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Desktop Linux vs. Windows - don't get emotional

Reg Reader Studies You've seen the raw figures behind Quocirca's look at why companies choose Windows over Linux or vice versa. Now, you're ready for the rationale - the real decision-making meat and potatoes that push a company toward or away from Linux.

Police hard drive sold on eBay

A computer hard drive, containing confidential data from the Brandenburg police in Germany, has been auctioned over eBay for €20, according to a report by Spiegel, a leading weekly German newspaper. It was bought by a student.
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Chip maker Centaur out-paces Intel, Samsung

It's official: semiconductor developer Centaur, part of VIA, has rival chip maker Intel licked. Yes, the processor giant proved less fleet of foot than its considerably smaller rival... during the 28th Statesman Capitol 10,000 race this past weekend.
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Sony patents brain controller

Sony has been awarded a patent for a technology that could conjure up smells, tastes and other sensations in the brains of movie-goers. Specifically, the patent (US Patent 6,729,337) covers "a method for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex".
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Microsoft CFO has left the building

John Connors finally handed back his Microsoft ID badge last week, leaving the software giant without a CFO, for the time being at least.
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TDC sniffing around Colt - report

Danish telco TDC has declined to comment on a press report that it could be interested in snapping up Colt Telecom.
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Former PC tycoon faces jail over fraud

Former PC tycoon Charles Forsyth, who fled the UK in 2002 during a Serious Fraud Office investigation into the collapse of his company, Personal Computer Science (PCS), was warned yesterday to prepare for prison, after he pleaded guilty to fraudulent trading charges.
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IDC sees slow year for IT in Europe

Companies across Europe will not be increasing their IT budgets in 2005 with the same enthusiasm as in recent years, according to analyst house IDC. The firm predicts that the IT sector will see "modest" growth of around four per cent this yeaer, as companies deal with the economic fallout of currency fluctuations, high oil prices and rising unemployment.
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Napster UK touts TV, laptop promos

Napster UK announced a pair of promotional deals this week, one targeting TV viewers, the other notebook buyers.
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Hotel webcam for Charles' happy day

The big day is almost upon us. Come Saturday, the eyes of the land will be trained on one spot. No, not Bechers Brook, we’re talking Windsor, where Charles and Camilla will finally tie the knot.
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Cracked insulation delays shuttle roll-out

The Space Shuttle Discovery was set to begin its journey to the launch pad yesterday, but its departure was delayed when hairline crack was found in the foam insulation on the external fuel tanks. After a two hour delay, during which engineers examined the crack and judged it safe, the craft finally rolled out of the assembly building.

US tops junk mail list of shame - again

The US has once again topped a list of spam producing countries. One in three (35.7 per cent) of the spam messages intercepted by security firm Sophos's global network of spam traps between January and March 2005 came from the USA. South Korea, second in the chart, accounted for a further 25 per cent of junk messages, with third place China accounting for 9.7 per cent of spam email trapped by Sophos.
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O2 and EasyAir avoid High Court spat

EasyAir Limited and O2 have reached an out of court settlement and agreed not to press ahead with legal action against one another.
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Congress moots mandatory DRM scheme

The US Congress is pondering laws to force digital music companies to use a single, unified DRM system, in order to allow songs purchased from any download service to run on any hardware.

Kingston unveils 'fastest' DDR 2 DIMMs

Memory vendor Kingston Technology today said it had started shipping what it claims are the world's first DDR 2 DIMMs clocked to 750MHz.
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eBay deletes 'buy my vote' auctions

Election 2005 Ebay has begun deleting auctions selling votes for the forthcoming UK general election.

Dating site hack suspect arrested

Police last week arrested a 37-year-old man from Sheffield on suspicion of hacking into the website of London dating agency loveandfriends.com. The unnamed suspect allegedly hacked into the site, took control of a small number of member's profiles (which were defaced), and made demands for payment in exchange for holding off on threats to delete the firm's database.
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Eidos board backs SCi bid

The board of troubled UK games publisher Eidos has recommended the company's shareholders accept the bid launched on 22 March by rival publisher SCi. The board had previously backed an offer from investment group Elevation Partners.
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Mio 268 GPS navigation system

Review The price of satellite navigation kit is has fallen to an affordable level, but does this mean corners have been cut? I put the latest entry-level GPS from Mio to the ultimate test: a British Easter Bank Holiday weekend, writes Stuart Miles.
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Not voting? Tell the world you're notapathetic.com

Election 2005 Is all the election madness is getting to you already? (Have you no stamina?). Maybe you're not overly enamoured with the political process in Blighty, and think politicians have the listening capacity of the average brick wall and feel like boycotting the whole thing.
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Fujitsu says size doesn't matter in Itanium server game

Fujitsu did a bit of disappointing this week when it announced new Itanium systems that are later and smaller than expected.
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Mosaid sues Infineon - again

Ottawa, Canada-based chip technology developer Mosaid has sued Infineon, claiming the German memory maker has infringed three of its patents.
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Former PC tycoon jailed for fraud

Charles Forsyth, who fled the UK in 2002 during a Serious Fraud Office investigation into the collapse of his company Personal Computer Science (PCS), has been jailed for three and a half years for fraud offences.
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Bulldog service suffers 'performance issue'

Bulldog - the broadband ISP of Cable & Wireless - says that a "performance issue" that hit part of its network in London will be sorted by the end of the day.
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MPs call for radical reform of UK university science

The House of Commons select committee for science and technology has called for a radical reform in the way universities organise and fund the teaching of science subjects.
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More criticism piled on .Net report

The furore surrounding the report on .net ownership has intensified with another highly critical assessment by one of the bidders, and ICANN sticking to its guns.

Can compliance-challenged Veritas sell compliance?

Can you sell regulatory compliance software and services when your own company has trouble meeting regulatory demands? That's the question Veritas CEO Gary Bloom must be asking himself this week.
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Life on earth follows 62 million year cycle

Life on earth follows a mysterious 62 million year cycle that has left researchers stumped for an explanation.
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AOL launches VoIP

AOL has made its much anticipated jump into the internet telephony business, unveiling a number of calling plans designed both to keep existing subscribers and win new business in the US.