8th April 2005 Archive

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  • EFF honors EFF founder with EFF award

    'Effing brilliant

    Bootnotes 08 07:04

  • TSMC, UMC Q1 sales slide

    March revenues a sign for optimism?

    Financial News 08 09:48

  • MI5's computers will be over budget and under-powered

    Nothing to be Smiley about

    Management 08 09:49

  • AMD 'on schedule' for 2006 65nm 300mm production

    Fab 36 pumping out test wafers as we speak

    System Builder 08 09:52

  • Apple signs 'widescreen iBook' contract

    More hints of HD-friendly kit to come?

    Mac Channel 08 09:59

  • ANT - trying not to be tiny in a big IPTV world

    ANT music

    Developer 08 10:08

  • Those Gizmondo compo winners in full

    You lucky, lucky people

    Site News 08 10:27

  • Reg hack goes mad on Rockall - again

    More North Atlantic charity madness

    Bootnotes 08 10:32

  • DNS attacks attempt to mislead consumers

    Redirects to hacker-owned sites

    Security 08 10:34

  • BMW brings Wi-Fi to London showrooms

    Beemer me up, Scotty

    Broadband 08 10:55

  • The Register publishes ABC ELECTRONIC audit

    Walking it like we talk it

    The Company 08 11:06

  • Napster users sharing passwords to save cash

    Even though Napster says they can't

    Media 08 11:09

  • Men like video games: official

    Sky also blue, sea wet, etc, etc

    Consoles 08 11:17

  • Further adjournment in 'DEC hacking' case

    Wheels of justice slowly turn

    Security 08 11:23

  • The intelligent data storage imperative

    Information Lifecycle Management

    Storage 08 11:38

  • Eight patches lined up for MS April patch batch

    Yes, it's that time of the month

    Software 08 11:53

  • Dell projects more revenue growth

    No surprise there then

    Financial News 08 12:20

  • WTO rules in online gambling dispute

    Roll-up, roll-up, everyone's a winner in this game

    Media 08 13:14

  • Rare Dell critics spotted circling over Austin

    Not extinct and inquisitive as all hell

    Financial News 08 13:32

  • Sony sells 600,000 US PSPs in first week

    Faster rate than Nintendo DS

    Consoles 08 13:37

  • CA taps Concord for network management push

    Back to the future

    Applications 08 13:40

  • Elpida slashes FY2004 income forecast

    Cash set aside against possible DoJ price-fix probe fines

    Financial News 08 13:49

  • Promotional penis pops up on eBay

    Hard-up up Brit flogs member

    Media 08 13:54

  • Borland to miss Q1 targets

    Slow closures blamed

    Financial News 08 14:13

  • NHS squeezes Accenture margins

    Record sales though

    Financial News 08 14:16

  • BT gets the Bluephone blues

    Presses ahead with 'dud' project

    Broadband 08 14:19

  • Informatica responds to IBM

    Federated queries market hots up

    Applications 08 14:23

  • Trojan leaps from bogus Windows Update site

    Risky business

    Security 08 14:59

  • Atlas shifting, browser patching, patent filing madness

    It's very silly today

    Letters 08 15:15

  • Gizmondo handheld games console

    Time for Sony, Nintendo and Tapwave to tremble?

    Reviews 08 15:22

  • Parrot recruits Kipper

    A Monty Python PR department exclusive

    Bootnotes 08 16:14

  • VeriSign responds to .net report criticisms

    Plus a brief rundown of what happens next

    Financial News 08 16:40

  • Europe will land on Mars in 2013

    Funds permitting

    Science 08 16:45

  • Blocking online cigarette sales threatens us all

    My Aunt died so you can smoke cheap

    Bootnotes 08 17:00

  • HP, Sun and IBM ready to roll with dual-core Opteron gear

    Dell the single-core loner

    Servers 08 19:47

  • Nine years in slammer for US spammer

    Suspended on appeal

    Security 08 20:53