6th April 2005 Archive

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  • IKEA hoax a bright spot in dystopian week

    And has anyone seen the Bahamas?

    Letters 06 00:31

  • Azlan goes a bundle on security services

    Reseller add-ons

    The Channel 06 06:48

  • Napster subscriber tally tops 410,000

    But how long with they stay subscribers?

    Financial News 06 06:53

  • Woman to lead UK fight against cybercrime

    NHTCU gets new governor, website revamp

    Security 06 07:27

  • Yahoo! and Google's top brass cash in

    Stock warning - snouts in the trough

    Financial News 06 07:28

  • C2000 gets new print boss

    Man from Tosh...

    The Channel 06 08:00

  • US still in midst of hi-tech powered super boom - pundit

    Productive in cheap clothes

    Financial News 06 08:00

  • Software group joins EC's MS crusade

    Big Blue, Nokia and Oracle weigh in behind EC case

    Operating Systems 06 08:17

  • On IBM and native XML

    Abusing the natives

    Developer 06 09:03

  • RIM edges into Q4 loss

    Subscriber wins, tax gains ease effect of NTP settlement costs

    Financial News 06 09:40

  • Linux versus XP on the desktop: Reg readers speak

    Reader survey results...

    Applications 06 09:51

  • MCI rejects Qwest, cuddles up to Verizon

    Better to have loved and lost...

    Financial News 06 09:55

  • Ericsson hacker jailed for three years

    'Gissa job' industrial spy sent to Swedish slammer

    Media 06 10:15

  • Sony adds hard drive 'airbag' to MP3 player

    Drop it and your music's safe, apparently

    Peripherals 06 10:39

  • Tiscali confirms sale of French opo - finally

    Telecom Italia snaps up Liberty Surf

    Financial News 06 10:42

  • First galaxies arrived early, and overweight

    Infrared is the new black, dahling

    Science 06 10:52

  • RSA warns on profits

    Security firm misses targets

    Financial News 06 11:08

  • Apple Japan opens buy-by-phone iPod shop

    Still no Music Store, though

    Mac Channel 06 11:15

  • Movie downloads will be a big business... but for whom?

    Riders and runners

    Financial News 06 11:52

  • Extend your Unix skills

    'Unix Advanced' at 30% off

    Site News 06 13:51

  • Demon jobs on line at Glasgow tech support

    'Business efficiency review'

    Business 06 13:52

  • Exoplanet 'more likely to be brown dwarf'

    Nice pictures, but don't get too excited

    Science 06 13:57

  • CA reorganisation puts emphasis on security

    Trimming the sails

    Applications 06 14:01

  • Hacker law change gets ‘elevator pitch’ in parliament

    Famous for 10 minutes

    Security 06 14:14

  • Aigo P880 20GB MP3 photo player

    Does music too

    Reviews 06 14:35

  • BT, UK Wi-Fi network enter roaming pact

    Telco's hotspot tally rises to 7,800-plus

    Broadband 06 14:44

  • Hynix creditors to cede control early - report

    Management may take charge this year

    Financial News 06 14:51

  • Another 18 months for Mars rovers

    Keep on truckin'

    Science 06 14:56

  • Homeland Security blows $16m prepping for apocalypse

    Duct tape and sheet plastic writ large

    Bootnotes 06 15:14

  • Clarke confirms disappearance, and reappearance, of ID cards

    Just like that...

    Media 06 15:15

  • Next Stop: Gizmoville

    The week's other coolest gadgets

    Peripherals 06 16:01

  • Feds beg Congress to expand PATRIOT Act

    You'd be dead already without it

    Media 06 16:14

  • IBM hands over NAS duties to NetApp in mega storage tie-up

    It's an EMC hate thang

    Storage 06 16:18

  • MPs 'unconvinced' about need to break-up BT

    Concerns raised about LLU pricing though

    Financial News 06 16:22

  • Browser bugs sprout eternal

    Fresh vulns for Firefox and IE

    Security 06 16:28

  • Save the world, buy green stuff online

    Do the hippy hippy shop

    Media 06 16:32

  • Oh Woe is Siebel

    'We did not expect the results to be this low'

    Applications 06 16:36

  • Mobile Trojan kills smart phones

    Warez doodz beware

    Security 06 16:42

  • Linus Torvalds defers closed source crunch

    Key kernel tool gets proprietary

    Operating Systems 06 21:44

  • Does regulation work? 'Don't ask me,' says former SEC chief

    Just over-comply, Pitt tells financial services biz

    Servers 06 22:02

  • MS antitrust: IBM, Nokia, Oracle enter the fray

    Redmond doesn't speak for us

    Software 06 22:58

  • Vintage computer docs under the hammer

    See what made Robbie the Robot tick

    Vintage 06 23:14