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Bank of America sells flagpoles as cellular masts

Project America - it has a resoundingly fervent sound with the patriotism echoing, the Stars and Stripes and apple pie in the background... which appears to be Bank of America's way of getting a project under way which might be unpopular with the general public.
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Join Microsoft. Save the world

A party in a gay club was followed up by a recruitment pitch by Microsoft at last week's Black Hat Conference in Amsterdam. After enjoying the bohemian delights of Digital Darkness - such as shackles on the wall and heavily pixelated porn beamed onto the ceiling - the assorted hackers, pen testers and bug finders at the invite-only gig were given fliers (transcript below) inviting them to join the world's biggest software company.
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Database rootkit menace looms

Crackers are developing more sophisticated techniques for take over the control of corporate databases using malicious code akin to malware already common on Unix platforms. The threat also applies to repository-based software such as CRM systems and web applications, creating a need for new security tools, according to Alexander Kombrust of Red Database Security.
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Hacking Google for fun and profit

Insecure websites are not the only venues at risk from Google-hacking. Network hardware can be hacked, cached printing pages can be perused and security cameras snooped on thanks to evolutions in attack techniques that are dumbing down network attacks.
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Hutchison hit by 3G costs

Hutchison Whampoa saw profits hit hard by continuing losses from its 3G business late last week.
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Google's Gmail grows again

Google is doubling the size of mailboxes for its email subscribers to try and regain the initiative against Yahoo - which announced last week it is matching Google's 1GB storage.
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World Cup tickets will contain RFID chips

The 3.2 million tickets for the World Cup in Germany next year will each contain an RFID chip. FT Deutschland last week reported that Philips will manufacture the chip, which FIFA hopes will guard them against forgeries and the black market. The first phase of ticket sales - 812,000 tickets - will be through a draw from applications received by 31 March.
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World chip sales down in February

Global chip sales fell fractionally during February, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said today after revising January's total upward.
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Smug BT crows about broadband numbers

BT's acting all smug today after announcing it will pass it five million broadband connection milestone this week - a year ahead of schedule. Marking the landmark today the former monopoly even managed to get a backslapping quote from PM Tony Blair.
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UK Wi-Fi network nabs German WISP

UK Wi-Fi network The Cloud has become Germany's third-largest WISP by acquiring local player Airnyx, the company said today.
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Open source databases - a sword that cuts both ways?

Is open source strategic? This is a question that every company thinking about the use of open source products needs to face. If open source is strategic then, like any other strategic resource, it needs to be managed: you need to have a specific strategy for open source products.
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ATI to announce R520 'in June'

ATI will announce its next-generation graphics chip, the R520, early in June, possibly during the Computex show in Taiwan.

JVC unveils first one-side, two-layer DVD-RW disc

JVC today said it has created the world's first single-sided, dual-layer DVD-RW disc, boosting the format's storage capacity from 4.7GB to 8.5GB.
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T-Mobile to cut tariffs - report

T-Mobile looks set to join the price war in the UK's mobile phone industry by cutting tariffs.
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Do you like sex and rock music?

If you're female, a bit of a looker, around five feet tall and don't mind selling yourself into sexual slavery in return for a Glastonbury Festival ticket, then one eBayer is offering a lucky girl the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get down and dirty at the world's premier rockfest.

Redstone buys Xpert for £25.5m

Redstone, the UK telecoms provider, is beefing up its data networking business with the £25.5m cash and shares acquisition of Xpert Group.
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Gov.uk backs open source drive

The Government has funded a ground-breaking new venture to accelerate the use of open source software (OSS) throughout local government.
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Civil liberty group pans EU biometrics plans

Civil liberties groups have condemned an EU study on the possible social impact of biometric technologies – including fingerprint, iris and face recognition – as "technologically determinist" and say it puts economics and profit above liberties and privacy.
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Microsoft takeover bid goes to court

The former marketing boss of Groove Networks is taking the company to court to try and stop it being taken over by Microsoft.
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Matsushita, LG calm plasma patent clash

Last November's plasma display patents dispute between South Korea's LG Electronics and Japan's Matsushita has been resolved, it has been reported in the Japanese press.
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McAfee sees accounting weakness

Anti-virus provider McAfee has become the latest company to warn the stock market that its accounting procedures could fall foul of US accounting laws.
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Trojan phishing suspect hauled in

An Estonian man suspected of plundering millions from hundreds of online bank accounts accounts across Europe was arrested last week. AP reports that the unnamed 24 year-old allegedly used a sophisticated Trojan in order to monitor the keystrokes on victims' PCs and extract confidential banking passwords that allowed him to plunder online accounts.

