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Broken CD with wrench

Microsoft to end 64-bit Windows endurance test in one month

IDF Spring 05 After years of delays, Microsoft will deliver a pair of 64-bit operating systems within the next month. Honest.

Intel confirms Itanium has a future

IDF Spring 05 Intel today dished out code-names galore for its future server processors, covering both the Itanium and Xeon product lines.
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ATI paves way for sub-$50 graphics cards

ATI today introduced a low-end Radeon X-class graphics card that utilises the company's AGP-like HyperMemory technology to save money by limiting the on-board memory.
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P2P promises economic Valhalla - Grokster et al

In a recent brief written for the US Supreme Court, the embattled Grokster and StreamCast (Morpheus) claim that their P2P technology represents an economic boon to the entire internet because it uses bandwidth more efficiently than other technologies:
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Yahoo! rebrands! Overture!

Yahoo is hoping to tempt more developers to its search products by providing easier access to its Web service APIs along with programmes and tools.
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Investor fined £15k for net share abuse

An "experienced" private investor has been fined £15,000 for posting sensitive financial information on an internet bulletin board to help boost a company's share price.
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Gamers get greater access to pizza

Way back in the early 1990s, the first stories about the commercialization of the internet included the idea of using the web to order pizza. So it struck a chord when Sony introduced the idea of being able to order pizza while you are playing the online multiplayer game, Everquest II.
Faultline, 02 2005
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Coral DRM spec imminent

When the Coral Consortium formed last October, Faultline trumpeted loudest and longest that this may finally be the breakthrough in Digital Rights Management that the digital media industries have all been waiting for. The one reservation was that it had to move rapidly and get its specification out to the world without fuss.
Faultline, 02 2005

Logicalis UK buys Notability

Logicalis, the reseller arm of the South African Datatec group, has bought Notability, a Surrey, UK IBM business partner, for an undisclosed sum. Notability gets a new name - Logicalis Computing Solutions - and brings on board annual revenues of £30m a year.

Rambus Infineon claim chucked out of court

Rambus shares fell ten per cent last night on news that a judge has thrown out its claim for patent infringement against Infineon Technologies. The case concerns Rambus patents for SDRAM and DDR DRAM memory chips and dates back to August 2000.
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Bill Gates now Sir Bill Gates: official

Microsoft employees take note: philanthropic rich bloke Bill Gates should now be formally addressed as Bill Gates KBE (Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) - following a quick tap on the shoulder from Her Imperial Majestyness Liz II at Buck House this morning.
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MPs scrutinise telecoms review

Some of the leading operators in the UK's telecoms sector gave evidence to a group of MPs yesterday about the ongoing telecoms review being conducted by regulator Ofcom.

Costa Rican telco lobbies to criminalise VoIP

Costa Rica's state-owned telecommunications monopoly is lobbying to criminalise internet telephony. The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) is pushing for stringent controls over VoIP that at their most draconian could make internet telephony a crime, Costa Rican daily La Nación reports.
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Open Office 2.0 beta arrives

A beta version of Open Office 2.0 is available for download. The open source office applications suite claims to offer most of the functions of Microsoft's Office product. It includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing software.
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Enter the PHP-Nuke Garage

Site offer PHP-Nuke is remarkably capable and reliable, but until now, it's been poorly documented. This book fills the gap. Best of all, you can use it even if you have no experience with PHP, databases, coding, or hosting. Drawing on practical examples from a live example site, top IT author/trainer Don Jones illuminates every facet of working with PHP-Nuke: installation, configuration, customization, security, day-to-day administration, and much more.
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Ebbers denies knowledge of WorldCom fraud

Bernie Ebbers continued to deny allegations yesterday that he was behind the $11bn (£5.8bn) WorldCom accounting scandal that led to the financial collapse of the US telecoms giant.
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Galileo concession still up for grabs

It is not yet certain who will operate Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system after the Galileo Joint Undertaking body yesterday failed to announce a winner as was expected. Contenders Eurely and iNavSat will now have to continue pitching to the awarding body, the BBC reports. Galileo Joint Undertaking executive director, Rainer Grohe, said: "I have decided to invite both consortia for parallel negotiations on the concession contract."
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Carly tipped for World Bank job

Carly Fiorina, dismissed as chief executive of HP three weeks ago, is in the running to be the next boss of the World Bank.
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'Office' fan foils Ricky Gervais ID theft scam

A dodgy impersonation tripped up a gang of ID fraudsters accused of plundering £200,000 from the bank account of comedian Ricky Gervais, a London court heard yesterday. The gang allegedly obtained Gervais's personal details from an insider at NatWest bank before forging a passport in his name to facilitate their scam.
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Redbus offers 'sincerest apologies' for loss of service

Redbus has offered its "sincerest apologies" for the loss of service following yesterday's power failure at its Harbour Exchange facility in London yesterday.
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P4 to get Virtualisation Tech before dual-cores do

IDF Spring 05 Intel's dual-core desktop chip 'Smithfield', or Pentium D, as we should now get used to calling it, will not offer Intel's Virtualisation Technology (VT), a company source told us after we'd speculated that it might.
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EDS wins £4bn MoD contract

Services behemoth EDS has won a £4bn contract to sort out technology for the Ministry of Defence. The deal covers everything from civil service desktop machines to battlefield communications.
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186k takes over 200 Tiscali UK VISPS

Tiscali UK has offloaded around 200 virtual ISPs (VISPs) to Leeds-based internet outfit 186k. Financial details concerning the arrangement have not been disclosed.
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Big Blue goes after the little guy

IBM is going after small and medium businesses and the white box server vendors who serve them.

AMD filing off by a few words

Advanced Micro Devices forgot to include a few crucial words in a 10-K filing on Tuesday, leaving investors with the misleading impression that a slip in first quarter sales is inevitable.
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Philips unrolls 'paper' display

Philips has announced that it will start developing rollable displays in earnest. Until now, the Dutch company only had a working prototype.
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'LLU Czar' to rule on Bulldog/BT dispute

Bulldog has called on the Telecom Adjudicator to intervene in a row over fault repairs between the local loop unbundling operator (LLUO) and BT.
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BitDefender bug bites GFI

GFI's Mail Security anti-virus product threw a wobbler Wednesday afternoon (2 March) when an update to BitDefender Engine Module caused it to delete the body content of every incoming and outgoing message. The engine - one of three used by GFI MailSecurity along with components from Kaspersky Labs and McAfee - detected all emails as corrupted zip files.
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Intel 'Yonah' to boost Centrino media speed

IDF Spring 05 Intel's 'Yonah' microprocessor, the dual-core, 65nm cornerstone of next year's 'Napa' Centrino platform, will eliminate the limitations that have kept the Pentium M's multimedia performance well behind NetBurst architecture-based chips.

Intel Developer Forum 2005

IDF Spring 05 All the key stories from this Spring's Intel Developer Forum

Intel confirms chipset graphics update

IDF Spring 05 Intel's upcoming 945G chipset will sport an updated graphics core, the Graphics Media Accelerator 950, the chip giant let slip today.
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Apple music store downloads top 300m

Apple's iTunes Music Store has sold more than 300m downloads, the company said today.