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Couple defeats Merrill Lynch's stock rating system

The case doesn't have the big name analysts, damaging documents or internet stocks. But a dispute between a pair of small-time investors and Merrill Lynch does have the same allegations of hyping shares that surrounded a high-profile settlement between major brokerage houses and the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commmission) and NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in 2003.
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Intel confirms 64-bit Celeron scheme

IDF Spring 05 Intel today publicly confirmed its AMD64-like 64-bit addressing system, EM64T, will be brought to the company's budget Celeron processor line "this year".
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ATI ships AGP-edition X850 XT graphics chip

ATI today announced AGP 8x versions of its Radeon X800 XL and X850 XT graphics chips, three months after it launched the PCI Express versions.
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Service levels more important than e-gov deadlines: survey

The government's 2005 deadline for e-enabling services is no longer the main concern of IT managers in the public sector, according to a survey.

Getronics buys PinkRoccade

Getronics, the Dutch computer services firm. has bought PinkRoccade, also Dutch, for €355m. Post-acquisition, Getronics is the biggest computer services business in its home country and it also becomes a more significant player in the UK, where it doubles in size. The enlarged group claims pro forma annual revenues of €3bn and has 29,000 staff in 30-ish countries.
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GlobalFlyer and Fossett take to the skies

The Virgin GlobalFlyer, piloted by Steve Fossett, successfully lifted off at 0500GMT this morning from Salina, Kansas. Fossett aims to make the first non-stop solo flight around the world without refuelling aboard the Burt Rutan-designed vehicle which took to the skies carrying four times its own weight in fuel.
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Readers embrace napalm death

Letters Our report into the napalm-brewing teen and his subsequent brush with bomb disposal provoked a small wavette of nostalgia among incendiary readers, plus a few tips on how you too can entertain your mates with a bit of amateur chemistry:
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HP whacks own storage software in favor of AppIQ

Goodbye, HP OpenView Storage Area Manager. Hello, AppIQ.
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15,000 jobs to go if Qwest/MCI gets green light

Up to 15,000 jobs would be lost if Qwest succeeds in snapping up MCI. Details of the job cuts were outlined in a slide presentation posted on Qwest's web site covering the telco's bid to acquire MCI.
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China sends DVD royalties South

In an attempt to woo China back into the fold, the group of manufacturers responsible for setting royalties on DVD discs and equipment has slashed the rates that licensees must pay.
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MS launches online dating agency for dealers

Microsoft has set up an online business networking forum for its resellers. It's called Partner Channel Builder (here) and it is open to Microsoft Gold Certified and Certified Partners only.
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EC rebuffs Parliament's patent restart request

The European Commission is refusing to restart the legislative progress of the controversial European software patent directive.
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Real Madrid cries foul against online bookies

Spanish superclub Real Madrid is waving the big stick against seven online bookies in an attempt to protect the intellectual property rights of five of its biggest names, the Guardian reports.
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KPN to axe 1,750 jobs a year

Dutch telecoms outfit KPN is to axe up to 1,750 jobs a year until 2010 as part of a major restructuring plan to cut costs and refocus its business on broadband and internet telephony.
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Yet another power failure hits Redbus

Redbus Interhouse suffered a power failure this morning, leaving its irate customers to pick up the pieces once again.
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Send-Safe spam tool gang evicted by MCI

US telco MCI has caved in to mounting pressure and booted a site that sells spamming software off its network. Send-safe.com, which sells a package that uses broadband-connected PCs infected by viruses such as SoBig to distribute junk mail, has been left searching for a permanent home after 18 months with MCI.
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Sony Ericsson launches 'Walkman'

Sony Ericsson unveiled a music phone in London today which revives the 'Walkman' brand first introduced by parent company Sony 25 years ago. But it's much more of a phone that does music than a great leap forward in portable audio.
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Bagle variants served up with spam

Spamming tactics are being used to distribute multiple versions of a new Trojan. The malware is similar to the Bagle email worm except for the absence of email spreading functionality.
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Is the Mac Mini Apple's future 'smart' iPod Dock?

