29th March 2005 Archive

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  • Sony ordered to pay $90.7m in PS2 patent dispute

    US judge suspends death sentence

    Consoles 29 07:53

  • Silent tech majority invites Mickey Mouse to poison P2P

    The killer app that killed innovation

    Media 29 07:59

  • Oracle snaps up security firm

    Larry's shopping spree continues

    Software 29 09:27

  • iTunes.co.uk owner fights on against Apple

    Takes fight, and Nominet, to High Court

    Media 29 10:03

  • First players based on Taiwan's FVD HD disc to ship next month

    Why wait for blue-laser discs?

    System Builder 29 10:15

  • Space-walkers launch 'Nanosatellite'

    While the ISS goes a bit wobbly

    Science 29 10:24

  • Toshiba preps minute-charge 'miracle' battery

    Very short charge time, very long lifespan - and green, too

    Mobile 29 10:30

  • Cops warn of internet fraud

    Let's be careful out there etc

    Media 29 10:36

  • Sungard goes private

    Crumbs! - biggest deal since Nabisco

    Management 29 10:37

  • Qwest sets MCI April 5 deadline

    Get on with it

    Financial News 29 11:46

  • What value your security certification?

    Pundit laments GIAC shake-up

    Management 29 12:00

  • Oz boffins grow stem cells from nose

    Catholic Church-funded research

    Science 29 12:24

  • Quantum crypto comes to Blighty


    Security 29 12:27

  • Mitnick sequel fails to hack it

    The Art of Intrusion

    Management 29 12:41

  • VeriSign wins back .net registry

    Of course it never doubted it in the first place

    Media 29 13:02

  • Creative MuVo V200

    More than a me-too iPod?

    Reviews 29 13:32

  • BT tells industry to 'get on with life'

    Verwaayen speaks

    Financial News 29 14:36

  • Hynix ring-fences $342m against antitrust fines

    Under the mattress for a rainy day

    Financial News 29 14:45

  • ISPs share hacker info

    Big name backing for security network

    Management 29 14:47

  • EC sees tiny increase in women in science jobs

    But not in its own projects

    Science 29 15:06

  • Barclays ATM network takes Sunday off

    No Bank Holiday beer for Barclays customers...

    Management 29 15:09

  • A case for software benchmarking

    Wheat and chaff

    Applications 29 15:33

  • 200 IT workers face O2 axe

    Best get yer coat

    Financial News 29 16:00

  • Cop 'downloaded nude snaps' from suspect's mobile phone

    Body of evidence resurfaces on PDA

    Media 29 16:03

  • HP sues printer-cartridge refillers

    Stink over ink

    The Channel 29 16:13

  • Whiskery stem cells grow skin, muscles and neurons

    Fairly bristling with ideas

    Science 29 16:25

  • Verizon finds $1bn more for MCI

    Still can't match Qwest

    Financial News 29 16:38

  • Passenger screening gimmick stuck at the gate

    'CAPPS-3' not ready for takeoff

    Policy 29 18:13

  • IBM server breaks time - marketing continuum to tie Dell to market

    Reg ordered to fix the past

    Servers 29 18:20

  • HP bets on the Hurd mentality for CEO

    Cash register stud to the rescue

    Data Centre 29 18:33

  • Supremes leery of P2P ban

    Scalia, Breyer weigh chilling effects

    Media 29 20:14

  • Never Hurd of the new HP boss?

    Don't worry! We've read him for you

    Management 29 22:38

  • IBM plans storage blitz on EMC's turf

    New GM's sales pep

    Storage 29 22:49