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UK and EU allies plan moves against terror websites

Closer co-operation between members of the G5 - a grouping of the five largest EU countries - will make it easier to close down websites supporting terrorism, according to UK Home Secretary Charles Clarke. Among a series of measures agreed at a G5 summit in Granada this week was the setting up of a technical group to "monitor and control the use of the Internet in international terrorism and organised crime."
John Lettice, 18 Mar 2005

Don't let etopians define net literacy

CommentPoliticians around the world have made good political capital through celebrating domestic uses of IT. The vision of broadband-enabled homes, in which shopping, working and learning co-exist around the home, is a pleasant one, and provides a neat way of reasserting family values for the twenty first century.
Kay Withers, 18 Mar 2005
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New Microsoft Longhorn chief is indigestion expert

Microsoft has a new star hire to head up its Longhorn project, Mike Sievert. And he brings a deeper and richer personal experience to the job than many of his marketing counterparts in the technology industry.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Mar 2005

3Com reports smaller loss as revenues shrink

3Com has reported a net loss of $53m on revenues of $161m for its third fiscal quarter ending 25 February. The revenue figure was down six per cent on last year's $171m, but the $53m loss is also smaller than the $85m shortfall reported a year ago.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Mar 2005

Fresh undercuts discounted easyMobile tariffs

New-kid-on-the-block no frills mobile phone outfit - easyMobile - has responded to jibes from Virgin Mobile by cutting or reducing a number of "hidden nasties" from its service.
Tim Richardson, 18 Mar 2005

Anti-virus vulnerabilities strike again

Users of McAfee’s anti-virus products were warned this week of a potentially serious security vulnerability. The bug - unearthed by security researchers at ISS - involves flaws in the processing of LHA files by an antivirus library that gives rise to possible stack overflow attacks. The flaw applies to McAfee AntiVirus Library prior to version 4400.
John Leyden, 18 Mar 2005

Tokyo to enjoy city-wide WiMAX

Tokyo is going to get what will be the first major deployment of a WiMAX Metropolitan Area Network in the world. The Yozan MetroZone will deliver high speed IP connectivity, and support voice, video and broadband data services.
Jan Libbenga, 18 Mar 2005
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UMC chiefs to answer China investment claims

UMC chairman Robert Tsao will be called to answer charges that he and other company executives broke Taiwan's law governing the investment in technology firms based on the Chinese mainland.
Tony Smith, 18 Mar 2005
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Where, oh where, is my Windows firewall?

I have a problem: I can't seem to find a good host-based firewall for my Windows servers. In fact, people constantly ask me what I recommend and I find myself with no good answer.
Mark Burnett, 18 Mar 2005

ISG Webb sold for £17m

ISG Webb, the UK-based networking reseller, has been sold to its managers and Royal London Private Equity for £17m.
Drew Cullen, 18 Mar 2005

Oracle CFO exits as fight for Retek heats up

Oracle's CFO, Harry You, is leaving the company a mere two months after the database giant acquired Peoplesoft and just as its battle to acquire Retek is heating up. You, who had only worked for Oracle for eight months, is joining BearingPoint as CEO, replacing interim boss Rod McGeary. Oracle's co-president Safra Catz will pick up the financial reins until a replacement is found.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Mar 2005
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Intel to ship 'Potomac' Xeon MP this month

Intel will ship its 'Potomac' 64-bit Xeon MP processor on 29 March, bundling it with the 'Twin Castle' E8500 chipset into a server platform the company has codenamed 'Truland'.
Tony Smith, 18 Mar 2005

DQ liberalisation not good for punters

Former telecoms regulator Oftel made a hash of deregulating the UK's directory enquiries (DQ) service, the National Audit Office has found. Eighteen months after BT's 192 service was scrapped and the market opened up to competition consumers are paying more for a service they're using less.
Tim Richardson, 18 Mar 2005

IEEE rejects Nokia-backed next-gen Wi-Fi proposal

A week after Nokia defected to the WWiSE 802.11n technology proposal group, and a day after a trio of telcos gave the organisation the thumbs up, an alternative proposal has won the support of the IEEE Task Group charged with investigating the next generation of Wi-Fi.
Tony Smith, 18 Mar 2005

