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Site aims to quash auction fraud

Small business fraud buster Early Warning is targeting auction scams with the launch of a new website. ReportAuctionFraud.com - which goes live 15 March - offers fraud screening for auction site users, allowing registered users to search a live database of fraud data. Each fraud search costs 50p.

Computacenter ups profit despite sluggish turnover

Computacenter managed a small increase in profits for the year ended 31 December 2004 despite not increasing turnover. The firm blamed France, Germany and the re-negotiation of terms with HP, its main trading partner, for the sluggish sales.
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ATI announces phone video chip

ATI today introduced its latest mobile phone graphics chips with a view to seeing the products appear in handsets "from leading manufacturers" later this year.

Banks 'wasting millions' on two-factor authentication

Banks are spending millions on two-factor authentication for their customers but the approach no longer provides adequate protection against fraud or identity theft, according to Bruce Schneier, the encryption guru.
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Apple eyes broader iTunes services

Apple's online music ambitions are broadening - if the latest round of rumours are anything to go by. The Mac maker is said to be in talks to acquire digital music start-up HipSolve Media, and to have made a hire that could indicate it is laying the groundwork for the launch of a music subscription service.

Intel 'plans' Pentium M price cuts

Intel is planning to cut Pentium M processor prices by up to 33.6 per cent in response to the launch of AMD's Turion 64 mobile CPU, sources in Taiwan's notebook manufacturer community have claimed.

Intel's Cedar Mill chip 'to draw 65W'

Intel's 65nm desktop-destined single-core processor, 'Cedar Mill', will consume 43.5 per cent less power than today's Pentium 4 chips.
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Eircom to double broadband speeds

Irish incumbent telco eircom is to double the entry-level speed for broadband in a move it claims will help boost demand for high speed net access.
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IBM faces protests

Unhappy IBM workers whose jobs are disappearing later this year have taken their protests to the CEBIT computer show in Hannover.
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Africa calls for tech tax to fill digital divide

African leaders have backed plans for a new tax on public sector technology investment in wealthy nations to fund technological infrastructure investment in poorer countries.

Dual-core AMD Athlon 64 benchmarks emerge

The first dual-core Athlon 64 benchmarks have appeared on the web, courtesy of an Italian-language hardware site and an unnamed Taiwanese OEM.
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Sony PSP Euro debut delayed?

Sony has apparently pushed back the UK release of the PlayStation Portable to late June, if Amazon.co.uk's PSP product page is to be believed.
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Bomb scare targets Indian software firms

The Indian offices of software outfits Infosys and Wipro were evacuated last night following a bomb scare.
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911 Trojan author jailed for six months

A Louisiana man has been jailed for six months after he was convicted of infecting WebTV users with a Trojan horse that made 911 nuisance calls. David Jeansonne, 44, of Metairie, Louisiana, pleaded guilty last month to causing a threat to public safety and causing damage to computers.
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DRM comes to mobiles

SanDisk is working with a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation to make storage cards which include digital rights management.
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Netgear MP101 wireless music player

Review Netgear has always focused on the SOHO market and has consistently delivered a range of keenly price networking products. The MP101 represents a new direction for the company as this box is a digital media player that will play MP3 and WMA music files over wired and wireless networks. And, in keeping with Netgear's philosophy that technology shouldn't cost a packet, it comes at an affordable price, writes Dave Mitchell.
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Apple wins iTunes.co.uk case

Update Apple has been awarded control of the domain iTunes.co.uk, even though it was registered before the Mac maker announced its online music service.
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The unsavoury world of PC licences and Firefox exploits

Letters A quick rummage through the letters bag for the choicest morsels [sounds like a dog food advert - Ed] turned up one of your favourite topics: the television licence, and its future.
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Mystery shoppers hit London churches

Ship-of-Fools, the online Christian magazine, is sending the religious equivalent of Mystery Shoppers to check on the quality of church services in London.
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BT to block rogue diallers - again

BT is trying yet again to crack down on rogue diallers by introducing new software that will stop computers from dialling premium rate numbers. It's commissioned a small UK-based independent software company to develop a system to prevent PCs from dialling expensive numbers.
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Hollywood threatens to sue UK BitTorrent man for millions

Exclusive Alexander Hanff had no idea Hollywood was keeping such a close eye on him. Then, last Saturday morning, a movie studio functionary arrived at his door. Hanff, still in his dressing gown and not yet full of coffee, opened the door, only to be served with a lawsuit by Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal City Studios and Warner Bros.
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ESA flirts with NASA over Jupiter mission

The European Space Agency is beginning preparations for another collaboration with NASA, this time for a mission to Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter.

Database developers get tooled up

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Visual FoxPro 9.0 for developers making applications for databases.

EC ends Microsoft DRM probe

The European Commission has ended its investigation into the ownership of DRM technology developer ContentGuard.
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Rise of the botnets

Botnets - networks of compromised PCs - launched 226 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on 99 different targets in a three-month period from November 2004 to January 2005, according to a study from The Honeynet Project.

Apple's iPod stokes MP3 player market 'boom'

Apple's decision to release a Flash-based digital music player, the iPod Shuffle, was tacitly vindicated today by market watcher iSuppli. Its statistics suggest that solid-state players will continue to outsell hard drive-based units through to 2009.
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Broadband boost helps NTL trim losses

NTL's decision to restructure its business, focus on broadband and elbow "delinquent" punters into touch appears to paying off. Operating losses fell 80 per cent from £192.4m to £39m for the year to the end of December as revenues rose 8.7 per cent to £1.5bn.
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Ebbers guilty of WorldCom fraud

Bernie Ebbers did mastermind the $11bn (£5.8bn) book fiddling that torpedoed US telco WorldCom, a New York jury decided today.

Benchmarks haunt AMD's Turion

Chip and server makers have an awful habit of unintentionally highlighting their weaknesses by making a big deal of dubious benchmarks. Intel has done it. IBM has done it. HP has done it. Sun Microsystems has done it. And, most recently, AMD has done it when it launched the mobile Turion 64 processors last week.
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Apple de-socializes iTunes

While Apple has been in the news again this week for its war against the people who promote its products, another of its wars has received much less attention. It may as well be a covert war.
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Ebbers guilty on all counts

WorldCon founder Bernard Ebbers has been found guilty on all charges related to the massive accounting fraud that brought the telecomms giant to its knees, the Associated Press reports.