17th March 2005 Archive

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  • 'Get a lawyer!' Sun tells developers

    Pick a license. Any license

    Developer 17 09:18

  • Google's X Files disappear

    Apple suspected of spoiling 'jaunt'

    Mac Channel 17 09:42

  • Matsushita readies iTunes-friendly music player

    AAC audio supported

    Peripherals 17 10:31

  • BT automates talking book production

    It's good to talk

    Applications 17 10:35

  • Voda punter receives mobile manhood snap

    Mobilephoneco investigates

    Mobile 17 10:42

  • Why power plants need anti-virus

    Symantec's cyber-security power pitch

    Security 17 10:59

  • Chip and PIN: Caveat vendor

    'Cardholder not present' liability

    Small Biz 17 11:08

  • Philips claims 'super Flash' memory breakthrough

    Finds CMOS-friendly phase-change material

    Science 17 11:43

  • Cyber cops foil £220m Sumitomo bank raid

    Israeli man arrested over thwarted heist

    Security 17 11:51

  • World cools to big bad Wolfowitz

    Fiorina out of frame for World Bank chiefdom

    Financial News 17 12:10

  • Enta runs MS Small Business Server promo

    Building confidence

    The Channel 17 12:25

  • 'Desperate' Qwest ups bid for MCI

    Bidding war continues

    Financial News 17 13:01

  • UK DrinkorDie members convicted of software piracy

    Questions raised over costs of hi-profile trial

    Software 17 13:17

  • Black holes in production in New York

    Here's one they made earlier

    Science 17 13:21

  • Silicon Valley pleads for Federal aid

    Our standard of living under threat, say CEOS

    Science 17 14:00

  • Appeals court hits redial on mobile phone lawsuits

    State law needs to be resolved

    Mobile 17 14:08

  • T-Mobile delays 3G Wi-Fi phone debut

    MDA IV held back to await Windows Mobile 2005?

    Mobile 17 14:16

  • EU fusses over cyberhumans

    Ethical implications of techno-implants

    Science 17 14:25

  • Olympus m:robe 500i media player

    Too gimmicky?

    Reviews 17 14:28

  • Hydrogen cars by 2012 says DaimlerChrysler

    Going green

    Science 17 15:23

  • Oz BitTorrent sites close on raid fears

    Cut and run

    Media 17 15:41

  • Virgin Mobile slags off easyMobile...

    easyMobile slags off Virgin Mobile...

    Mobile 17 15:59

  • GFI Informatique pulling out of UK, Northern Europe

    Lack of critical mass

    Financial News 17 16:55

  • Say what you like about Saturn: its moons really have atmosphere

    Cassini gets interested in Enceladus

    Science 17 17:06

  • Dell quits 'white box' PC biz

    'Punters want our name on the front'

    Channel 17 17:10

  • Thieves raid BT exchange

    £100k worth of kit nicked

    Broadband 17 17:35

  • The strange decline of computer worms

    Bots, IM and email attacks in the new world of malware

    Security 17 17:45

  • 'We must now embrace the tele-phone' - dotcom pundit

    A wire-less speaking technology, apparently

    Bootnotes 17 23:26