Sobbing Frenchman recounts Renault Laguna terror ordeal

We really do wish the French would pay rather more attention to the mounting evidence that their entire car industry - notably Citroen and Renault - is now nothing more than a supplier of quality satanic automobiles to the Lizard Alliance.
Lester Haines, 18 Mar 2005

DVD Jon: buy DRM-less tracks from Apple iTunes

If you're happy to pay for your iTunes Music Store song downloads, but could live without that pesky DRM stuff the recording companies insist Apple inserts into each file, you'll be pleased to know that notorious hacker Jon Lech Johansen, he of DVD Content Scrambling System de-coding fame, has figured out how to do just that.
Tony Smith, 18 Mar 2005

IBM and Novell grease Linux development wheels

IBM and Novell have launched a program to accelerate the development and certification of Novell's SUSE Linux on IBM's eServer and middleware platforms. IBM hopes the scheme will help double the number of Linux apps independent developers make for its servers within the next two years.
John Leyden, 18 Mar 2005

Intel Japan antitrust verdict response deadline delayed

Japanese anti-trust officials have extended Intel's deadline for appealing against charges that it abused its market leadership position to hinder arch-rival AMD.
Tony Smith, 18 Mar 2005

BOFH and the hydrogen-based explosive device

Episode 10"...and so I need another battery for my laptop," the PR geek whines, thus ending a 15-minute monologue on how important his work is, what he does, where he goes, who he talks to, what his presentation is like, how it's delivered, how long it take TO deliver, how he processes customer's queries, what he does on his holidays, where he GOES on his holidays, how he packs his laptop to take with him on holidays, how important his work is (again), why he really needs a battery with the capacity of a small geothermal power station, and what he could cope with in the meantime.
Simon Travaglia, 18 Mar 2005

EC raps MS over interoperability - again

The European Commission (EC) has accused Microsoft of not properly complying with the sanctions laid out as part of its anti-trust ruling in 2004, particularly on the question of interoperability.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Mar 2005

PalmOne posts mixed Q3

PalmOne's third-quarter sales dipped sequentially but were up year on year, the PDA maker said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 18 Mar 2005

Carphone slips in 'stealth' price rise

Carphone Warehouse (CW) - which has more than 760,000 TalkTalk phone customers - has been accused of sneaking in a "stealth" price rise by making early morning calls more expensive.
Tim Richardson, 18 Mar 2005

UK games industry seeks big hug

The UK's video games industry has called for the government to recognise the contribution it makes to Britain's economy before a subsidised bloc of Nordic and Central and European producers hits the indigenous industry where it hurts.
Lester Haines, 18 Mar 2005

Enterprise falls in love with wireless networking

Sales of wireless networking equipment destined for the enterprise showed healthy growth in the last quarter, outstripping the pace of growth in the residential sector, according to new figures from IDC. Shipments of wireless routers/gateways that are primarily for the residential market grew by two per cent from Q3 to Q4 2004, compared to 19 per cent growth in the enterprise segment.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Mar 2005

British adults support child porn crackdown

The British public stands four-square behind ISPs over moves to curb the availability of images of child abuse on the net. In a MORI poll of 1,00O UK adults, 89 per cent said they would support ISPs if they tracked those visiting child porn websites and 93 per cent said that ISPs should report this information to the police.
John Leyden, 18 Mar 2005

Down with Chip 'n PIN, mini-black holes and cyber humans

LettersAh, chip and PIN. Was there ever a topic more beloved by any readership? We ran a comment piece this week that took a look at the pros and (mainly, in the view of the writer) cons of the new system. We had a whole sackful of letters on this one. Here are the best, and most coherent:
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Mar 2005

VIA NET.WORKS faces liquidity crisis

VIA NET.WORKS, Inc. - the business-focused telco in Europe and the US - has called in PricewaterhouseCoopers to help it secure new financing to address an "urgent liquidity problem".
Tim Richardson, 18 Mar 2005

Dundee goes nuts over space lander research

Dundee University officially opened its Space Technology Centre today, where researchers will work on planetary lander simulators, and develop support technology for space missions. The centre encompasses the Natural Environment Research Council Satellite Receiving Station in Dundee.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Mar 2005

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