates for Office and MSN Messenger when it delivers its next batch of security updates next Tuesday (12 April). Five patches addressing flaws in Windows and an update for Microsoft Exchange will also feature in Microsoft's plans to deliver a total of eight patches next week.
John Leyden, 08 Apr 2005

Dell projects more revenue growth

Dell has announced that it expects to meets its forecast for the first quarter 2005 with revenues of $13.4bn, up 16 per cent from a year ago.
ElectricNews.net, 08 Apr 2005

WTO rules in online gambling dispute

US gamblers should be allowed to splash their money around in the Caribbean’s online casinos, the World Trade Organization has decided.
Joe Fay, 08 Apr 2005

Rare Dell critics spotted circling over Austin

For the first time in ages, the famed "Dell model" has come into question.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Apr 2005

Sony sells 600,000 US PSPs in first week

Sony sold half a million PlayStation Portables in the first two days of the handheld games console's US release, the consumer electronics giant said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2005

CA taps Concord for network management push

Computer Associates announced plans on Thursday to buy network service management software firm Concord Communications in a deal valued at $350m. CA is offering to pay $330m in cash for Concord and to assume approximately $20m in net debt from its acquisition target.
John Leyden, 08 Apr 2005

Elpida slashes FY2004 income forecast

Elpida has warned that its FY2004 income will fall below its previous expectations on the back of a drop in sales - and the decision to set aside funds against possible fines for its alleged participation in a price-fixing cartel.
Tony Smith, 08 Apr 2005

Promotional penis pops up on eBay

A hard-up UK eBayer is offering his penis as permanent advertising space - for a starting bid of £3,000. The "genuine auction" vendor explains: "I will have my penis permanently tatooed for advertising your internet company logo," and adds: "If they wish, the winning company of the bid may film the Tattoo being created - this could be streamed live from their website as well as use the footage for later promotions."
Lester Haines, 08 Apr 2005

Borland to miss Q1 targets

Borland Software has warned that it will likely miss its targets for the first quarter of 2005, and is now predicting revenue of between $70-$72m for the period, and a net loss of between one and three cents per share.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Apr 2005
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NHS squeezes Accenture margins

Accenture comfortably outstripped Wall Street expectations for Q2, posting record revenues for the quarter ending 28 February. The computer services firm had revenues of $3.81bn, $100m higher than consensus forecasts, and advancing 15 per cent on last year (Q2 2004: $3.3bn). Analysts attribute the sales jump to a rebound in management consultancy revenues and a weaker dollar.
Team Register, 08 Apr 2005

BT gets the Bluephone blues

The idea of using a single phone to connect to cellular networks and also to connect over the internet at home is an attractive proposition - but the BT project nearing completion at its Adastral park research centre is already known to be a dud.
Guy Kewney, 08 Apr 2005
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Informatica responds to IBM

The market for federated queries (or EII – enterprise information integration) is hotting up. First, Informatica announced that it would have a complete federated query solution in 18 months' time. Then IBM announced that it was acquiring Ascential, positioning the product very much alongside its WebSphere (previously DB2) Information Integrator offering. Now Informatica has disclosed that its plans in this area were based on a partnership with Composite Software and that it is now bringing that forward, to the extent that Informatica will be reselling Composite's federated solution in conjunction with PowerCenter.
Philip Howard, 08 Apr 2005
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Trojan leaps from bogus Windows Update site

Hackers set up a fake Microsoft security update website in order to dupe unsuspecting Windows users into visiting a site riddled with malicious code. The bogus site, hosted in Canada, is currently down but security experts warn it would be easy for virus writers to repeat the trick.
John Leyden, 08 Apr 2005

Atlas shifting, browser patching, patent filing madness

LettersJust when you think you know where you are, someone goes and moves the map a few hundred miles to the left, and before you know it, instead of Switzerland, you are in Belarus. Possibly.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Apr 2005

Gizmondo handheld games console

ReviewI want to be nice, I really do, and I want to like the Gizmondo, because it's brave for an independent company to try and launch a handheld games device at the same time as Nintendo and Sony are slugging it out for mobile market supremacy. I'll praise the design by Rick Dickinson, the man who brought us the Sinclair Spectrum, I'll rave about of the quality of Flextronics' manufacturing and the carefully created GUI from the Swedish company TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) because the Gizmondo does look great. The body is something you intuitively want to pick up and play with, writes Charlie Brewer.
Pocket Lint, 08 Apr 2005

Parrot recruits Kipper

Friday fun from Businesswire: Bluetooth car kit outfit Parrot has appointed Jon Kipper "as Executive Vice President of Automotive Business Development".
Lester Haines, 08 Apr 2005

VeriSign responds to .net report criticisms

VeriSign has posted its response to the ongoing dispute over Telcordia's report into .net ownership, but surprised observers by launching into a rant against a rival bidder.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Apr 2005

Europe will land on Mars in 2013

The European Space Agency (ESA) has confirmed that it plans to send another mission to land on Mars, as part of the pan-European Aurora programme to explore the solar system.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Apr 2005

Blocking online cigarette sales threatens us all

And ninethlySmokers don't like being told what to do, particularly by people who don't understand why they smoke and dismiss smokers as mere idiots - Allen Carr
Otto Z. Stern, 08 Apr 2005
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HP, Sun and IBM ready to roll with dual-core Opteron gear

HP, Sun Microsystems and IBM are waiting in desperation to release new servers based on AMD's dual-core Opteron chip. The vendors will get some relief when they show off the fresh kit on April 22 at an AMD product launch/Opteron anniversary event. The New York gig will be hopping with every server vendor that counts - except Dell - showing product based on AMD's new dual-core dandy.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Apr 2005
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Nine years in slammer for US spammer

A Virginia circuit judge has sentenced a convicted spammer to nine years in jail, the first custodial sentence to be issued to a bulk emailer in the United States. A jury was convinced that Jeremy Jaynes of North Carolina fell foul of a law only enacted two weeks ago.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Apr 2005

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