Was the Mac Mini originally intended to sport an integrated iPod Dock? That's the suggestion made by one electronics specialist who's taken a closer look than most at the compact Mac's internal workings.
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Sony Vaio VGN-FS115B 'Sonoma' notebook

Review The Vaio VGN-FS115B is one of the first machines we've seen based on Intel's new 'Sonoma' platform. Intel launched Sonoma as the next generation Centrino standard back in January, and it brings with it some key advantages over the outgoing technology, writes Riyad Emeran.
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Ebbers recalls shock of discovering WorldCom fraud

Bernie Ebbers said he was "shocked" when he first found out about the massive accounting fraud that floored giant telco WorldCom.
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Clint sets Dirty Harry on spotty youths

There is some cheery news today for those readers who like their video games to feature men in slightly flared suits deploying .44 Magnums against snivelling ne'er-do-wells - Clint Eastwood will voice a new Dirty Harry adaptation which aims to "introduce this memorable film character to new generations on a medium they appreciate", as the Oscar-laden Hollywood heavyweight put it to the New York Times.
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Centerprise buys disaster recover firm

Centerprise International, the UK PC builder, has acquired disaster recovery specialist Adam Continuity for an undisclosed seven-figure amount. The deal, announced today, enables Centerprise to add specialist disaster recovery services to its portfolio and gives it access to Adam Continuity's customesr, which includes many blue chip organisations. It also creates an opportunity for Centerprise to sell additional services to its public sector customer base.
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Space is the place, says Esther Dyson

In a remarkable case of life imitating satire, Esther Dyson has decided to host a space conference.

Hitachi hikes consumer disk production

Hitachi will double its output of consumer hard drives this year as it strives to take advantage of the burgeoning MP3, PVR and mobile phone markets.

Gartner trims chip forecast

A slowing memory sector will drag down the chip market as a whole this year, prompting research group Gartner to predict almost flat growth for the next two years.
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Redbus power failure - companies form group to voice concerns

The power failure that hit Redbus Interhouse's Docklands location on Tuesday morning was still causing widespread disruption Tuesday afternoon for companies that have seen their businesses knocked for six.
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Insecure indexing risk dissected

It's embarrassing when future PR items, upcoming security advisories or boilerplates for obituaries that are not meant to be visible to external users drift into the public domain. These documents might get accidentally uploaded to the wrong part of a website but mischievous attacks can also play a role.
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Intel dual-core Smithfield to ship as Pentium D

IDF Spring 05 Intel's first desktop dual-core processor, 'Smithfield', will launch next quarter as the Pentium D, the chip giant revealed today.

Intel details twin 'desktrino' platforms

IDF Spring 05 Intel's 'desktrino' Centrino-style desktop platforms will come in two varieties, the chip maker revealed today: one for home PCs, the other for office-oriented machines.

Intel to ship dual-core Xeon MP in Q1 06

IDF Spring 05 Intel will ship one further 90nm Xeon MP processor, codenamed 'Paxville', before moving the family to 65nm.

HP and Intel hire Asian helpers to make Itanium cheap

IDF Spring 05 What's the key to Itanium's future success? Cheap, Asian labor.

Intel drops 'Vanderpool' handle

IDF Spring 05 Intel's 'multiple systems, one chip' system, previously codenamed 'Vanderpool', will now take on the rather more prosaic moniker, Intel Virtualisation Technology (VT), outgoing CEO Craig Barrett said today.

Intel preps Truland, Bensley Xeon platforms

IDF Spring 05 Intel has revealed a little more about its plans to extend its platform focus into the server market once it has rolled out its 'desktrino' desktop platform.
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Restrict freedom to preserve liberty: cunning Home Office plan

Analysis Who gets to switch your life off? On what grounds, and what can you do about it? And at what point does tagging, surveillance and curtailment of movement constitute deprivation of liberty? Prison definitely counts as deprivation, but what about the graduated scale of technological "prisons without bars" (David Blunkett's words) that UK Home Secretary Charles Clarke is currently building?