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IBM dominates dull Q4 server market

IBM continued to dominate a slow-growing worldwide server market during the fourth quarter, according to latest figures from Gartner.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Feb 2005

Iranian blogger jailed for 14 years

An Iranian blogger accused of spying and counter-revolutionary activities has been jailed for 14 years. Newspaper editor Arash Sigarchi - whose blog criticised an Iranian crackdown on similar websites which has resulted in around 20 arrests - was himself cuffed in January on charges of "espionage, insulting the founder of Iran's Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei, and current Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei", the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 24 Feb 2005

'Rocket fuel' found in US breast milk

US research has found that perchlorate - a chemical used in rocket fuel and though to be linked to metabolic disruption in adults and mental retardation in children - is widely present in breast and cow's milk across the United States.
Lester Haines, 24 Feb 2005

TUC to IT workers: 'You're working too hard'

IT workers put in more unpaid overtime than almost any other profession, according to the TUC (Trades Union Congress). The organisation is calling on managers to recognise the extra time their staff puts in, and has declared Friday 25 February "Work your proper hours day".
Lucy Sherriff, 24 Feb 2005

Easynet invests more in LLU

Easynet plans to spend £3m upgrading and promoting its own brand of unbundled broadband.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2005
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AMD invests in Intel accuser

AMD has invested in the small chip technology development company that's suing Intel for alleged patent infringement.
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2005
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Seagate, Hitachi launch 1in 6GB HDDs

Seagate and Hitachi both announced 1in hard drives with a 6GB storage capacity this week, though the US company appears to have been the first to ship such a product.
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2005

UK.gov launches virus advice site

The UK government launched an official virus alert site yesterday. ITsafe is designed to help home users and small businesses use the net more safely through a combination of free advice and threat alerts about risks such as fast-spreading computer viruses. Users can sign up to receive alerts by either text or email.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2005
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Intel prunes prices

Intel this week chopped up to 34.1 per cent off selected processors, following last week's Xeon DP refresh and the launch this week of 64-bit Pentium 4 processors for desktop PCs.
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2005

UK telco sector remains in doldrums

The UK's telecoms sector shows little sign of improving over the coming year as it continues to wrestle with "tough" conditions.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2005

Sony 'suspends' PSX production - again

The Register still receives plenty of emails asking when Sony's PSX PlayStation 2 PVR will ship in Europe. We don't know, but it's looking increasingly unlikely now that Sony has apparently stopped producing the Japanese version.
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2005

Ebbers trial team begins defence

The WorldCom fraud trial in New York entered a new phase yesterday after the prosecution concluded its case against former chief exec Bernie Ebbers.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2005

Global warming cleared on ice shelf collapse rap

The high-profile collapse of some Antarctica's ice shelves is likely the result of natural current fluctuations, not global warming, says a leading British expert on polar climates.
Pelle Neroth Taylor, 24 Feb 2005

FBI issues Sober notice over Windows worm

Virus writers are attempting to scare surfers into opening malicious code with a message posing as an FBI notice that they have visited an "illegal website". Recipients are invited to open a "questionnaire", which is really the latest Windows worm Sober-K. To add authenticity infected emails come from a faked @fbi.gov address.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2005

Apple 15in PowerBook G4

ReviewTen months is a long time to go without a hardware refresh in the PC industry. For Apple, whose top-end PowerBook notebooks pretty much defined the genre, it's an eternity. The introduction this month of new, speed-bumped PowerBooks thus felt enormously overdue - the delay had led many to expect the fabled PowerBook G5.
Charles Arthur, 24 Feb 2005

Euro MPs face scam crackdown

Euro MPs (MEPs) are due to vote on an amendment to the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive today which would crack down on telephone and internet scams.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2005

NTL email floored nationwide

Many of NTL's 1.4m internet punters are without email today following technical problems at one of the cableco's data centres in Winnersh near Reading.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2005

BT rogue dialler court case delayed

A legal challenge to BT's decision last year to block access to numbers suspected of being used by rogue dialler companies has been delayed.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2005
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HP lifts the kimono on secure router

HP has announced the ProCurve Secure Router 7000dl series, a branch office router range with built-in security and mobile access features. The kit starts shipping in April and is cheaper than Cisco equivalents, HP says.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2005

Socially inadequate? Meet V-girl

There's some good news on the relationship front today for those heterosexual male readers who are tired of the trouble and expense of having a real girlfriend, or are just too ugly or dull to get their hands on the real thing - V-girl, aka Vivenne Rose.
Lester Haines, 24 Feb 2005

LAN switches on fire

L2-L7 LAN switch revenue hit $3.8bn in the fourth quarter, up 22% on the year, according to latest research from Infonetics, with Cisco once again leaving its footprints all over the market.
Team Register, 24 Feb 2005

eBay plays down 'shill' bidding allegations

Giant auction site eBay is being sued for allegedly using "shill" bidding against its own customers to force up prices and increase the fees it's able to charge.
Tim Richardson, 24 Feb 2005

Intel puts Itanium saviour on ice

Intel has plumped, constrained and then killed a future version of Itanium once meant to save the entire franchise, The Register has learned.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Feb 2005
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EDS shutting 21 US, European centres

EDS will pull down the shutters at 21 facilities, including four in Europe, by the end of next year as it shifts more work to India.
Team Register, 24 Feb 2005

Japan.gov weathers DDoS attack

Surfers were intermittently unable to reach the websites of the Japanese prime minister and Cabinet Office this week following a sustained denial of service attack. Japan Today reports the National Police Agency is tracing the source of attacks which left Japanese government websites difficult to reach between Tuesday and Wednesday this week (22 and 23 February). Meanwhile officials are reviewing security.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2005

Windows licensing - don't swallow it, says MS

Microsoft is as famed for the quality and incisiveness of its marketing as it is for the security of its products, but we're particularly impressed by a recent effort which seems designed to make it just that bit tougher for the Redmond sales teams when they hit the corporate accounts. "Microsoft Windows licensing", says the slogan. "Not quite as obvious until now." And jumping out of the page to the eye of the potential purchaser poised to read all about the joys of Windows licensing, we have a cactus labelled "Do not swallow."
John Lettice, 24 Feb 2005

Mandrakesoft snags Conectiva

Mandrakesoft, the French Linux distie, is bulking up by buying Brazil-based Linux distributor Conectiva for $2.3m in stock.
John Leyden, 24 Feb 2005

Spy fears spook IBM-Lenovo deal

For years the Chinese government fretted that the US was using its technology lead to spy on the country - but now the tables are turned. The US government has much deeper concerns about what China can glean from the historic Lenovo-IBM PC deal than recent reports have indicated.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Feb 2005

Cisco switch partners see Fibre Channel green

Cisco knows the way to a channel partner's heart - cold, hard cash. The switch maker this week announced a new program to reward partners who can move certain amounts of Cisco's MDS 9000 line of Fibre Channel storage switches.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Feb 2005

Strength through pessimism! Keeping your stuff safe

"We have a lot of optimistic engineers - but not enough pessimistic engineers," reckons David Rosenthal. In the 1980s, Rosenthal designed the NeWS windowing system with James Gosling. In the 1990s he was NVidia's fourth employee, or really the first person the three co-founders hired. But for the past few years Rosenthal has been tackling an issue that's very close to Register readers' hearts - we know from your mail.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Feb 2005

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