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Novell gets suite on SMEs

Novell is going after the small business market with what's billed as the first Linux suite for SMEs. Novell Linux Small Business Suite 9 is designed to offer an alternative to Windows as a "server-to-desktop" Linux bundle tailored to the needs of smaller firms.
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HP hooks Snapfish.com

HP is buying online photo storing and developing website Snapfish.com. The deal comes just a day after Yahoo bought Flickr - another leading online photo firm.
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eBayer seeks to exorcise voodoo cuddly toy

Those readers who feel that their lives are lacking a little excitement may well be interested in snapping up a possessed Stitch teddy bear which has terrorised a Canadian family to the point that they are now compelled to take the only course of action left to them - offload the voodoo devil cuddly toy on eBay before it decapitates the entire clan in an blood-splattered slashfest of mindless, knife-driven violence.
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Bono to buy Eidos

US venture capital company Elevation Partners is to buy UK games publisher Eidos for $135m (£71m), it emerged last night.

Oracle wins Retek bidding war

Larry Ellison's Oracle has fought off bitter competition from SAP to buy retail software specialist Retek for $630m.
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Apple plugs PyMusique iTunes 'hole'

It was always too good to last. Apple has stamped on an attempt to make it possible to purchase songs from the company's iTunes Music Store without having DRM restrictions added to the downloads.
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MCI/Verizon/Qwest slanging match continues

MCI is refusing to talk to Qwest about its $8.45bn take-over offer. MCI's decision to go "dark" has angered Qwest so much its boss rattled off a sharply worded letter yesterday calling on MCI to "immediately engage in negotiations to finalize the proposed merger agreement" between MCI and Qwest.

U3 signs first USB Flash drive makers

U3, the company formed by SanDisk and M-Systems to develop and licence an application delivery platform for USB Flash drives, has won the backing of memory and storage firms Verbatim, Memorex and Kingston Technology, it said yesterday.
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NTL hits copper trail to ADSL2+

It turns out that the crazy idea that NTL had all those years ago when it bundled a twisted pair copper wire into its home connections, alongside co-ax, is going to give it a fantastic advantage in the UK triple play market.
Faultline, 22 2005
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Sweaty palms? You're nicked, chummy

Researchers at the Los Alamos laboratory in the US have developed a new way of detecting fingerprints, using the chemical elements left behind in fingerprint residue. That is sweat, to you and me.
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Time Warner settles AOL SEC fraud investigation

Time Warner has finally settled a long running investigation by the US' Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) amid claims that AOL inflated its ad earning revenue in the early part of the decade.

UMC to take stake in Hejian

UMC, the world's second largest chip foundry, yesterday said it may take a 15 per cent stake in the Chinese foundry at the heart of allegations that it made a "breach of trust" with the Taiwanese government.
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Quadriplegic controls PC by mind power alone

A US company has carried out trials on a brain implant which offers quadriplegics the possibility of controlling a computer by mind-power alone. Although the first volunteer to use the Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems' BrainGate has so far been able only to move an on-screen cursor, play the game Pong and transmit simple instructions to a robotic arm, the developers hope that in the future, paralysis will not be an obstacle to surfing the web, sending email and generally enjoying the PC experience.
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Intel to cut chipset prices 3 April - report

Intel will cut the prices of its 'Grantsdale' and 'Alderwood' chipsets next month, with further cuts coming in July, Taiwanese mobo maker sources have claimed by way of DigiTimes.

Business school 'hack' raises ethical questions

Where do morality and ethics end, and criminality begin? What is the appropriate "punishment" for the crime of curiosity coupled with the act of snooping? These questions have been raised once again in the case of a number of applicants to the US' most prestigious business schools who went beyond the normal processes to sneak a peek at the status of their applications. The question is, how should the law and society deal with these individuals, and how do we build a society in cyberspace that is not only legally compliant but moral and ethical? Indeed, the larger question is, have we yet established a sufficiently coherent set of rules of right and wrong in cyberspace to pass moral (as apposed to legal) judgment on others?

Elpida samples 256Mb 800MHz DDR 2 chips

Elpida will begin shipping 800MHz 256Mb DDR 2 SDRAM chips in two months' time - the "industry's first" DDR 2 devices to reach 800Mbps operation - the memory maker said today.
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MCI UK settles three-year-old billing snafu

MCI UK has finally called off its debt chasers after admitting that a company that it has been mistakenly billing for three years is no longer one of its customers.
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Desperate housewives spam used to spread spyware

There has been a sharp increase in spam messages purporting to offer the details of women looking for casual sex in recent weeks. But surfers hoping to hook up to swingers are actually directed to pornographic websites, which often harbour spyware, email security firm Clearswift warned Tuesday.
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O2 to axe 500 jobs...

O2 is to axe 500 jobs as part of a major restructuring of its business. The mobilephoneco wants to replace back office workers tied up with managerial and admin tasks and replace them with 2,000 workers dealing directly with punters.

Firms paying too much for software, says anti-piracy group

Almost eight out of ten UK businesses could be paying too much for their software licenses.

Duo charged over DDoS for hire scam

The FBI last week arrested a 17 year-old and a Michigan man over suspected involvement in a denial of service for hire racket. The duo allegedly orchestrated an October 2004 attack against a New Jersey company that sells sporting goods over the internet. Jersey-joe.com suffered the loss of "hundreds of thousands of dollars" of business as the result of the disruption caused by the attack, according to a statement by investigators.
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Plucky, aged online British store sold

Digital River, the ecommerce specialist, is buying British online software store SWreg for $8.8m. There is a chance of further payments if revenue and development targets are met.
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French firms rampage through Reg letters bag

Letters Wanadoo got in lots of hot water last week for their advert showing teenagers snogging in a scrap yard. The advertising standards people said it was too risque and that scrap yards are dangerous places to play; so it slapped a ban on the ad:
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Tiscali 'flogs French ISP'

Tiscali has flogged its French operation to Telecom Italia for between €250m and €300m, according to press reports.
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Scientists lighten up on dark energy

The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate because of ripples in space-time that stretch beyond the observable edges of the universe, according to a paper published in Physical Review Letters.
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SCi launches bid for Eidos

UK games publisher SCi has made a rival bid for Eidos after the loss-making games company's board said it was recommending a bid from U2 vocalist Bono's Elevation Partners.
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Utah enacts net porn law

Utah's governor has defied criticism from technology firms and free speech activists to sign into law a bill designed to protect children from Internet pornography.
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Kill the Crackberry!

Symbian has licensed Microsoft's Exchange Server 2003 ActiveSync protocol and will in turn develop a plug-in for its phone manufacturers who license its operating system. The plug-in will be optional, but it will allow the manufacturers to build phones that support remote synchronization with Exchange with no extra license fees to Symbian. Of course, the manufacturers still need a development agreement with Microsoft, and IT shops who buy the phones still need a client access license or CAL for each unit they buy.