PalmSource sees red as device sales decline

Palm OS developer PalmSource slid into the red during its third fiscal quarter after a fall in device shipments hit its royalty revenues. The company's licensees shipped 30 per cent fewer Palm OS-based handhelds than they did in the year-ago quarter.
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MS moves Switzerland to Russia

Any reader who doubts the sheer raw power of Microsoft's Windows Server System is advised that it has the potential to relocate entire nations thousands of miles. Check out these extracts from a current ad for the earth-moving Redmond product:
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MCI mulls latest Qwest offer

MCI is mulling the latest offer from Qwest, according to the reports from the US. It has until midnight Tuesday to accept or Qwest said it would pull its offer, paving the way for a possible hostile take-over.

NEC swaps PCs for trees

Environmentalist PC users in Japan who sell their old PCs back to NEC for "refreshing" can revel in the knowledge that they are now even more environmentally friendly than they thought, thanks to a new "afforestation" project NEC is running.
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Dell Latitude D410 sub-notebook

Review Dell's Latitude D410 is based on the latest version of Intel's Centrino notebook platform, 'Sonoma', which brings support for PCI Express, Serial ATA hard disks, DDR 2 memory and the new Express Card format. However, the D410 employs only two of these - PCI Express and DDR 2, writes Benny Har-Even.

Microsoft Business Solutions gets new UK head

Microsoft has appointed Paul White as product group director of its Business Solutions division.
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Carjackers swipe biometric Merc, plus owner's finger

A Malaysian businessman has lost a finger to car thieves impatient to get around his Mercedes' fingerprint security system. Accountant K Kumaran, the BBC reports, had at first been forced to start the S-class Merc, but when the carjackers wanted to start it again without having him along, they chopped off the end of his index finger with a machete.
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Meet hi-tech white van businessman

A UK businessman is stumping up a cool £250,000 for a hi-tech mobile office/home which will simultaneously feed his wanderlust and the requirements of his peripatetic business.
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.Net report was fudged

The controversial report over ownership of the .net registry was fudged and the evidence is contained within the report itself.

Three quarters of corporate PCs shun SP2

Only a quarter of corporate PCs running Windows XP have upgraded to SP2 (Service Pack 2), according to a survey out this week. The study by asset management outfit AssetMetrix - published days before the deadline for holding back on SP2 installation expires on 12 April - paints a picture of a lack of preparation for a major change in corporate computing infrastructures.
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Hitachi predicts super-drives

Hitachi Global Storage is expected to announce a big breakthrough in storage technology which will allow much more data to be stored on a hard drive.
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US to embrace VoIP

The use of broadband telephony in the US is expected to explode over the next four years as home users hop on the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) bandwagon.
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A cashpoint that gives you verbals

Diebold, the US's largest maker of cashpoint machines, and electronic voting machines, is working with Scansoft to make its machines more useable by blind people.

Rambus offers to quadruple DRAM data access speeds

Rambus has developed a memory technology it claims will yield as much as a fourfold performance gain over standard memory yet can be applied to today's DRAM core designs.

Text me and I'll reply with a virus

Virus writers have created a third mobile phone virus capable of replicating via MMS messages. The Mabir worm, which targets Symbian Series 60 phones, is not spreading, but its ability to propagate via Multimedia Messaging Service messages (MMS) gives cause for concern.
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Fujitsu expected to deliver Itanium giant

Tremble in fear, server vendors. Fujitsu is about to release one of the biggest, baddest Itanium servers around.
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Sun's OpenSolaris marketing term has an advisory board

Linus Torvalds didn't show up to cheerlead for OpenSolaris, but Roy Fielding did.